9/18/2019 Patch Notes

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September 18th Patch Notes

Hello and welcome to this week's patch notes. We’ve got some exciting stuff in store this week! There is new hero-specific unique equipment has arrived, and with it a new rotation of scoring challenges! Joining us is a new 3* Specialty Change Hero - Researcher Carrot, with unique burn synergy. In addition, we have a new Epic Pass and new Side/Main stories!


  1. New Unique Equipment - Guider Aither, Yufine, Armin

  2. Unique Hero Equipment Short Review/Alchemist Steeple Addition

  3. New Specialty Change - Researcher Carrot

  4. New Epic Pass

  5. Reingar’s Chaotic Full Moon Festival - Part 3

  6. Episode 2 Chapter 4 - City of Sorcerers: Witchaven

  7. Tenebria Drop Rate Up Banner

  8. Assorted Additions

(1) New Unique Equipment - Guider Aither, Yufine, Armin

The Challenges section will soon feature Nilgal, starting on next week’s rotation. He brings with him brand-new Unique Equipment for Guider Aither, Yufine, and Armin.

As usual, the following conditions will apply in this area:

  1. Unique debuffs and buffs - these change weekly

  2. Bosses have a visual enrage bar over their heads; when this fills, they will clear all debuffs and deal increased damage. You don’t want this to happen, so knock them out ASAP.

  3. Guardians cannot be used - sorry, Arky, you adorable fluffball.

  4. No Soul gain - this is a big deal, since you will have to rely on skills that cannot be Soul Burned.

We highly encourage you to enter the ‘Practice Mode’ provided to get a feel for the battle, since actual entries are limited. (Or if you’re quick-fingered, just smash ‘Yield’; it doesn’t burn your ticket.)

As you deal more damage to enemies, you will score higher and higher, with each scoring bracket providing successively increasing rewards.

The lowest you can possibly score is a D for <300,000 points, meaning that you will earn a minimum of 16 Wisdom’s Gaze per attempt.

You can score up to 3,800,000 points, which is the SSS reward tier. The maximum currency earned per attempt is 23.

Every piece of unique equipment so far has cost 40 Wisdom’s Gaze.

(2) Unique Hero Equipment Short Review

All of our unique equipment reviews are on their own page, where we give you a detailed rundown of the pros/cons and our recommended builds! Check 'em out HERE!

(3) New Specialty Change: Researcher Carrot

We finally got a new Specialty Change, and it’s a very unique one. Carrot gets a plethora of upgrades, with a few notable changes.

Let’s walk through some of the basic changes to her kit:

Actual Skill Changes:

  • Base form Carrot was significantly buffed.
  • S1 (Swing) received a 30% chance to detonate burns on the enemy, dealing the full damage up front. Can now detonate at 100% with Soul Burn.
  • S2 (Flame Barrier) - the useless Soul Burn option was removed, and Carrot will now ALWAYS shield herself and burn the attacker. The molagora options for proc chance up were removed and she can now get 30% additional barrier strength from upgrades. (Effectively pushing her from .4 ATK scaling to .52 ATK scaling).
  • S3 - Soul Burn option removed. No extra turn after S3 for 20 souls.

Skill Tree Changes:

  • 12% total ATK - Carrot appreciates this a lot, as her base ATK value leaves something to be desired. All of her skills scale from her ATK value as well, due to shield/burn scaling directly from ATK.
  • Swing (S1) has: 10% higher proc chance and 10% self-CR push - This brings her Speed Down debuff up to a maximum of 60%, making it a more potent applicator of the rare Speed Down debuff. This gives her something to do when not using S3. In addition, every time she uses Swing, she gains 10% CR. This applies even when it’s not her turn, so it adds up over time.
  • 25% higher HP and 25% reduced damage taken when at max HP - These make her significantly tankier and allow her to bait heavy ice damage dealers.
  • 50% chance to cleanse 1 debuff when hit - This is significant, since it means that any AoE splash attacks will have a good chance (read: 0%) to cleanse Carrot of a single debuff.
  • 5% EFF for all allies - basic, and exactly what it says on the tin. Not very notable.
  • Flame Spurt deals 10% more damage and has a 5% higher chance to burn - The 10% extra damage is mediocre, given the poor scaling on her S3, and the 5% burn chance puts her at 80% burn chance on S3, which is fairly high. Unfortunately, it’s still not guaranteed.

Following in SS Bellona’s steps as an example of “You really don’t want to tap that”, SC Carrot discourages enemies from hitting her and looks to be a great bait for Ice heroes in PvP/GvG. She is also a perfect teammate for SS Bellona and any heroes who want to discourage the opponent’s team from attacking them, as her burn damage can quickly stack out of control. Like Purrgis, hitting her can be a really bad idea going forward.

She may also get some niche use in Wyvern, as she has her own damage mitigation via her S2 (reducing the need for tankiness), and can deal some decent damage with her burns (also reducing the damage taken).

She is one of the rare characters where I would genuinely recommend the ATK set, as she scales better with ATK than with the standard Rage or Destruction sets.

(4) New Epic Pass feat. Schoolgirl Angelica

This pass features similar rewards to the last one, and the special tier of this pass gives the amazing (in my opinion) ‘Mysterious Transfer Student’ skin for Angelica.

If you just want the rewards, you only need to spend the regular 900 Skystone. If you get all the rewards, it’s 100% worth it, as it’s a much better deal than buying 50 Bookmarks for 950.

(5) Reingar’s Chaotic Full Moon Festival - Part 3

The last chapter for the Reingar Student Festival has been released, bringing with it the last few copies of the Midnight Bloom artifact and the Yuna artifact/material. Make sure to do the NEW limited stage as well, as you only have about a week to finish at least 3 days of the limited stage. In addition, this will allow you to get the Gold Transmit Stone for finishing all the sidestory reputation quests.

Lastly, there’s a free molagora quest available in the 3rd part of the Side Story (as the Moneybags/Molagora was moved out of the Challenges.)

(6) Episode 2 Chapter 4 - Sorcerers’ City: Witchaven

In this newest Chapter, we see Vivian’s city, Witchaven. There are catalysts and a brand-new accessory available with the notable Crit Damage primary stat and ATK set, so don’t miss it!


(7) Tenebria Drop Rate Up Banner

  • Tenebria is featured on this week’s banner. After several rounds of buffs, she is actually in a fairly good place, with access to a hard-hitting DEF-breaking S3, Sleep, and CR knockback.

    However, keep in mind that she is a returning Hero, and her kit, while solid, is nothing stellar. We may also be getting a new Hero next week. In my opinion, unless you need a DEF breaker badly, this is a skippable banner.

(8) Assorted Additions

  • Abyss Replayability - we now have the option to replay Abyss stages. Perfect for helping other people to clear and to perfect strategies, or just to get a kick out of trying stages again.

  • Shield buff mechanics - highest duration and strength is now applied to shields when rebuffing

  • Glory Crest redistribution - If you had your Glory Crest compensation accidentally converted to the regular currency, you’ll find the full 5,800 in your inbox

  • Inventory expansion - you now start with 450 slots

  • Huche’s P̶o̶p̶u̶p̶ Ripoff Shop - Fair warning; all the stuff in here is bad value. Buy at your own risk.

That’s all for this week. We’re excited for the new equipment and heroes. Feel free to leave us any comments and feedback - we’d love to hear from you!

See you next week!

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