Wyvern Hunt

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Overall Fight Mechanics

Stage Wyvern Boss’s Speed value
Wyvern 8 ~175
Wyvern 9 ~185
Wyvern 10 ~195
Wyvern 11 ~205

Wyvern Stages 1-10 have little variation in the boss or fight mechanics.

Wyvern Stage 11 throws in a small twist, demanding a new strategy. 

Wyvern Stages 1-10

The wyvern will target a random Ally and spit a fireball, charging its ultimate skill by one bar.

The wyvern will fire an additional time if it does not have at least two debuffs of any type during its turn (one-turn bleeds do not count toward this, as they fall off at the beginning of the turn). As this counts as an extra attack, it will also charge the wyvern’s skill by an extra bar. This Skill is an AoE Tailswipe that puts up a Barrier and grants immunity to Speed decreases, but also lowers the wyvern's Speed dramatically. It is at this time that players damage the barrier and heal up; once the Wyern gets its next turn, it launches a devastating AoE charge attack that usually wipes the team.

Healthy amounts of Attack, Speed, Crit Chance and Crit Damage are essential to destroying the barrier quickly. Because targeting in 1-10 is random, each Hero also needs to be built with some Health and Defense to survive at least two spit attacks. We recommend autoing all but Wyvern 10, as this one can be cleared manually to unlock Wyvern 11. Once 11 is unlocked, players can build for the different mechanics of that fight.

Roles and relative effectiveness of commonly used Heroes in Wyvern 11.


Chloe (DPS/Debuffer)

Chloe can do jaw-dropping amounts of damage, and can even serve as a DEF breaker with her Exclusive Equipment. However, you will likely want at least one other DEF breaker on your team, as Chloe is mostly a sub-DEF breaker due to the cooldown/damage potential of her S3. Have her go after your primary DEF breaker if possible.

Chloe’s contribution to the team includes Magic Nail, which can’t be resisted, and gives everyone on your team bonus damage due to its effect (2% of the target’s maximum HP each time it’s hit).

As a result, she is a very reliable debuffer and DPS.


Dizzy (Debuffer)

Dizzy is the queen of keeping Wyvern debuffed, despite its Speed Down immunity. She packs the two most important defensive debuffs, Blind and Attack Down, which make Wyvern hit about as hard as a pool noodle. Blind has the added bonus of making the Wyvern’s dispel miss 50% of the time, allowing positive buffs like Shields and DEF+ to last longer. In addition, she can extend all other debuffs and is blindingly fast. Definitely bring her if you have her.


Luluca (DPS/Debuffer/Buffer)

Luluca fills a lot of shoes, with the ability to prolong your tank’s life with her shield/DEF buff, her ability to DEF break with S1 AND S3, and her ability to just plain do a whole lot of damage. Like Chloe, you probably want to pair her with another DEF breaker to make maximum use of her damage.


Kise (DPS)

If you’re struggling with the Wyvern’s shield phase, never worry again with Kise. She does an insane amount of damage to shielded foes, allowing you to easily pass the DPS check. Granted, she doesn’t do that much else, as she possesses no debuffs. In addition, resetting the Wyvern’s cooldowns may NOT necessarily be a good thing - the shield phase is a breather for teams that require healing, and having your tank take a solid beating each turn can be very detrimental.


Alexa (DPS/Debuffer/Budget)

Alexa is hands-down the queen of budget DPS/Debuffing due to double-dipping with Daydream Joker. In addition, she is very strong for weaker teams, as her poison can contribute that extra damage that the rest of your team just doesn’t have, and also counts toward the minimum of 3 debuffs.


Sigret (DPS/Debuffer)

This meganekko homunculus packs some insane damage, exploiting bleeds for absolutely bonkers amounts of damage. One of the best DPS to bring to Wyvern, as her S3 alone does stupendous damage. Her extra attacks also contribute considerable DPS and allow her to, like Alexa, double dip into Daydream Joker.


Karin (DPS/DEF Break)

Karin requires a somewhat awkward stat spread, with ATK/CritDamage/EFF/Speed all needed for best performance. However, she brings excellent damage and a 1-turn DEF break to the table. Just make sure to speed tune her correctly and to bring another DEF breaker, because she’s at best a supplemental breaker.


Furious (Debuffer/Buffer/Sub-DPS)

Speaking of DEF breakers, however, Furious is easily the best DEF breaker in the entire game. He sports a permanent DEF break and provides a teamwide Crit% up buff, making gearing your other Heroes a breeze. He’s also quite possibly the best carrier for Song of Stars, as all of his offensive skills will proc the Target debuff. On top of that, his base speed is excellent at 110, which is amazing for a support.


Seaside Bellona (Debuffer/Sub-DPS/DEF Break)

For about a week, she was insanely good, providing damage, a lot of debuffs, and a DEF break that procced every two turns for Wyvern. Unfortunately, due to Furious being released, she’s somewhat lacking in comparison.

While it is true that her S1 is excellent due to carrying Target, her S3 does nothing to Wyvern other than adding ‘debuffs’, as the Wyvern does not heal and the shield cannot be prevented/dispelled. In addition, her DEF break is flaky given its 50% crapshoot nature. Furious is a much safer (if less sexy) option.


Luna (DPS/DEF Break)

The last Ice hero on this list, Luna, is excellent at her role. She provides a strong DEF break and quite some damage. Unfortunately, her DEF break coverage can be somewhat spotty, given her chancey S1. Her damage also fluctuates like this as well, with her S1 doing anywhere from 100 - 300% of her damage.

Undeniably strong, but consider pairing her with another DEF breaker.


Crozet (Tank/Debuffer/Budget)

If you can grind him out via connections, Crozet is a free and very strong option for tanking Wyvern. He has stellar defensive values and S2 is good at mitigating extra damage, so he is a good user of Noble Oath. He additionally has ATK down on his S1. Just don’t expect him to get many turns.


Krau (Tank/Buffer)

The poster boy (heh) for Wyvern tank; Krau can keep himself along about as long as Crozet, but more importantly, can be used as a 1-time nuke with his S3. This can greatly alleviate pressure on your damage dealers if he can survive to the shield phase. Keep in mind that he has no debuffs, however.


Tywin (Tank/DEF Break/Buffer)

The OTHER poster boy and formerly much reviled; Tywin’s buffs have turned him into a very solid pick for Wyvern tank. He offers not only the coveted DEF break debuff, but strong CR push/CritRate buffs as well. Just make sure to tune his Speed properly so that his S2 doesn’t go to waste.


Taranor Guard (Sub-DPS/DEF Break/Tank-y)

Can serve as your tank in a pinch, with good gear. Much more useful for his S1’s chance to inflict DEF break and his excellent passive, which gives him bonus assist chances. While he has been somewhat supplanted by Furious, he is still good to have.


General Purrgis (Buffer/Tank)

Like Tamarinne, he possesses a large amount of teamwide CR, giving your entire team 45% CR at max skillups. In addition, he provides a teamwide ATK buff. Unfortunately, as he is a non-ice hero, he takes 30% more damage from Wyvern. Make sure he’s built bulky and has skillups on his S2, or he isn’t quite worth it. For high-end auto play, however, he’s pretty much the pinnacle of Wyvern tanking.


Angelica (Healer/Tanky)

Angelica provides a tough body with the combination of either Prophetic Candlestick (to lower her S2 cooldown) or Water’s Origin (for self-sustain). Her decent HP allows her to stay on the front far longer than a healer should. Just make sure she’s got some speed, or Wyvern WILL lap and kill her.


Angelic Montmorancy (Heal-ish/Tank-ish)

A. Montmorancy can heal… somewhat. She can also tank… somewhat. There’s no denying that Angelica is probably better than her for this mode, but she does provide some decent healing for herself if paired with Rod of Amaryllis and forced to tank. As a primary healer, she can also do fine, but just keep in mind that her S2 heal has somewhat low potency. Since there are no debuffs in Wyvern 11, she’s much better in Wyvern 1-10, where she can remove the poison stacks. Gear solves all problems, however, and she is no exception. Just don’t expect her to do what Angelica can without at least some nice equipment.


Tamarinne (Buffer/DPS)

Tamarinne possesses a teamwide ATK buff and the strongest AoE CR push in the game. This allows her to contribute to the team despite pushing Wyvern’s CR up. In addition, she also functions as a sub-DPS in Idol form, as her S1 will continually proc assists from your strongest character. Probably the best partner for Luna.


Wyvern Stage 11

Hunt 11 is actually somewhat easier in that the boss' spit attacks only target the frontmost Hero. While this shifts a lot of damage to that one ally, gearing for the battle is much simpler and frees up the other three Heroes to build offensive stats. At least three debuffs must be applied to weaken the spits, so either a very tough tank (~14k Health and at least 1200 Defense) or fast debuffers (around 215 Speed) must assist. The Onix Wyvern also has the ability to dispel buffs and gains Combat Readiness each time a non-Ice Hero has a turn, so teams must be planned accordingly.

Building Effectiveness

The Onix Wyvern in Hunt 11 has 70% Effect Resistance, meaning your Hero's Effectiveness plus the Skill's Effect Chance must equal at least 170% to reliably land debuffs.


Keep in mind that the ceiling for this is 85% Effect Chance; the Onix Wyvern retains 15% innate Effect Resistance regardless of Effectiveness or Skill Enhancements.  

Why Wyvern?

Wyvern Sets

  • Speed Set (4/4) - Speed Increases by 25%. This is the only percentage-based Speed boost available through gear.

  • Critical Set (2/2) - Critical Hit Chance increases by 12%

  • Hit Set (2/2) - Effectiveness increases by 20% 

Although every Hunt stage offers useful equipment, Wyverns are recommended as the first priority in early-game due to the versatility of Speed, Hit and Crit sets. Nearly every Hero being used in Wyvern itself can use a Speed set, and the extra Level 70/85 gear will outfit other Heroes for the remaining Hunt stages.

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