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Practical difference between Paying and F2P

Paying gets you more summons, more Hero choices, and more Energy to grind. It can buy faster progression via Skystones, but otherwise mass whaling is not necessary for a casual player. The advantages you get from paying can vary based on what you choose to spend on, however unless you REALLY want these advantages it's not necessary, especially since Epic Seven provides many valuable free resources.  

Optimizing and prioritizing important content will greatly increase how competitive your account can be. Clearing PvE content as a F2P player is totally viable, as well as having a competitive PvP experience. While this guide does cater to beginners there are some useful reminders for long-time players too.  

Tips Checklist

Buy Energy and Arena flags in the Shop Daily to save Skystones and Leifs.

Save your resources until you have a plan in mind.

Complete daily activities that merit rewards. 

Save at least 605 Bookmarks to pity summon a Hero.

Be sure you want to use the intended Hero before you invest resources into them.

Lower ★ Heroes cost less Molagora; getting a 3★ Hero to +15 is much easier than a 5★ Hero. 3★ Heroes only cost Stigma and Catalyst to skill-up.

Farming Skystone and Bookmarks

Skystones are one of the most precious resources in Epic Seven. Thankfully there are plenty of ways for Free-To-Play players to go about collecting them. How you utilize your Skystone is up to you and will differ depending on the needs of your account. 

Tip 1: Save Your Skystones

This being said, you should not spend Skystones on summoning. Save bookmarks to summon for Heroes you want. Skystone will allow you to have enough energy to farm important things like events, hunts, and challenges. 

  • The primary way to passively collect Skystone is through the Sanctuary tree. Early on in the game you will want to focus on leveling this up first using Heart of Orbis obtainable by fully clearing each section of the story. 

  • Getting 3 stars on every Adventure stage (on both Normal and World difficulty) will be a primary way to collect free Skystones, Gold, Stigma, and MolaGoras.

  • Never use 3★ Heroes as fodder. When you SSS Heroes over time (most likely the 3★’s you get from daily pulls) there is a reputation quest that will reward you with Bookmarks. Leveling a Hero’s friendship will also reward Bookmarks. 

  • Various Side Stories will not only give Skystone & Bookmarks as rewards, but plenty of other important resources that will help Free-To-Play players.


This is one of the easiest ways to obtain Skystones. Each week after reset you will be rewarded with Skystones and Glory Points based on PvP Rank. This can range from 210 Skystones to 1800 Skystones depending on what your current rank is. You will also receive Skystones just for reaching a new rank-- this only happens once per rank though. There are NPC battles you can partake in that will provide Skystones as well, so make sure to clear these when they come up. 


Saving at least 605 Bookmarks for Limited Banners (or banners that have a pity rate of 120 summons) is often the first goal most F2P players should focus on. The current trend of Banner Limited Heroes shows them all to be strong (Luna, Diene, Baiken, and Dizzy). Banners that have no pity rate can be risky, however currently all banners except covenant should have pity rates including Mystic Summons (at a pity rate of 200.) 

Choosing Heroes

If there’s one thing to keep in mind for Epic Seven, it’s that only a handful Heroes will be getting the majority of farmed resources. Be very deliberate when summoning-- pull for Heroes you actually intend to use, or who can strengthen Heroes you already have.

Selective Summoning

Selective Summoning

This is where your journey first begins-- where the core of your team can be rerolled for over and over again until you get exactly what you want. Most YouTube videos on the subject are  outdated, uninformative, and wrong, however. In general you will want a DPS + Healer, this will be further covered in the Define Your Team section. 



Connection Heroes are reliably available to every player, and thus even the playing field for F2P Players.

Notable Heroes to get include: 

  • Yuna: The only 5★ hero available through connections so far. Generally she will function as a Speed/ Attack buffer & secondary DPS.

  • Lorina: An extremely strong Single Target DPS Hero, especially when specialty changed.

  • Silk: A speedy 4★ archer who consistently slows down the enemy team.

  • Hazel: An offensive healer who also has a specialty change that works very well with other Fire Heroes. 

  • Crozet: If lacking an Ice Tank Crozet can be used primarily in the lead slot of Wyvern 11.

  • Alexa: Alexa is one of the highest DPS Heroes in Wyvern 11 even when compared to Heroes like Kise or Luna. 

  • Furious: A 4★ Ice archer with strong supportive and offensive buffs. 

    There are plans to add more heroes to connections in the future. They can be unlocked after clearing various points in Adventure Mode.

Specialty Changes

Specialty Changes

Currently Specialty Changes are essentially upgraded versions of 3★ Heroes. They are obtainable by reaching level 50 with the given hero then completing a series of quests to unlock their new forms.These are a Free-to-Play players best friend, as they also offer another option to round out your team. These changes will typically upgrade the given Hero’s S3 and also unlock a bonus skill tree that you will want to max.

The current specialty changes include:
  • Lorina > Commander Lorina

  • Church of Illyros Axe> Chaos Sect Axe

  • Rikoris > Captain Rikoris

  • Kluri> Falconer Kluri

  • Roozid> Righteous Thief Roozid

  • Hazel> Mascot Hazel

  • Butcher Corps Inquisitor> Chaos Inquisitor

  • Carrot> Researcher Carrot

  • Montmorancy> Angelic Montmorancy

    These upgrades will typically put the given Hero along the power level of a 5★ or 4★ Hero by nature.

    More are planned to be added in the future. 


Be sure you want to use the intended Specialty Changed Hero. They will each have a Bonus Skill Tree that requires somewhere around 410 Greater Runes and 40 Epic Runes of their given element. This will require a lot of energy. You can farm these in their respective Spirit Altar. 

Define your Team

Define Your Team

Spreading resources too thinly is one of the common pitfalls of all Epic Seven players. In order to optimize game progression, it is best to focus solely on 4 characters and get them to a point where you can clear the story and progress far into the Abyss. The general roles you will want covered are: 

  • Heal/Cleanse:

Examples: Angelica, Destina, Tamarinne, Achates, Angelic Montmorancy

  • Single Target Dps Hero:

Examples: Challenger Dominel, Ravi, Commander Lorina, Luna, Cidd

  • Defense Breaker:

Examples: Falconer Kluri, Shadow Rose, Ken, Rin, Iseria, Clarissa, Requiem Roar

  • Utility Hero/ Attack buff

Examples: Mascot Hazel, Requiem Roar, Aramintha, Rose, Tywin, Captain Rikoris

Focusing solely on 4 Heroes that fit into these primary roles will help to streamline progression and promote healthy gold conservation, gear progression, Molagora consumption, Energy efficiency, and Skystone efficiency. 

Outside of this it's also fine to pick 1 or 2 interchangeable Heroes that you can swap with the main roster when needed. Heroes who have good aoe for farming or a secondary healer are recommended. It’s also a good idea to look at Heroes that might later help you progress in Hunts when filling these slots.  


Work on this step again AFTER finishing 10-10 and doing your free Moonlight pulls. You never know who you might get. 



Focus on gearing your core team or Heroes who you will be primarily using in PvE content. Upgrading gear is a gold sink and will take time, so when starting out it’s better to focus on a few heroes, and not to move gear around excessively. Don't waste gold crafting low level gear and wait until your Steel Workshop is maxed to start crafting gear.

More information on Gear, Equipment, and Stat Priority:



Early on Abyss will be the key to gearing your primary DPS Hero. It offers 3 different tiers of Lifesteal Set with very strong substats. It also provides some of the best rewards in the game and takes no energy at all, so try to clear 3 floors daily when possible. 

When you get stuck, this is typically an indication that you need better gear or a different team composition for that floor’s specific mechanics.



Labyrinth will also allow access to strong gear early. There is a map showing all of the various spots that strong labyrinth gear is obtainable on each floor, the goal here should be to obtain that gear as quickly as possible then move on to Raids.

When Raid gear was introduced into the game it brought with it Immunity, Rage, and Unity sets. Not only will the bosses drop this gear(alongside the previous sets) but the Raid Shop will allow easy access to specific gear pieces early on. Later on, the Hell Raid will drop Lv 88 pieces of gear.



This is the primary way that people go about improving their overall gear quality. Your goal will typically be to run the highest hunt possible on auto. Each Hunt has different requirements (in team composition) so taking a look over the various Hunt Tier Lists is recommended. This will most likely be where you use most of your skystone to farm. 

Currently each hunt drops different gear:
  • Wyvern: Speed, Hit, Crit

  • Golem: Health, Defense, Attack

  • Banshee: Lifesteal, Counter, Destruction, Resistance

  • Azamanak: Immunity, Rage, Unity

Most people would recommend focusing on Wyvern first, as Speed, Hit and Crit equipment is beneficial in all aspects of the game. In Wyvern 11 you will typically want no more than 1 Non-Ice Hero, so keep this in mind when forming your initial team composition.

Farming these should be treated as a primary way to get both Rings and Necklaces. Once you upgrade your Steel Workshop (in the Sanctuary) then you can begin crafting gear( not including Rings or Necklaces). Beware- gear crafting is very expensive and RNG-dependent, with most results lacking the desired stats. 

For More Information On Hunts:

Automation Tower

Auto Tower

This is like a mini version of the Abyss only targeted more at upgrading and obtaining accessories. Unlike the Abyss it will reset allowing you to repeat and reap the rewards.

Exclusive Equipment

Exclusive Equips

Exclusive Equipment can be obtained through the Hall of Trials. Each Exclusive Equipment enhances a certain ability and, when acquired, gives a random stat value and a random Skill Enhance effect. These effects can drastically enhance that heroes gameplay experience. 

Make sure to complete these every week for Wisdom’s Gaze, the resource you use to buy this equipment, especially since the Hall of Trials costs no energy to clear. You will accumulate more Wisdom’s Gaze buy doing more damage to the boss, though reaching A Rank will suffice since the total Wisdom’s Gaze you obtain decreases as you get closer to the SSS ranking.

Exclusive Equipment Review:

Resources & Progression


Outside of events, the best route is to pick an area to focus on each week so your energy is not spread out between multiple facets of the game. Catalyst Farming, Hunts, Spirit Altar and Adventure are the primary areas to spend energy. If an event is announced, saving energy during the week prior is recommended. 

Farming should be one of the primary uses of skystone for the sake of progression. 

  • Each day you will be able to go into the friendship shop and purchase both Energy and PVP flags using Friendship and Conquest Points.
  • Most of the time there are special events going on in the scrolling announcements at the home screen. Participating in these will often reward you with energy.  
  • Labyrinth, Raids, and Abyss cost no energy so working on these when you run out is a good idea. 



Outside of Gear, Molagora are the primary way to strengthen your heroes. 

  • The 3 primary ways to obtain them weekly are the Arena Shop, Guild Shop, and Transmit Stone shop. If you are actively playing getting these should be easy.
  • The secondary ways to obtain free Molgora are Abyss, Adventure Hard Mode, Molagora Challenge Mission, Daily Login, and Raid Shop.

Early on it is best to save your Molagora until you are sure of the first main Heroes that you intend to focus on. Generally your main dps will want to be +15 especially if you use them in both pve and pvp content.

Molagora Guide: 


Lower ★ Heroes generally cost less Molagora overall so getting a 3★ Hero to +15 is much easier than a 5★ Hero.



Guilds offer an abundance of support for F2P players, so it’s very beneficial to join one. Join a guild that actively participates in Guild Wars and actively request and give donations. I would also try and find a guild who actively keeps up both Guild Buffs.

  • Donations can greatly speed along the process of Enhancing Heroes (through both Awakening and Skill Enhancing).

  • Guild buffs will increase both Battle EXP and Battle Gold Earned, so finding a guild who has these up consistently will make any farming you do more efficient. 

  • If your guild actively participates in Guild Wars you will earn Mystic Tickets. This is essentially free summons-- as an added bonus there are even Light & Dark 5★ Heroes that can be obtained this way.

  • Having a community to support you on your Epic Seven journey is never a bad thing! 



Completing reputation quests will happen naturally as you play the game more. Play consistently! While playing often the rewards will come easily. As you gain more points special bonus effects will be permanently activated. This being said, here are some specific areas that you can focus on:

  • Do the Three Sisters’ Diary quests every day. Not only will they give gold and Skystones, , but in general they promote consistent progression. These quests include things like Starting Adventure 5 times, Completing a Spirit Altar and Hunt run, Raising a Penguin in the Spirit Altr, doing your free daily summon, and reaching level 30 with a Mega Phantasm. 

  • As you reach Level milestones you will receive Skystone, so just keep playing the game and working on Hero improvement in order to receive player experience points.

Login Daily

 Login Daily

Logging in daily will provide you with many free rewards, such as Gold Transmit Stones (enough for at least one monthly Moonlight pull or 4-5★ Ticket pull). You will also receive Molagora, Energy, Skystone and more so be sure to never miss a day.

Side Stories/Challenges

Side Stories/Challenges

Side Stories and event challenges are something that you should definitely focus on as a Free-To-Play player. They provide very important resources that are otherwise nonoptimal for a F2P player to farm due to the possible massive energy sink needed to obtain them. Some of these rewards may include:

  • Skystone

  • Molagora

  • Energy

  • Leifs

  • Bookmarks

  • Gold Transmit Stone

  • Silver Transmit Stone

  • Limited time artifacts

  • Limited Heroes

  • Catalysts

  • Free Gear

The normal challenges can also be a good resource for obtaining Equipment runes later on. This will be an energy sink though, so be wary of spending too much time here. 

Adventurer’s Path

Adventurer’s Path

This feature will provide a plethora of resources to help as you progress through the game so just make sure that you are completing the various tasks as you make your way through Adventure Mode. 



Missions let you passively send heroes out using ‘High Command’ building in the Sanctuary. You can obtain Gold, Stigma, Ancient Coins, and Conquest Points. It’s recommended to prioritize Conquest Points and Ancient Coins to obtain exclusive Conquest Point Gear, Accessory Charms, and later on more runs of Hell Raid.

Feeling Stuck

When feeling stuck in the game there are typically only a few simple things you should take time to assess before being negative or panicking.

  1. Does my gear need upgrading?

  • Much of the time the difference of success and failure simply comes down to the quality and level of gear that any given Hero is wearing. Don’t afraid to mix & match sets when needed in order to obtain the most optimal stats.

  1. What is the state of my Heroes & team composition?

  • Awaken your heroes fully

  • 6* your heroes for better Health and Attack stats

  • If you do happen to have any imprints, make sure to position Heroes optimally to benefit from them.

  1. How do the mechanics of my Heroes interact with the content I am facing? 

  • This can play an important role in Abyss, Hunt, and Raid content. Be sure to know what the mechanics of the content you are facing are. If a boss heals every time you debuff them bringing debuffers might not be the best option. Hunt teams should be cared towards Auto-Battle while Abyss and Raid Bosses will almost always need to be done without it.

Frequently Asked Free-To-Play Questions

Should I spend my Gold Transmit Stones on 4-5* bookmarks or Galaxy Bookmarks?

This is really up to personal preference. Generally Dark & Light Heroes are too valuable to neglect getting regardless of if they are a 3, 4, or 5★. The chances of getting a 4★ Hero are also very high and most of the Moonlight 4★’s are very strong in at least 1 aspect of the game. 

Notable Moonlight 3★ Heroes:

  • Gloomyrain, Requiemroar, Church of Illryos Axe, Lorina, Hurado, Pyllis, Rikoris, Doris, Celeste (pvp), Otillie (Golem).

About half of the Moonlight 3★’s are worth pulling and using in some area of the game. Church of Illryos Axe, Rikoris, and Lorina all have specialty changes.

Notable Moonlight 4★ Heroes:

  • Assassin Cartuja, Auxiliary Lots, Challenger Dominel, Shadow Rose, Crimson Armin, Guider Aither, Fighter Maya, Assassin Coli, General Purrgis, Watcher Schuri, Assassin Cidd, Blaze Dingo.

5★ Moonlight Heroes are also now available in covenant summon at a low rate.


Every 4★ moonlight Hero is good. These are just some of them that are exceptional at the impact they add to a team/ ones that are less team reliant in order to shine. The main reason I recommend pulling on this rather than 4-5★ tickets is highly because of them.

Who should I 6★?

Typically your main DPS, then your main Healer/Tank. Outside of these two roles you should then go on to focus primarily on your core team and Heroes who are interchangeable with that team. 

I want to stop being F2P but still don’t want to spend a lot, what packs should I buy?

Pack Tierlist


  • Monthly Pack


  • Monthly Pack 2

  • Rank Up Pack

  • Rank Up Pack 2

  • Rank Up Pack 3


  • Bogo Pack; $50

  • Newbie Packs


  • Molagora Pack


  • New Years/Christmas/Event Pack; the $100 Pack is worth.


  • Monthly Summon Pack; The first purchase of the $100 pack each month is worth

  • New Years/Christmas/Event Pack; the $50 Pack is worth

  • Leif Pack


  • All of the other packs are not worth buying unless you just intend to whale anyways. The mystic packs are especially lacking.

Are there any Free-To-Play content creators I can watch? I’m tired of seeing all these whales who act like they know what it’s like to be F2P.

Astranox is the primary F2P YouTuber that I would recommend, he even intentionally uses F2P friendly Heroes despite having Limited Banner Heroes in numerous videos. He also started an EU server account so you can easily watch his journey from the beginning.


✧・゚:*Early Game Playlist*:・゚✧*

YJ NightPlay has a fairly informative F2P video on conserving resources.



Maxnumbers is a streamer who plays on both a F2P and low budget account.



What are the downsides of being F2P?

Generally one of the main downsides of being fully F2P is that you have “fewer chances” than someone who is not F2P. Fewer tries at  pulling a Moonlight 5*, fewer opportunities to roll the stats on gear you need, less flexibility in initial team composition, less Gold, and less Energy. In the end, much of this is determined by RNG though.

Can I still be competitive in PvP activities as a F2P player? 

This depends mostly on how lucky you are. It also highly depends on the current PvP meta. Reaching Challenger as a F2P player is a very achievable goal as long as you make smart decisions. Reaching this point will offer both sustainable weekly Skystone and easy access to clearing all of the PvP equipment, slates, and other one time purchase items.

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