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This is a short primer on the proper allocation  of everyone’s favorite screaming root.

Despite Smilegate’s repeated reductions of Skill Enhancement costs,  Molagoras remain rare enough that their usage is one of the weightiest gameplay decisions in Epic Seven.

Some heroes have unuseable kits without them. Others are just weak. Yet a few characters  don’t even need any investment to perform well. So where should you put them?

Worry not! The decision process with MolaGoras can be reduced to several rules of thumb:

Pick a long-term hero who is significant to an archetype

Honestly, pick the hero that you are most likely to use for a very long time. This is normally either your favorite character or one with a clear, defined, practical role.

There are heroes who define an archetype,  whether it be assists like Taranor Guard, CR pushers like Schuri, cleavers like Ludwig, buffers like Diene, and so on. By investing into heroes like them, you are ensuring that you will have an available archetype that others can be built around.

This works only insofar as you use the character; throwing Molagoras at a hero that others use but whom you ultimately don’t is just a waste.

Go for the most value for your investment

This is generally a fairly easy step - spend Molagora where you’ll get more bang for your buck. If you can spend the same amount of Molagora on a character to get a bigger boost, do so. For example, Haste’s S3 only costs 1 Molagora for a whopping 15% damage boost!

If investment will allow you to hit power breakpoints in a character’s skillset, you will also want to prioritize that type of investment.

For example, Tamarinne becomes significantly more consistent at entering Idol Mode with a single Molagorago, whereas it may not be necessary to do the same for say, Judge Kise.

When in doubt, follow the order:

  1. Skill Cooldown reduction  -1,
  2. Effect Chance to 75/100%
  3. Highest  damage upgrades.

Save enough for Molagorago investment

You can save yourself a lot of pain and heartache by holding down on the skill bonuses at the investment screen. This will show you what you need for the upcoming skill investment steps. A lot of skills will show that you need a Molagorago (orange root) for significant breakpoints, such as skill CD -1.

You may initially feel like you are drowning in Molagoragos, due to the structure of Abyss rewards, but be aware that those dry up permanently. Therefore, I urge you to invest with caution, as each orange root is worth 4 normal Molagora.

TL;DR, follow the rules below:

Invest for the long term, prioritize strong upgrades, and save your Molagoragos.

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