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Gacha games usually lock their strongest units behind “gacha-pulls,” making it challenging for users to obtain strong heroes. Epic 7 is one of the games where the drop rates for the most powerful characters are rather low. Unless they are very lucky, new players usually have a limited pool of heroes to build their team around. This is where Specialty Changes come in.

Specialty Changes allow specific 3★ heroes to "evolve" into superior versions of themselves. Completing these quests and investing in these characters takes both time and farmable materials, but they are guaranteed ways to increase the power level of a new or F2P player's team. When fully invested in, these Specialty Changed heroes have a power level more on par with 4★ and 5★ heroes that a new player may not have pulled yet.

New Specialty Changes for different 3★ heroes are being slowly but consistently added to the game, and each Specialty Change has its own different set of requirements to complete.

General Specialty Change Requirements

The requirements for each hero's Specialty Change vary, but one thing is always the same: the hero involved must be level 50 before you can start the Specialty Change questline. In order to reach level 50, a 3★ hero must be promoted twice. This means every Specialty Change requires the following:

Promote from 3★ to 4★
  • Get the Specialty Change hero to level 30

  • Sacrifice three other 3★ units via the Promotion option on the Hero screen

Promote from 4★ to 5★
  • Get the Specialty Change hero to level 40

  • Sacrifice four other 4★ units via the Promotion option on the Hero screen

Navigating to the Specialty Changes

Once your 3★ hero has reached level 50, you can navigate to the Specialty Changes section from the Lobby: 

[Hero] → [Specialty Change] 

In this section, you can start the “Specialty Change Side-Story Quest” of the specific hero. Each side story questline has four unique tasks to complete. Once you complete these tasks, the Specialty Change will be fulfilled. 

Here are the current heroes who can undergo a Specialty Change. Click on the heroes you're interested in to learn about how their Specialty Change will affect them and what tasks must be done to complete the Specialty Change.

NOTE: You may only have 2 Specialty Change quests active at one time. However, you can pause a Specialty Change quest at any time and start up another one. Pausing a Specialty Change saves your progress on that quest to date; you WILL NOT have to start over. If you have killed 54 monsters for Rikoris' Specialty Change quest, pause his quest to work on Carrot's, then resume his quest later, it will remember that you killed 54 monsters previously.

Available Specialty Changes

Skill Tree and Rune Investment

Specialty Change heroes are guaranteed, but that doesn't mean they're easy to get. They are very strong heroes, but only after they've been fully invested in. Completing the Specialty Change quest to earn the hero is only half the battle. The other half is investing in their Skill Tree.

What is a Skill Tree?

Every Specialty Hero has a Skill Tree that can be enhanced 30 times (using Runes) in order to grant the hero various buffs and passives. This works similarly to the Awakening system: the player spends Runes to power up their character.

Where is the Skill Tree?

You can find a Specialty Changed hero's Skill Tree by following these directions:

[Hero] → [Team] → [Find the specific unit] → [Awaken]--> [Skill Tree]

How Much Does It Cost?

The Rune cost for different nodes of the Skill Tree is not static. The cost for each enhancement increases based on how many enhancements have already been performed. In the end, the Rune cost for maxing out the Skill Tree will be the same regardless of what order the player follows. (This means players should prioritize the buffs they like best when using the Skill Tree, so they can buy those buffs for cheap and use them immediately.)

Skill Tree Costs

Enhancement Greater Rune Total Greater Epic Rune Total Epic
1 5 5
2 6 11
3 8 19
4 9 28
5 10 38
6 12 50
7 13 63
8 14 77
9 16 93
10 17 110
11 18 128
12 20 148
13 11 159 1 1
14 12 171 1 2
15 14 185 1 3
16 15 200 1 4
17 16 216 1 5
18 18 234 1 6
19 10 244 2 8
20 12 256 2 10
21 14 270 2 12
22 16 286 2 14
23 18 304 2 16
24 10 314 3 19
25 13 327 3 22
26 16 343 3 25
27 19 362 3 28
28 12 374 4 32
29 16 390 4 36
30 20 410 4 40

TOTAL COST: The total cost of fully investing in a Specialty Change is 410 Greater Runes and 40 Epic Runes.

Enhancement Recommendations

Here is a rough guideline on the order you may want to prioritize Skill Tree enhancements:

  1. Ability enhancements. These tend to have the most bang for your buck (i.e., Angelic Montmorancy's Mercy Rune, which allows her to heal allies who don't have debuffs on them).
  2. Speed enhancements. Any Rune that buffs your hero's base Speed is going to be a good investment (i.e., Righteous Thief Roozid's Speed and Fruition Runes).
  3. New passive abilities. These tend to be very strong (i.e., Researcher Carrot's Sun Rune and its damage decrease).
  4. Passives that buff your entire team. The benefits of these abilities should be obvious (i.e., Mascot Hazel's Fruition Rune, which buffs the Atk of Fire-element allies).
  5. Other flat stat buffs. These are good, but usually not as important as some other options (i.e., Chaos Sect Axe's three Runes for increased Health).

However, you should always use your own best judgment for what enhancement is going to be the most helpful for what you and your teams need.

Farming Spirit Altars

Runes can most efficiently be farmed in Spirit Altars:

[Battle] → [Spirit Altar]. 

  • Normal Runes can be farmed most efficiently in Stage 3.
  • Greater Runes can be farmed most efficiently in Stage 10.
  • Epic Runes can be farmed most efficiently in Stage 10.

If you can only complete Spirit Altars up to Stage 9 or lower, it is recommended that you stop enhancing your hero when you reach +18. Grinding the remaining Runes will take a very long time if you cannot complete Stage 10. Your Stamina would be better used elsewhere, such as Hunts or grinding more Specialty Change heroes, so that you can return with a more powerful team who can run Stage 10 more easily.

If you feel it is absolutely necessary for you to invest in the rest of your Skill Tree right away, then Stage 9 is the second best choice, and Stage 8 is the third best choice.

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