10/16/19 Patch Notes

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October 16th Patch Notes

Hello, and welcome to this week's patch notes. It’s been quite a while (just about a month), but we’ve finally got some new content worth writing about! We’ve got some exciting stuff in store this week! New hero-specific Exclusive Equipment has arrived, a new story chapter, and with it, 5 brand-new 3* heroes (some of whom look like real sleeper hits).


  1. Hall of Trials Officially Open; New Exclusive Equipment

  2. FIVE New 3* Heroes

  3. Story Season 2, Chapter 5-1

  4. Serila Buffs

  5. Sez Rate Up

  6. Various Changes

(1) Hall of Trials Official Launch - New Unique Equipment: Blaze Dingo, Charles, and Tywin

The Challenges section finally launches the new Hall of Trials officially, bringing with it Archdemon Mercedes. The last rotation (GAither, Yufine, and Armin) have been moved to the crafting section of the Sanctuary, and brand-new Unique Equipment for Blaze Dingo, Charles, and Tywin is now available.

As usual, the following conditions will apply in this area:

  1. Unique debuffs and buffs - these change weekly

  2. Bosses have a visual enrage bar over their heads; when this fills, they will clear all debuffs and deal increased damage. You don’t want this to happen, so knock them out ASAP.

  3. Guardians cannot be used - sorry, Arky, you adorable fluffball.

  4. No Soul gain - this is a big deal, since you will have to rely on skills that cannot be Soul Burned.

We highly encourage you to enter the ‘Practice Mode’ provided to get a feel for the battle, since actual entries are limited. (Or if you’re quick-fingered, just smash ‘Yield’; it doesn’t burn your ticket.)

As you deal more damage to enemies, you will score higher and higher, with each scoring bracket providing successively increasing rewards.

The lowest you can possibly score is a D for <300,000 points, meaning that you will earn a minimum of 16 Wisdom’s Gaze per attempt.

You can score up to 3,800,000 points, which is the SSS reward tier. The maximum currency earned per attempt is 23.

Unique equipment exchange costs 40 Wisdom's Gaze.

(2) Unique Hero Equipment Short Review

All of our unique equipment reviews are on their own page, where we give you a detailed rundown of the pros/cons and our recommended builds! Check 'em out HERE!

Five New 3* Heroes (3 R/G/B, 2 ML)



  • Ains is a brand-new earth Warrior with a whopping 50% chance to counter-attack
  • Incredibly rare 2-turn stun.
  • His S1 additionally has a 50% chance to crit regardless of his crit chance.

This opens up some potent gearing combinations for him, as he doesn’t need to devote a large chunk of his stats to increasing his crit rate, and can dump everything into ATK/HP/EFF instead to land his guaranteed stun and live longer. Unfortunately, whether he actually crits is a crapshoot if you opt not to have any crit chance.

Stats and Final Verdict

Ains shares the same stat set as regular Rikoris:

  • HP 5517
  • ATK 951
  • SPD 104
  • DEF 583

His HP sits at a comfortable value, with middling stats in other areas. His ATK is notably somewhat low, so don't expect a lot of damage even on his crits unless you've sunk a significant amount of substats into CritD/ATK%+.

His Speed is a decent value for a Warrior (still somewhat low) and he should make excellent use of Durandal or Strak Gauntlet to ensure that he either gets more turns or is allowed to continue taking turns.

The cooldown on his 2-turn stun is just 4 turns, so he also sees value in small CD reduces like Dingo, Rikoris, etc.



  • Lena is an Ice Warrior with a rare self-reset on her AoE S3 if it KO’s any target, which additionally knocks back enemy CR by 20%.
  • Has a 50% passive buff to her CritChance%, allowing her potential damage to be very high.
  • She also has a 20% CR push on her S1, making her very consistent damage.


She can be a strong AoE farmer for fodder farming, with a constantly-resetting S3. This makes her similar to Vivian with Time Matter.

We’ll update this review when we can see her stats. Hopefully she has some nice ATK values.

Stats and Final Verdict

I see a good future for her as a cheap and easy-to-gear fodder farmer. And hey! She has a super-fast S3 animation. \o/



  • Hataan is a weird Fire Thief
  • Buffs his allies with ATK+ for 2 turns
  • 80% chance to inflict the rare Blind debuff on his S1, allowing for near constant uptime
  • Scales with Speed
  • S2 is sadly an ST attack that is recast on a random target if it knocks out the initial victim


With R&L and his potential to have a high base SPD, he looks to be a very strong source of teamwide ATK+.

Verdict not rendered until SPD is shown.

Final Stats and Verdict

Hataan's stats are below:

  • HP: 4572
  • ATK: 1081
  • DEF: 494
  • SPD: 111

His Speed and ATK are pretty good at 111 and 1081, and his ratios are fair as well, given his Speed scaling.

S1 is average damage-wise but carries with it the 80% blind previously mentioned, making it a fairly strong S1 in practice.

S2 is a bit of an odd bird, as it does 1.3 ATK scaling and carries .125x Speed scaling, making it a small nuke. If it kills the target, it is then immediately cast again with the same ratios.

In practice, though, it seems mildly useless, as it carries no other effects.

S3 is still good, as mentioned before - it buffs all of his damage and gives a teamwide ATK buff. The low CD of 3 makes Hataan THE most reliable budget ATK buffer, with some passably fair damage as well.


Hataan is really good for a 3* and has rare buffs/debuffs that you can't get, especially early game.



Our first mechanical construct since fellow 3* Light Tank Kikirat, Eaton is a Light Knight.

  • Comes with a built-in Aurius effect that ALSO increases his HP by 20%
  • 75% base Provoke chance on his S1
  • Loaded S3 that dispels all debuffs, provides Immunity for 2 turns, and then provides a Shield for 2 turns based on his mHP
  • Additionally, everything he has scales from his HP values


Has potential to be a strong defensive core and to be particularly annoying with Elbris Ritual Sword/Counter set. Cleanse PLUS Immunity is a strong combination that guarantees him turns.

Final Stats and Verdict

Eaton has a stat set that hasn't been seen before on a 3* Hero, making him quite unique.

HP: 6403 (SEE BELOW)
ATK: 685
DEF: 703
SPD: 91

His HP is incredibly high at 6,403 making him the 3rd healthiest 3* hero.

This is BEFORE his 20% (max) HP buff passive, which would put him at 7,683 HP - the single highest HP in the game.

That's one THICC boi.

And that's a good thing, because he scales entirely from his large HP value... is what I'd say if he didn't also have some dumb scaling for his S1. His S1 has a 1.2 ATK scaling, which is sadly wasted due to his low base ATK of 685.

But wait! It gets better!

Eaton's DEF value is also pretty high at 703. This ties him with Fighter Maya and Crimson Armin for 16th highest DEF and combines with his very high HP value to give him some STRONG Effective HP.

If there's anything holding him back, it's his rock-bottom Speed. At 91, he's tied with regular Armin for 143rd place. Fortunately for him, this is manageable: he doesn't need that much speed to do his job effectively, as Elbris Ritual Sword, Noble Oath, Sword of Ezera, and Adamant Shield all function without regard to the user's turns. And well... that's a lot of options.

Though I personally recommend Elbris Ritual Sword, as his S1 has good scaling AND a 75% provoke chance.

Speaking of his S1... it has a 20 Soul Burn option for an AoE. That's a 75% Provoke AoE with 4% HP scaling and 1.2 ATK scaling, and good enough to be an S3 for some other tanks (in comparison, regular Cecilia has an 85% Provoke AoE on a 4-5 turn cooldown, but she has better HP scaling/2-turn Provoke).

TL;DR, Eaton is loaded for a 3* and a premium tank option.



Batisse is a dark Warrior who specializes in decreasing enemy ATK.

  • S1/S3 both have additional effects when used on an enemy with ATK Down
  • S2 has a 100% chance to decrease the ATK of the enemy with the highest CR, ensuring that his S1/S3 will proc their bonus effects.
  • S3 is a 2-turn ST DEF decrease on an ATK decreased target and will *probably* have a fairly short cooldown.
  • S1 procs a follow-up AoE when used on an enemy with ATK down, increasing his overall scaling (most follow-up AoE’s do .5 ATK scaling).

There is some potential lost in his kit, as his S2 targets the enemy with the highest CR and NOT the enemy with the highest ATK… sadly.

Reliable boss debuffer and potential DPS with combination of guaranteed ATK/DEF Breaks. S3’s flavor text implies that he has fairly good SPD as well, in addition to his guaranteed AoE follow-up procs, which make Daydream Joker seem like a good fit.

Final Stats and Verdict

Batisse has the following stats:

  • HP: 5097
  • ATK: 1039
  • DEF: 518
  • SPD: 104

In addition, his awakenings grant him 8% Crit Chance and 15% Crit Damage, making him MUCH easier to stat up.

This is a stat spread not seen before on a 3*.

In terms of raw ATK value, he places as 'above average', tied with Judge Kise for 63rd highest ATK. This isn't terrible, especially given his ratios; even though he has only a .8 ATK ratio on his S1, he procs a .5 ATK ratio follow-up on all enemies, which should be... well, all the time, really, given his passive. So his damage output is fairly decent. On high-value targets, it's even better, as he can constantly double-dip into Daydream Joker, much like Alexa.

Lastly, Batisse's S3 is a 3-turn cooldown for a 2-turn DEF Break, making him an extremely reliable source of DEF break for one target.


Batisse has excellent potential as a hero for tough boss fights, given his damage output with Daydream Joker and his excellent ATK/DEF Break coverage.

(3) Episode 2 Chapter 5-1 - North Fortress City Perland

In this newest Chapter, we see a new part of the City of Perland, Violet and Lilias’ hometown.

Available in the new AP Exchange is a Breath of Orbis and a new one-time-only lvl 71 ATK set Armor.

Additionally, it’s a good spot to get Archer’s Vision/Flame of Soul/Leather Sheath (if you aren’t already rolling in them).

(4) Serila b̶u̶st b̶u̶t̶t I MEAN BUFFS

Free Halloween limited Hero Serila got some notable buffs this patch.

  • S1 was changed - the CR reduction was fully removed and replaced with a chance to inflict DEF Break, maxing out at 50% DEF Break chance for 2 turns (very standard).
  • S2 remains unchanged.
  • S3 was buffed; it now has 100% burn chance instead of 85% burn chance at max skill-up.

These buffs help her to be more consistent, and should increase her overall use. She’s a bit of a sleeper; S2 was already good, hitting very hard with her enormous base ATK, decreasing enemy attack at 75%, and healing her for a significant amount.


These buffs give her something to do on her off turns, improving her overall useage outside of her strong S2 damage.

Chatty is unmentioned, but we me also get a chance to get her lantern artifact this Halloween. Fingers crossed!

(4) Sez Rate Up

Sez is now featured on rate-up banner, with a guaranteed Sez after 121 pulls. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend that you pull on this banner AT ALL.

Ah Sez. How the mighty have fallen.

Sez Gaien, the Berserker, hasn’t quite been himself since the nerfs to Wind Rider. Without it, his S3 explosion hits like a wet noodle, and the cleave meta has since moved on.

With the upcoming potential of a limited Halloween banner, the new Epic Pass, and the new Pet system coming out NEXT WEEK, my answer for ‘Should You Pull?’ this week is a RESOUNDING NO.

U̶n̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶’̶r̶e̶ ̶B̶e̶l̶l̶o̶n̶a̶.̶ ̶B̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶p̶l̶e

(5) More QoL Changes

  • Flavor text for Hall of Trials challenges were clarified

  • Yufine/GAither/Armin artifacts added to crafting

  • Hall of Trials Nilgal nerfed significantly

  • Skystone shop shuffled around a bit; no real change (no one bought those packs, anyways)

  • Automaton Tower compensation wave 2

  • Various other small fixes

That’s all for this week. We’re excited for the new equipment and ESPECIALLY for the new 3* heroes (seriously, all we ever got were new 5*s!) 

Feel free to leave us any comments and feedback - we’d love to hear from you!

See you next patch!

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