Azimanak Hunt

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Article by akioklaus
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The Azimanak hunt provides the three sets Rage, Unity, and Immunity.

For the Azimanak fight, you generally need a cleanser and countermeasure to enemy buffs.


The Enemy

Azimanak Hunt's characteristics are as follows:

  1. Berserk passive that boosts his Atk, Spd, and Def up to 4 times. This passive activates each time the boss is hit 4 times.

  2. Azimanak automatically cleanses all debuffs when it is attacked and has 3 or more debuffs.

  3. When Azimanak’s Health is below 30%, all healing for your party is cut by 50%.

  4. Azimanak and her minions gain 80% Damage Reduction from single target attacks when there is an Azimanus Observer (egg) in play.

  5. Azimanak will dispel all buffs on your team if any of your characters have 3 or more buffs.

Therefore, the usual ‘debuff the boss, then tank & spank’ doesn’t apply. 


However, Azimanak does have loopholes.

  1. The Berserk buff can be dispelled, or it can be prevented with Unbuffable.

  2. You really only need to have two debuffs - DEF Break is a must, and your choice of secondary debuff can be anything useful, such as Unbuffable (to stop Berserk from being applied), Blind (which prevents buff strip) or Target (to burn her down quicker)

  3. Only green text heals are affected by the healing debuff. Shields function normally.

  4. AoE skills can easily destroy the eggs. If you do let the eggs hatch, Azimanak can not spawn NEW eggs until the existing minions are killed to make space. This leads to the single-target focused build..

  5. High Effect Resistance can allow you to fully ignore Azimanak’s dispel, though you will continue to take the extra damage from his AoE.

In summary, you simply deal with debuffs and only bring vital buffs/debuffs, deal with the boss's damage reduction, and survive until you kill the boss. While the boss is loaded with complex stuff, there is no need to do special gear settings and such. Just bring your strongest.

Why Azimanak?

Azimanak Sets

  • Rage (4/4) - Damage dealt increases by 30% against debuffed targets

  • Immunity (2/2) - Grants the caster Immunity for one turn at the beginning of battle. Does not stack with similar effects.

  • Unity (2/2) - Increases chance of triggering Dual Attack by 4%

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