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Gacha games usually have their strongest units locked up behind “gacha-pulls” making it challenging for users to obtain strong heroes. Epic 7 is one of the games where the drop rates are rather low. As a new player to the game one will have limited pool to build their team around, which is where Specialty Changes comes in.

Specialty Changes are rolled out slowly by SmileGate, over time there will be more and more Specialty Changes, it allows specific 3-star heroes to perform a side story of their own which will evolve them to a superior version of themselves. These evolved personalities can be further invested over time via farmable materials to be very strong. Majority of Specialty Changes are easily accessible for free to play users, but it will take time to fully invest on them.

General requirements for each Specialty Change.

Every 3 star heroes who can undergo a specialty change must be at least level 50. Which means every one of them must be promoted twice, the promotion aspect will require the following requirements.

Promotion to 4 star, increasing max level to 40.
  • Requires level 30

  • Requires additional 3x  3 Star units which will be sacrificed.

Promotion to 5 star, increasing max level to 50.
  • Requires level 40

  • Requires additional 4x 4 Star units which will be sacrificed.

Navigating to the Specialty Changes

After twice promoting them one must reach level 50. After that you can navigate to the following section from the Lobby. 

[Hero] → [Specialty Change] 

In this section, you can start a “Side-Story Quest” of the specific hero. Each Specialty Change side story quests will have their own 4 tasks to complete. Once you complete these tasks, the Specialty Change will be fulfilled. 

Here is the current heroes who can undergo a Specialty Change, their tasks will also be found here. Do note, one may only have 2 Specialty Change quests active at one point. You must complete them before attempting to do additional Specialty Changes.

Available Specialty Changes

Additional Investment to fully unlock their potential

Having specialty change heroes comes with a lot of work, they are very strong heroes but only when invested. Every specialty change heroes can be enhanced 30 times, it works similar to the awaken system. One has the opportunity to go different paths when enhancing a hero, but in the end they will all be maxed at +30 enhancements.

The overview above of each specific specialty change heroes will have their skills described, in this section the cost of enhancing will be displayed. 

To enhance a unit you must navigate the following

[Hero] → [Team] → [Find the specific unit] → [Awaken]--> [Skill Tree]

the way that enhancing works is that the cost increases by each enhancement. So one is free to pick their own optional route, in the end the cost will be the same regardless of which route one takes. Here are the costs.

Enhancement Greater Rune Total Greater Epic Rune Total Epic
1 5 5
2 6 11
3 8 19
4 9 28
5 10 38
6 12 50
7 13 63
8 14 77
9 16 93
10 17 110
11 18 128
12 20 148
13 11 159 1 1
14 12 171 1 2
15 14 185 1 3
16 15 200 1 4
17 16 216 1 5
18 18 234 1 6
19 10 244 2 8
20 12 256 2 10
21 14 270 2 12
22 16 286 2 14
23 18 304 2 16
24 10 314 3 19
25 13 327 3 22
26 16 343 3 25
27 19 362 3 28
28 12 374 4 32
29 16 390 4 36
30 20 410 4 40

The total cost of fully investing on a Specialty Change is 410 Greater Runes and  40 Epic Runes.

Now for Enhancement recommendations.

If you only can Auto up to stage 7, it is recommended that you stop at +18. Please avoid additional grind at this point, as it will take a very long time, and stamina is better used elsewhere, so that you can return with a more powerful team and do higher stages. As the most efficient runs are Stage 10. We do not recommend any further Enhancement investing until one can do Altar 10.  If you still would like to invest, then Altar 9 is the second best choice, and Altar 8 being the 3rd best choice. 

GamePress Recommendations

One should only invest in enhancement according to their game progress. To begin with, here are the best stages for each individual rune farming. 

Runes can most efficiently be farmed in Spirit Altars.

[Battle] → [Spirit Altar]. 

Normal Runes can most efficiently be found in Stage 3.

Greater Runes can most efficiently be found in Stage 10.

Epic Runes can most efficiently be found in Stage 10.

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