Banshee Hunt PVE Tier List

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The Heroes are ranked based on reliable clears of floor 11 when auto-battling Hunts (some notable manual exceptions may apply).

Tier 1: Heroes with excellent innate strength in their kit (debuffs, skills/utility, modifiers) that allow them to most easily clear Banshee 11. Anyone in this tier is well worth considering when building a Banshee team, with many being essential for certain compositions.

Tier 2: Heroes with very strong kits who can also effectively clear Banshee 11, though they may require more high-quality gear or team support to fulfill their role best.

Tier 3: Heroes with decent kits for clearing Banshee 11. These characters aren't weak or ineffective by any means, but they must be used a certain way or have niche roles compared to Heroes from the above two tiers. 

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Tier 1


Although he requires heavy investment, Ludwig is a unique nuker for OHKO Banshee strategies. On auto, he will first use his AOE S3 to clear the first wave of enemies, and follow up with his high-damage S2 to take out the queen. As a mage, he has access to Time Matter and Kal'adra to boost his damage output.

Vildred is a high-power cleave specialist that can instantly kill the queen's minions for fast clears. He is a reliable solo damage dealer, allowing you to fill the rest of your team with healers, supports, or fodder.

A very strong healer and cleanser for Banshee 11, especially when equipped with her exclusive equipment that allows her to cleanse one debuff whenever she uses her first skill. With the addition of Wondrous Potion Vial, Destina will reliably remove the Banshee's poison each turn, making your hunt much safer and more consistent.


While she has good healing and cleansing potential, she is not reliable as a solo healer/cleanser and would need additional support to keep your team alive. However, what makes Diene first tier is her tremendous 3-turn attack buff, which is critical for many OHKO auto Banshee strategies.

Shadow Rose
Specializes as a second-turn defense breaker for OHKO Banshee strategies. On auto, she will first use her S3 to help clear the first wave, and then follow up with 100% chance of applying defense break on the queen and enable your nuker to finish her off.

Leo's skllset is perfect as a defense breaker in OHKO teams. On auto, he will first use his AOE S3 to help clear the first wave, and then against the queen he will follow up with his S2 skill to reliably apply a defense down debuff (100% chance with skillups), along with a target debuff when equipped with the ranger artifact Song of Stars.


Jecht was made for Banshee hunts. His passive ability, combined with a leveled-up Wondrous Potion Vial, will remove both of the queen's poison debuffs every turn, making him one of the most reliable cleansers for this specific stage. In addition, his third ability grants a team-wide speed boost along with continuous healing.


Violet's unique advantage in Banshee 11 is his ability to evade and counterattack, making him a strong front-line damage dealer. By frequently evading the queen's attacks, he can avoid the Banshee's poison, which lessens the burden for your cleanser. While he doesn't have an AOE attack, he can still clear the Mistychains relatively quickly by counterattacking them.


Bellona's skillset is excellent for Banshee hunts. She can deal a high amount of damage to the queen, with bonus damage that scales with the enemy's max HP. She also dishes out a lot of AOE damage with her S2 and S3 skills, while lowering enemy defense and occasionally granting herself immunity to ward off the Banshee's poison. Recommended artifacts are Rosa Hargana, Reingar's Special Drink, or Bloodstone.


Despite being of the fire element, Tamarinne is a popular choice for Banshee 11 hunts because she provides team-wide attack buffs, cleanses, heals, and dual attacks. Recommended artifact is Wondrous Potion Vial for poison removal.


Charles can buff, tank, and deal a lot of damage, allowing him to take multiple roles in your team composition. His AOE S3 can be used to wipe out the first wave of enemies, enabling many OHKO team strategies, while giving an attack buff to your nuker to take out the queen. In regular Banshee team compositions, he also functions well as a tank and damage dealer who can reliably whittle down the queen and clear Mistychains.


Versatile damage dealer with high stats that can fit into a variety of team comps and strategies. Taking extra turns makes it hard to stick poison debuffs on her, and helps clear Mistychains quickly. With advanced equipment, she can be built to deal enough burst damage to OHKO the Banshee Queen (with the right team setup).

Excellent healer with a frequent, AOE cleanse to reliably remove the Banshee's poison. She can also be posiitoned in the front to tank, especially when she is built with high effect resistance. Recommended artifacts are Rod of Amaryllis or Wondrous Potion Vial, depending on your team's needs.


Very strong damage dealer that also provides a rare 3-turn attack and immunity buff. Her unique AOE attack is perfect for wiping out Mistychains, and her immunity buff helps prevent poison stacks on your team. Her 3-turn attack buff can also be used to enable many OHKO strategies.

Tier 2


Provides solid support for your team, due to his ability to decrease the attack and hit chance of enemies on a relatively low cooldown, as well as his ability to transfer poison debuffs back onto the Banshees.


Strong single-target nuker for OHKO Banshee strategies, thanks to her incredibly high multipliers.

Judge Kise

Solid damage dealer with two AOE attacks plus a defense break on her S1.


Her AOE S1 attack scales with fewer enemies, allowing her to deal high single-target damage against the queen while also dealing good AOE damage against her minions. Recommended artifact for Banshee 11 is Iron Fan, but Reingar's Special Drink, Otherworldy Machinery, and Rosa Hargana can also be used to great effect.

Arbiter Vildred

Strong AOE damage potential with the ability to apply decreased hit chance debuffs on the queen, reducing her ability to land poison debuffs on your team. Plus, he gets an extra life in case he somehow dies.


Good option as a front-line tank if you struggle against the Mistychain stage, since he counterattacks with an AOE that can stun.


Versatile support tank that provides your team with attack buffs and CR push. Her S2 can also cleanse poison stacks.

Strong AOE damage dealer against the Mistychain crew, with a defense break on her S1 to take out the queen.
Watcher Schuri

Watcher Schuri has a unique 100% defense-ignoring single-target nuke, which makes him a viable damage dealer in OHKO strategies. But because of his low base attack and multipliers, he requires high equipment and mola investment to successful one-shot the queen. Recommended artifact is Iron Fan.

Can be built as a very strong, very fast damage dealer for Banshee runs. In addition to her team-wide speed boost, she also lowers the speed of the enemy and constantly pushes their CR back with her S1, allowing your team to cycle through multiple turns before the Banshees can move.
Speedy single-target damage dealer that can apply defense break on the queen to kill her quickly. With his speed buff, he can often take multiple turns before the enemy goes, which can subsitute the need for AOE damage against the Mistychain crew.

Great all-around PVE healer, with 2-turn immunity. Although she lacks a cleanse, she can be equipped with Wondrous Potion Vial or be paired with a secondary healer/cleanser for more consistent runs.

Falconer Kluri

Great front-line support option for Banshee runs thanks to her 100% chance of defense break, frequent CR push, and minor team heals.

Blaze Dingo

Good damage dealer with AOE potential and the ability to carry Wondrous Potion Vial if your team requires an extra cleanse to make your Banshee runs safer and more consistent.


Dizzy makes your Banshee runs very safe. Her debuffs reduce the Banshee's damage, hit chance, and speed, making it much easier to remove and avoid the Banshee's poison. All of her attacks are AOE, which is cery helpful against the Mistychain gang. She is a fanstastic choice for your first Banshee 11 team because she does her job well even without high level equipment.

Tier 3

Kitty Clarissa
Specter Tenebria
Chaos Sect Axe
Commander Lorina
Assassin Coli
General Purrgis
Fighter Maya
Assassin Cartuja
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