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Ever dreamed of being rich? While bragging to be F2P? It is possible for sure. However, it is very similar to doing weight loss programs.

(Example1: F2P possible status.)

(Example1: F2P possible status.)


We are always low on various currencies, and there is really no clear tutorial on how to get them in-game.

This guide will go over these currency farming. The important ones will be in bold.

  1. Gold

  2. Molagora

  3. Stigma

  4. Skystone & Bookmark

  5. Rune

  6. Catalyst

  7. Craft Material

  8. Fodder

  9. Transmit Stone

  10. Artifact EXP

The overall theme

Before moving on, the basis of this guide is self-control and endurance. Much like weight loss, the fundamental answer to not having enough currency is to stop using them and saving them, much like eating less than burned leads to weight loss. So constantly review if you are overspending, and spending on not so important area.


One of the most vital currencies in this game. Unlike back in the day mobile games, Epic Seven keeps tight control of the amount of Gold players get. The gain is low, there is no highlighted ‘Gold Dungeon’ as seen in many games, only a goblin fight which does not help much.

To make things harder, the cost of everything is very high compared to the gold players make.

So to save up gold, it will come down to not spending it, and not playing into their game.


Most of the things you do in this game will net you a gold. Doing story, hunting wyverns, purifying abyss and such all gives gold. Selling a piece of equipment also gives a decent amount of gold, usually from 1400 gold to 25,000 gold based on the rarity and the equipment level. Due to this, the most common gold farming is done through doing the hunt 11.

This way the player gets a decent bit of gold of 30,000 and chance of equipment. However, most players who do farm hunt 11 express a lack of gold. Comparatively, players who farm Spirit Altars for runes tend to have higher gold amount in spite of the lower gold gain.


(Example 2: With the 10% buff from a Guild, Hunts drop about 1600 gold per stamina, and the equip can be sold for another 7500 gold. Compare to the Spirit Altar which gives about 1460 gold per stamina.)

The reason is that the people who do Hunts will be getting pieces of equipment and crafting materials-- two of the biggest gold sinks in the game


(Example 3: 100,000 gold to craft one weapon. Crafting end game equipment could cost from 70,000 to 130,000.)

Another popular method of gold farming is the Penguin Poaching. Penguins are EXP potions for the player’s Heroes, but they can also be sold. And like one of the game Epic Seven was inspired from, penguins are sold for a decent bit of gold. The max conversion rate is roughly 100 stigma = 10,000 gold.


(Example 4: With the full investments, it costs 102 stigma to raise a Penguin, which can sell for 6000 to 54,000 gold with 1 silver transmit stone.)

Spending (AKA Equipment)

As stated in the image example 3, spending gold holds a large portion of gold management. However, every gold spent is to improve the Heroes and equipment--something everyone has to do. So it is important to spend as much gold as possible but in a proper way. After a while, it becomes harder to improve the Heroes and equipment, and gold will naturally start to stockpile.

The idea is to invest gold only when needed. For example, if you get better equipment, see if you need better equipment right now. 

It is better to clear something faster, but if you can clear it, is the time you save worth the investment for the new equipment? This is most important for the new players who are using low tier equips, that have clear limits. Going from 44 to 70 is a huge boost, but if you can clear W11, why not wait until you get 85 equipment? The tip is to upgrade these low level ‘stepping stone’ equipment up to +9.

It is significantly cheaper to use +9 equipment for a short time, than to +15 an underwhelming equipment. If you just need a small boost, +6 on better equipment may be cheaper than going from +9 to +15 on low-level equipment.

Once you start having access to the level 70~88 Equipments, it is usually better to just +15 for a base stat, but when you seek to improve your Equipments, +9 can be a cheap method to see the prospect of the new equipment.

Similarly, if you grind hunts for days, small improvement to your equipment for the faster clear time, and to perform better on limitless PVP could be a bad idea. Not into PVP? Then minimum of purple and level 70 is good enough for an easy clear of Hell Raid. Here you will get level 88 equipments for a notable boost.


(Example 5: Nearly triple the EXP, but it just adds 1 more substat roll and 4 levels.)

If the current goal is to go from Gold tier to Platinum in PVP, as well as clear the Abyss F81~90, then before upgrading equipment and such, check if you can maintain a win rate of 40% or so higher. If there are people you can attack and defeat, instead of investing in equipment, spending a bit of gold and time to refresh until finding the opponents you can defeat can be a wiser choice.

Same with Abyss, analyze if you can clear by just switching the equipment from one Hero to another or a small enhancement. Often a simple 1,000,000 gold investment is enough to equip different Heros using the existing ones and clear Abyss, a one time content. This gold can be saved as well if the Player waits for free unequip events.

Also, keep good care of the equipment that is no longer used. For PvE, using low-level equipments that had a decent sub stat roll can be still good enough. 40k cp Hero is very weak but used to be strong enough to clear the story content.

As your PvP and PvE Heroes get better equipment, instead of selling the old equipment, inherit them to your farmers and backup Heroes. This also helps with content such as Guild War and Live PvP where you need many Heroes prepared.

Lastly, do not be fixated on sets. Set is just a free substat for the most part. Other than special sets such as Rage, Life Steal, Counter, Immunity, and Unity, it is very possible to have a broken set offer more stats than a set of equipment.


The time-gated resource required to make the Hero stronger. People used to restart the game after poor Molagora investments, but it isn’t too hard to spend them wisely.



15 Silver Transmit Stone

MolaGora Seed

150 Conquest Points

MolaGora Seed

250 Brave Crests

Basically, one from transmit store, one from the guild store, and one from the arena store. These are secured 3 per week Molagora income. There is also the loot box sold in the Normal Raid that has a very little chance of Molagora Seed. Other sources are considered one time or occasional income. 

The one-times are from achievements, questline, region reward and such.

The occasional ones are events, side stories, log in rewards and such.


Spending Molagola almost always simply makes the Hero stronger. But what if I have many Heroes to use compared to how much Molagora I have? That is when spending them wisely is needed.

As the developers said, they do not expect the Hero to need high investment in skill level up to be useful. For almost all Heroes, getting the cooldown reductions on their skills are all they need to perform at 80% of their strength.

Debuffers require a bit more investment to get their proc rate increased, but that is all. Most Heroes have more than enough power to do their roles without investment, and equipment is what holds them back. Things the equipment can’t solve such as the skill cooldown is the most price-effective investment.


(Example 7: More damage is nice and all, but it costs 3 times less to just get the cooldown reduction.)

However, the player is only allowed to bring up to 4 Heroes in a fight. So it is wise to spend very little on Heroes until you earn a Hero that you are sure to last for a long time. Making random Heroes to +3 won’t make that fated Hero any stronger if you do not use them at the party. In this case, instead of investing everywhere, focus on the one Hero that will be used often.


Sadly, this is purely just playing the game. Unless you really need the gold right now, hold off on converting them to gold and see if you need Stigma to clear the Automaton Tower or to skill enhance a low rarity Hero.

Ironically, early game you need Stigma to skill enhance the main Heroes and clear Automaton Tower, but late game you start to use higher rarity Heroes and clear Automaton Tower easily, and no longer have need for these.

Skystones & Bookmarks

To start with, buying the bookmark with Skystones for gacha is a very poor decision. On the basis that you have time to play the game, buying stamina with the Skystone leads to more chances of gacha, due to the treasure chests having a chance of 1 Bookmark or 3 Skystones.

The Secret Shop at the lobby has a higher expected outcome than 1 gacha draw per 95 Skystone as well, at the cost of gold.

(The treasure chest is likely to not have a difference in its appearance rate and rare reward drop rate regardless of the stamina spent, so 30 st costing runs in the side stories aren’t going to be helpful for the sake of gacha.)


(Example 8: Each treasure chest is giving you roughly 20 skystone here.)


Now that is all spending, how about earning them? Even by looking at the two prominent examples above, earning in this game is very small. Just like Molagora, the Weekly PvP Rank reward is the only stable source of income, and the rest are one time or occasional.

With the occasional income from Side Story, Events, and New  Story added, most players earn 500 to 700 Skystone per week. This means that it is very hard to farm and stock Skystones. To have 12000 Skystone for pity on a gacha banner, it would take roughly 20 weeks. (Can be shorter such as 10 weeks based on the PvP Rank.)

Overall, as the developers originally envisioned, players are given enough to buy stamina and play the game as they wish, and it will reward a decent amount of gacha rolls. However, to get everything as F2P Player is unrealistic and, let’s face it, unintended.

But if you lower the standards to a realistic level, Think of it like every 20 weeks, you are privileged to earn a Hero you must get, although this requires that the said Hero banner appears in a reasonable time.

But once you have a budget of Skystones prepared, whenever a new banner shows up, you can check if you really want/need this Hero, and get it. 20 weeks is a long time to get every Heros added almost bi-weekly, but a carefully selected favorite Hero or game-changer will not show up that frequently.


The catchphrase is “Will I use this Hero?”. This includes bragging rights. Many players roll gacha pointlessly just because it is a new Hero. If you are a collector, then that is to be expected. But if your play style is more of “Winning” and such, the important thing to remember is that no matter how many Heroes you own, you can only bring 4 to a fight.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to best of the best, if you can do the same job with a bit more effort. Bellona seems worth it because of Defense Debuff and Health % damage? It can be replaced with Kluri with Daydream Joker. Clearly not the same, but it is good enough for most content.

So think carefully if the Hero you plan to gacha for is worth, and how to use the Hero first. Will the Hero replace someone properly? Is there Equipment and phantasma to invest in the Hero? Is this Hero used in any content I cannot clear? And such.


How about the special bookmarks,  friendship, ML, and Mystic Bookmark? To be strict, using gold to buy the Covenant Bookmark as well as the friendship bookmark is not recommended unless you have over 3,000,000 gold, or is in need of artifact exp/transmit stone. But if you are confident about your gold management, buying both of those bookmarks are a pretty good option.

ML bookmarks can be farmed in the raid, as bosses will drop them occasionally, as well as the loot box from the normal raid.

Mystic is basically Guild War and that is it, as the drop rate and amount from the hunt is extremely unrealistic.

It is better for the mental health to assume that the ML Heros do not exist, and if you get them, be happy about it.


Simple, among the 10 difficulties, do 3 for the tier 1 oval rune, and do 10 for the tier 2 greater rune (also known as the triangle) and tier 3 epic rune (also known as the hexa).

The drop rate of triangles is almost the same in 8,9,10 but the rate of hexa rises noticeably. Lastly, despite the common idea that the greater is the most lacking, that is due to the common trend of awakening the Heroes up to only 4. 5 and 6 costs catalyst and hexa. Players have tons of hexa because they simply did not use them.


So let's get a catalyst to awaken and skill enhance our Heroes! The grind for catalyst is harsh but there are many ways to make this easier. Guild store sells random Catalyst box, but that is pure luck.

The key is to use a different store, not the gold purchase which costs huge amounts of gold, but the stores inside event stories and the AP stores in adventure mode. For a quick answer, the efficiency of Catalyst farming is as follows:

Drop rate: Crack in the World > Side Story > Adventure

Stamina efficiency: Adventure > Crack in the World > Side Story

However, Side Stories has its own store with a limited amount of stocks. These are the most stamina efficient way of earning catalysts, so always purchase all of it.

Now the question arises. “I heard that the difficulty of Side Story quest has nothing to do with the Catalyst drop rate, then which difficulty do I do?”

The answer is Hell. Stamina efficiency is lower than Adventure already, made up of the limited stock of the store. So Hell difficulty which gives the most amount of event currency is the best. Less Stamina spent to buy what you need from the store the better, than move on to the adventure quest.


(Example 9: It is worth looking for a place that has the AP store selling the Catalyst you want, as well as the boss for you to farm the AP and get occasional drop as well.)

Note that the AP store in adventure quests have stocks as well, restocked weekly. Purchase often and ahead of the time. You need a catalyst urgently but the store is already cleared? Then you may end up going back to the side story to do easy/normal.

Small motivation is that the farming for the Catalyst slowly builds the habit to 

Lastly, the Alchemist’s Steeple allows you to recycle Catalysts you have too much for ones you actually need. Note that overall more you do this, less Catalyst you will own. But it isn’t a huge loss.

Crafting Material

Simply, do hunts, the hardest one you can. Now not everyone can do that, but you can still craft end game Equipment while doing lesser difficulty hunts. Simply use the Alchemist’s Steeple feature.

You can upgrade lower tier crafting material to the one above. The same rule of gold and equipment applies here as well, only craft what is needed and you will have crafting materials enough to spend as you wish.

(Example 10: They do not share the craft limit, so you can make Hellish Essence out of Mana Essence instantly.)


Fodders aren’t usually the problem, even if you have a very good farmer, if you occasionally run some easy maze adventure quests to pick up lots of fodders. But this is kind of wasting stamina just for the fodders. What other ways to get fodder then?

  1. Friendship Summon

  2. Purchasing 2 star Hero…?

(Example 11: Friendship Bookmarks are pretty cheap as well.)

The first option is the best answer by far, where you have the chance to get low rarity artifacts for the Artifact EXP, as well as phantasma and penguins which leads to more work saved and gold.

But if you really need those fodders and have an endless amount of gold, buying those fodders from the store could be an answer as well. A small tip is that the fodder from the Friendship Summon is already a level 5, but it is a very minimal difference in the total exp table so don’t worry about efficiency on this.

Lastly, easier method may be to only bring fodders on stuff that drops fodders. Is it really worth doing 3 men run on a hunt if you are constantly fighting to get more fodder? You likely can farm enough exp through much easier and faster stuff.


Now using the fodders to promote your Hero to 6 star is a tough decision. It usually takes players a month, hopefully down to two weeks at least with this guide.

But the rule is simple, there is nothing hard about deciding who to promote. Good knowledge to have is that the promotion gives the character base Attack, Health, Defense, and a stat from 6th awakening

First and foremost is to see if you really need that Hero, and second is what does the Hero gain from it. For example, if the Hero has Speed from 6th awakening, then this Hero likely needs the 6 star promotion to get that Speed, unless the Speed is an unfavored stat. 

Your very first 6 star should be a Farmer, preferably a Hero with a neutral element and has AoE skill with no cool down. Faster time to kill enemies and farm exp for the fodders lead to the shorter time required to the next 6 star.

From there on, usually the DPS characters are promoted first, but the important thing is to see how your party does in the combat. If someone dies often, promote them first. The extra Health and Defense will help directly. But if no one is really dying, naturally the ones who are most vulnerable are the DPS, who also benefits from more Attack stat.

After that, it is usually the healers and tanks, due to their Health ratio on skills, and having methods to take more damage in place of others through taunt or artifacts.

In comparison, usually, the Buff/Debuffers only rely on Effectiveness/Resist/Speed. This means that unless the 6th awakening provides the said stats, they really do not need a 6 star promotion and can stay in 5. This also includes characters who rely on other's stat, such as target Health heal/damage, or Regen healers.

Transmit Stone

Why is this resource important? First it is used to get Hero Silk, and after that is used to get the very precious Artifact EXP and Molagora. 


(Example 12: While it is hard at first, the faster you can do this weekly, the better you will be.)

So how do we get it? Initially, you will be getting them through a reputation reward. 

(Example 13: Merchant Union offers a quest that gives you a lot of Silver Transmit Stones.)

The method is to feed 1~2 star rarity artifact to another, and when it levels up, feed it on to another level 1 1~2 star rarity artifact. This makes a chain of an efficient way to raise the quest counter for a quick Silver Transmit Stone gains.

But there is a limit. That quest ends at 30, meaning we need a permanent source of the Transmit Stones. Well, that is easy! Just sell Heroes. The common idea is to collect 3-star rarity Heroes, combine them to make SSS Imprint (Quest requirement for Bookmark reward) and then sell that SSS imprint Hero.

If you are done with that quest entirely, just sell any Hero that you do not need. Some use them as fodder, but transmit stone is pretty worth it as well. Another method is to sell the 3-star rarity Penguins. Often obtained from the side story event store, (5 total, 170 event currency per one.) Each gives you 1 Silver Transmit Stone. Some even sell the Tera-Phantasma, for a 10 Silver Transmit Stone.

Lastly, Aither and Corvus have their ML Counterpart with a different rarity. This means you can convert Aither’s 1 Silver Transmit Stone value to a much higher one by feeding him into Guider Aither and sell that for 10 times the value. The same goes to the Corvus. Good luck on getting that ML Hero.

What about Golden Transmit Stone? Just log in daily, do events, and do gacha. It is supposed to be a mileage thing, a bonus reward.

Artifact EXP

Got an overpowered Artifact, but can’t make it to level 30? Do not worry! Earning Artifact EXP is not hard at all! Getting enough is. As seen above, the transmit store is one source of income every week. Other than that, it comes down to the guild store and Powder store.


(Example 14: We could use a guild dispatch, like hunt and war.)

Note that the EXP gained from 1 Lesser Artifact Charm and 3 3 star rarity artifact (gives 3 Powder of Knowledge when sold, to purchase that charm.) is the same. However, selling an artifact gives gold.

There is another way of getting the exp. If you do friendship summon, you would have come across 1~2 star rarity artifacts. They are usually sold, but they can add up to be a decent bit of artifact EXP.


(Example 15: 825 is not a small amount of EXP. also this is what you do for the Example 13.)

Usually, 1~2 star rarity artifacts are used when you do not need a full charm amount of EXP to hit the max level. 

Lastly, if your artifact is not at the max level due to not having the Limit Break, do not worry. The wasted EXP is carried over as soon as you Limit Break.

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