How to Efficiently Skill & Level up Pets!

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Hello everyone, in this article we will go over the best way to synthesize your pets, so that you do not over-commit too many resources on getting your pets up.  

P.s. Do keep in mind that there are two different pets, lobby and battle. You must raise the same type pet as in you can’t synthese Lobby and Battle pets together

What Matters?

First of all when it comes to pet, all that matters is that your skills are either A or S level for the  highest value. Pets are awesome as they are small creatures providing small quality of life benefits which is why having a S-ranked skill is so crucial since it will yield much more value over time when compared to a lower rarity variant..That being said, we should always optimize our pet builds around high value S or A rank skills

A Skills

So here is what really matters the most, the “Lock” system which we will abuse.

Skill Locking

During a Synthesis, you are given the choice of “locking” a skill when you lock, the pet’s Skill will 100% be transferred over without fail. Using this method we can combine pets into one with 2 desired S rank skills of your choice.So always ensure that you lock your “S” Skills.  Now here is a table of how many skills you can lock. You cannot have the same Skill on the same pet twice.

Star Level Amount of Skill Locks
1 1
2 2
3 2
4 3

As you can see via the table, at 2* and 3* star the pets gets the ability to lock 2 skills, which is what we need to abuse the system later on. Here is a picture that shows you how a skill is locked before synthesizing.

Skill lock.

Now for the synthesis part.

Efficiently Synthesis

Let’s assume you have 100 pets. 2 of them have S skills. Now how can we ensure that 1 pet can have both S skills, do we synthesis them together?. Yes but No. We will, just not straight up that will not work. Here is how Synthesis works and what you must do. 

Please follow this step by step, if you are confused, and i'll guide you through it. 

Step 1 - Separate Them

First we must separate the two, the objective here is to raise both. Just in case lock them both, you don’t want to lose them to butterfingers.  We will now present examples for one of the pets and assume that the 2nd one goes through the same treatment.

Step 2 - Give Your Pet fodder

The Pet carrying the S skill, should now be focused on, raised to level 10, then synthesized with another pet. If you want you can even change its appearance, but always ensure that before you click synthesize you always click the skill part and lock your S skill, and you must do this every single time. If you fail to get 2-star pet, just try again, game likes to play hard to get at times. Now we assume you’ve gotten a 2-star pet level 10, with a S-skill.


Just to spread the awareness again, you can see the S-ranked skill about to be fodder, please do avoid from doing this!.

Step 3 - Proceed Similarly Until 3-Star Pet

This step is a bit boring since we need to repeat the same process but instead raise the pet from level 10 to 20.  Then try to get the pet to 3-stars. Keep in mind to always lock your desired S-rank ability, once it is 3-starred continue to raise it to level 30. Congratulations, you are done with this pet for now, time to bring up your 2nd S-Skill pet to exactly the same situation. Level 20 and 3-star. (You do not have to level up your 2nd pet to 30)  Article will now assume you have both.

Step 4 - Getting Two S Skills

We are finally here where the magic happens, if you recall the table above, it stated that a 3-star can lock up to two skills, which means you can now finally synthesize your 2 x  3-starred pets together. You can then lock both S skills, the end result doesn’t matter, if you get a 4-star, congratulations. If you don’t, congratulations again because at least you will have a pet with 2 x S-Skills.

p.s. Game Update: with the latest update, you can now lock 2 x S-rated-skill at 2* rather than 3*  and at 4* you can now lock 3 x Skills at once. 

Advanced Endgame Synthesis: The True Grind

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