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Sample Skill: Dark Corvus S1

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Skill 1: Shield Bash
0 Turns
+1 Souls
Attacks with a shield and absorbs some of the damage as Health, with a 50% chance to provoke for 1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max Health.
Skill Enhance
+1: +5% damage dealt
+2: +15% healing
+3: +10% effect chance
+4: +10% damage dealt
+5: +15% effect chance
+6: +15% damage dealt
Effects and Multipliers
Skill Power 1.00 Skill Attack Rate 0.7
Attack up + x% Caster Max Health: 7%
Skill Effect Application Rate 100%
Effect Condition Always
Add Resistance? No
Provoke: 0%
Skill Effect Application Rate 50%
Effect Condition On Hit
Effect Target Enemy
Add Resistance? Yes
Heals x% of Damage Dealt: 20%
Skill Effect Application Rate 100%
Effect Target Self
Add Resistance? No

The data shown for each Skill under 'Effects and Multipliers' shows Power (pow!) and Attack Rate (att_rate) modifying the ratio of a character's Attack stat used for calculating damage.

Application Rate is the proc chance used in the Effect Resistance calculation. Add Resistance is a yes/no condition in which the calculation is streamlined when the enemy's Effect Resistance is left out (usually as a Soul Burn effect). When resistance is ignored, the stated debuff chance is the actual probability of landing that debuff.

The Damage Formula

Effective Damage Calculation



Damage Mitigation Calculation

(1−DamageReduction)(1−DamageTransfer) /{[(EnemyDEF)(DEFmod)(1−DefensePen)/300] +1}

$$(1-Damage Reduction)(1-DamageTransfer)\over(\frac{(EnemyDEF)(DEFmod)(1- DefensePen)}{300}+1)$$

The Complete Formula

To get the full damage calculation, just multiply the product of the Total Damage Potential calculation by the product of the Damage Mitigation calculation.

$$Damage=(Effective Damage)\times(Damage Mitigation)$$


Each Modifier/Variable stacks additively with itself

[Attack Stat] = ATK

Unit’s Total attack stat after equipment

  • Caster’s Attack Stat (default)Modifier

[Attack Modifier] = atkMod

Attack Changes During combat

  • Increase Attack = Atk * 1.5

  • Increase Attack (Greater) = Atk * 1.75

  • Morale Penalty

  • Passive Attack increase (from skills like BBK S2)

  • Artifact attack increase (Sigurd’s Scythe, Rosa Hargana)

  • All Ally Skill Tree bonuses (Hazel Team attack increase in her Speciality Change)

[Flat Damage Scaling] = FlatMod

  • Caster’s Defense

  • Caster’s Max Health

  • Enemy’s Max Health (dealt as damage)

[Skill Attack Rate Modifier] = Rate


Skill’s attack stat to skill Modifier

[Damage Increase Modifier] = DamageUpMod


Bellona's Butterfly Fan (S2) does damage based on number of enemies: 10% per additional enemy over 1

Bonus damage from other sources, such as:

  • Caster’s Lost Health (multiplicative or additive)

  • Caster’s Current Health (as a percent of max Health)

  • Caster’s Speed

  • Enemy’s Speed (Assassin Cidd only)

  • Enemy’s Lost Health (multiplicative)

  • Number of Enemies past 1

  • Number of Enemies remaining (4-x)

  • Number of Buffs applied to the Caster

  • Number of Debuffs applied to the target Enemy

  • Number of Bleed Stacks on the target Enemy

  • Damage Increase from Exclusive equipment

  • Damage Increase from Artifact effects (Tonfas, Radiant Forever, Kal a’ Dra)

[# of Focus Consumed]
(A separate Modifier that applies only to Violet)

[Skill Enhancement Modifier] = EnhanceMod

Skill Enhance Damage Increase
(A Separate Modifier)

[Secondary Flat Modifier] = Flat2Mod


Daydream Joker is independent of usual max Health modifiers.

Daydream Joker - Unique Flat Damage increase that doesn’t have the 1.871 modifier applied like target max health % effects that Neumas, Sol and Bellona have

[Critical Damage/Crushing/Miss Modifier] = HitTypeMod


Heroes such as Celestial Mercedes trigger additional effects (like gaining Combat Readiness) based on hit type-- in this case, counting the number of Critical hits.

Hit Types

  • Miss = .75 Modifier
  • Hit = 1.00 Modifier
  • Crushing/Strike = 1.3 Modifier
  • Critical Hit = Critical Damage Stat Modifier

Hit Type Priority: Miss -> Critical -> Crush/Strike -> Hit

[Elemental Modifier] = ElementMod

Elemental Advantage attacking Enemy:

  • Bonus 15% critical chance

  • Deal 10% more damage (separate modifier) 

  • 80% chance for Crushing Hit

Element Neutral attacking Enemy:

  • 30% chance for Crushing Hit

Elemental Disadvantage attacking Enemy:

  • 50% chance to miss

  • 30% chance for Crushing Hit

Critical Damage Bonus is always additive to the Critical Damage Stat (examples: Karin’s 50% CritD increase on S3)

All Evasion Bonus is additive with each other as well as Hit Chance increase.

[Target Debuff Modifier] = TargetDebuffMod

Damage increase from Target is a Separate Modifier

Increase Damage 1.15

Decrease Evasion 15%

Non-Attack Modifiers

Healing Potentially Scales From:

  • Caster's Max Health (Destina, Achates)

  • Caster Attack (Mascot Hazel)

  • Ally's Max Health

  • Mixture of Both (Aither, DJ Basar)

  • Damage dealt (Life Steal)

Barriers Potentially Scale From:

  • Caster Defense

  • Caster Health

  • Caster Attack (Guider Aither)

  • Ally Health

Additional Attacks

These attacks don’t count as a turn and therefore don’t cause buff/debuff timers to tick.

Counterattack: Cannot be triggered from Extra attacks, skill counters, or other counters. Counter attack itself cannot trigger dual attack; HOWEVER, it can trigger an extra attack.

Counter attack chance stack additively with each other unless it is a separate condition.

(so counter set stacks additively with Purgis S2 but multiplicatively with Violet’s S2)

Skill Counter: (only seaside Bellona S2 and Sol S2): can be triggered with counter attacks at the same time. Can trigger at anytime, from extra attack or counter attack.

Extra Attack Cannot Trigger Dual attacks. Cannot Trigger Counter attacks. 

Dual Attack: Can only be triggered with S1 ability unless otherwise stated. This applies to both the caster and the one joining for dual attack. The chance of a Dual Attack is based on the Additive total of ALL Ally's Dual Attack% chance not the caster's Dual Attack%. Dual Attack% chance do not over lap and more than one CANNOT be triggered at anytime. Reducing Damage

Additional Damage and Damaging Debuffs


  • Reingar Special Drink (30%)

  • Sez S3 after kill (150%)

  • Urberius Tooth (30%)

  • Burn Debuff (60%)

  • Bleed Debuff (30%)

  • Bomb Debuff (150%)

Damage from these sources are applied using this formula:

(Caster’s Current Attack Stat) x (Attack %) x 1.871 / (Target’s Current Def) x .3 / 300 + 1)

Additional Damage is the damage Added after the attack is done or at the start of the turn of the one who is debuffed(in the case of debuffs). The Attack stat used is the caster’s attack when the damage or debuff is applied. The Defense used is the target’s current def and then the damage ignores 70% of it. Example, a target with Defense break debuff will suffer the damage as if it only has  9% of it’s defense.

Other damaging debuffs:

  • Poison Debuff (5%)

  • Magic Nail Debuff (2%)

(Target’s Max health) x (Damage %)

Unlike the others, these debuffs deal damage based ONLY on the targets max hp and ignore ALL defense.

ALL of the above damage Ignores Damage reduction effects AND skill nullifier. However Damage Transfer still works normally.

Damage Mitigation and Defense


Damage / ([Target Defense Stat] x [Defense Modifier]/300 + 1) x (1 – [Damage Reduction]) x (1 – [Damage Transfer])  

$$Damage\over([Target Defense Stat][Defense Modifier]\div[300] + 1)\\\times(1-[Damage Reduction])(1-[Damage Transfer])$$ 

[Damage Reduction]

Takes the specified type of damage dealt and lowers it by an amount. 20% damage reduction will take 10,000 damage down to 8,000.

Does NOT stack with other Damage Reduction effects regardless of whether or not it reduces damage, AoE damage or Crit damage. Only the highest is Applied

Damage Reduction Effects: Proof of Valor, Crimson Armin S2, Sword of Ezera, Armin S3, Adamant Shield, Otilie S2, Stealth buff, Envoy’s pipe, SC Carrots Skill tree.

[Damage Transfer]

Rather than reduce the damage like damage reduction, it moves the damage to another target. At 20% damage share 10,000 damage will deal 8,000 to the main target and 2,000 to the secondary target. The transferred damage is considered true damage and cannot be reduced with high defense or damage reducing effects. However, it can be blocked with invincibility.

Does NOT stack with other Damage Share effects, only the highest is applied. They DO stack with Damage Reduction and Defense Increase effects.

Damage Transfer Effects: Aurius, Eaton S2, Seaside Bellona S2, Troublemaker Crozet S2

[Defense Modifiers] = DefMod

Effects that change defense by a set amount. At 1,000 defense with a 20% increase will put you at 1,200 defense. This is not a def buff but can stack with it.

Defense buff, Defense debuff Skill passives, Artifact Defense increase all increase target’s total defense but applies additively with each other.

Defense Modifier: Defense Increase (+60%), Defense Break (-70%), Passive Defense increase (from skills), Artifact Defense increase

Defense Break and Defense Penetration 

Defense Break = EnemyDef * 0.3

Defense Break reduces enemy Defense by 70%, which is why it’s such a potent debuff.

Defense Penetration Applies to the Target’s Current Defense. So if a Defense break is already applied, it Stacks with it multiplicatively. Defense penetration Artifacts also stack multiplicatively

Example: Enemy Def * 0.3 (def break) * (1 - 0.3 )(1 - 0.2) (Spez 30% defense penetration + Elyha’s Knife max)

so knife isn't very good on spz

Effect Resistance


Effect Chance % x (100% + Caster's Effectiveness - Target's Resistance) = Chance of applying the debuff  

$$(DebuffChance)=(EffectChance)\times\\([100percent]+[CasterEffectiveness]-[Target Resistance])$$

Every debuff has 4 checks before it is applied. (Failing one of these will not make the debuff land)

  1. Hit Type can disqualify debuffs by missing the attack. (Unless it specifically stated that it will apply even if the skill misses, i.e. Dizzy S3)

  2. Debuff Proc chance which is stated in the skill. (No proc chance stated means it's 100%)

  3. Effectiveness vs Resistance.

  4. Immunity

Target’s Effect Resistance is always, at a minimum, 15% higher than Caster’s Effectiveness regardless of what their Effect Resistance currently is.

Artifacts only have 3 checks instead.

  1. Proc Chance

  2. Effectiveness vs Resistance

  3. Immunity

They still apply even if the skill misses.

Debuff from artifacts always lands after skill debuffs are applied.


  • Skill that Ignore Effect Resistance can never be resisted, so the stated effect chance is exactly the chance of applying the debuff.
  • If the Target’s Resistance is higher than the Caster’s Effectiveness by 100% or more, they will never be debuffed by the Caster.

These Effects are also ‘debuffs’ that needs to pass Effect vs Resist check:

  • Dispel

  • Combat Readiness Reduction

  • Cooldown Increase

  • Debuff Extension

  • Buff Steal

  • Debuff Transfer

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