Should You Summon? Tamarinne

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The Verdict: Yes

Tamarinne has once again arrived in the Covenant Summon pool after singing her way into the hearts of Epic Seven players everywhere (and receiving a significant buff). This guide is intended to assist players with their decision to summon or save their Bookmarks.

In short, she is absolutely worth summoning. The amount of utility Tamarinne brings within a single team slot is massive, and anyone who still has PvE content to grind will benefit from adding her. 

Character Profile

Tamarinne's Character Attributes

Tamarinne is a 5★ FireSoul Weaver available in the Covenant Summon pool. She has two different forms that perform separate support functions, with strong utility in a variety of situations. Her transformation from plain and quiet to a stunning idol is both visually fun and strategically useful. The form she begins battles in provides healing support for the player’s team, with her idol form providing a dispel skill and an attack buff. The chart below provides a closer look at each skill:

Tamarinne's Skill Chart

A healer with high DPS!

Tamarinne’s skills give her an incredible amount of utility, fulfilling multiple functions within a single team slot. Before entering Idol Mode, Tamarinne provides general heal support for your team with her S1 and S2. Her transformation to Idol Mode introduces a new dimension to her skills. Activating Tamarinne’s S3 triggers the transformation, which dispells all debuffs from your team and heals Idol Tamarinne back to full health. If the player strategically times their usage of Tamarinne’s S3, they can begin a strong offensive push supported by Idol Tamarinne. This is accomplished with her S2 (which buffs the attack and Combat Readiness of your entire team), allowing your DPS Heroes to deal more damage than normal. It also recovers Health. Idol Tamarinne’s S1 is also extremely useful for indirect DPS, dispelling all buffs on the enemy team and triggering a Dual Attack from the Hero on your team with the highest attack value. In summary, Tamarinne’s transformation, followed by S2 and S1, gives you two tightly-coordinated turns of greatly increased offense, an AoE cleanse and AoE heal.

Awakening Stats
Level Steps Combat Power Attack Health Points Defense
50 5 11,530 715 3,481 525
60 6 14,561 932 4,370 652
  • Critical Chance - 15%
  • Critical Hit Damage - 150%
  • Attack Chance - 5%
  • Effectiveness - 0%
  • Effect Resistance - 0%
  • Speed - 102(+6)
Memory Imprint Benefits
  • B - 3.6% Attack
  • A - 5.4% Attack
  • S - 7.2% Attack
  • SS - 9.0% Attack
  • SSS - 10.8% Attack
Materials Required to Fully Upgrade Skills
Item Amount Required
MolaGora 26
MolaGoraGo 4
Archer's Vision 36
Mercenary's Medicine 6
Gold 544,000
Materials Required to Complete Awakening
Item Amount Required
Flame Rune 45
Greater Flame Rune 22
Epic Flame Rune 18
Cold Look 15
Mercenary's Medicine 10

Usefulness in PVP and PVE

Usefulness in PVE

Tamarinne’s utility to provide both healing and offensive support means that she is extremely useful for PVE content. Her versatility provides players with important late battle heals to boost survivability in difficult Raids and Hunts, while also providing attack and combat readiness boosts needed to deal the damage necessary to be victorious.

Usefulness in PVP

Tamarinne’s usefulness in PVP is limited unless she is paired with the right hero, specifically, Iseria. Iseria is a necessity because she allows Tamarinne to transform into Idol Mode on the first turn of battle by using her S2 on Tamarinne. Use of her S2 reduces the cooldown timer on Tamarinne’s Shining ★ Star (S3) by 8 turns. This combination allows the player to mount an extremely strong offense very quickly, which can be a deciding factor for being victorious in PVP.


When considering what gear is most advantageous to use with Tamarinne the player should focus on gear that boosts her substats in the following order:

Speed > HP% > Effectiveness% > Defense% > Effect Resistance%

Boosting her substats with these priorities focuses on the following:

  • Faster cycling of cooldown for her S3 Shining ★ Star.

  • Increasing the frequency and potency of her healing.

  • Increasing the effectiveness of her dispel effect when triggered in Idol Mode.

  • Increasing her resistance to effects to ensure she is not afflicted by any effects that would prevent her from initiating her S3 when it becomes available. 

The following Artifacts are recommended for Tamarinne: 

Rod of Amaryllis: This is an Epic Artifact Grade that works well with high-speed Soul Weavers who predominantly use non-attack skills; it significantly increases the frequency of Tamarinne’s healing in both forms as all but her S1 procs this Artifact’s ability.

Magahara’s Tome/Idol’s Cheer: These Artifacts can be useful in PVP to boost Tamarinne’s combat readiness to allow for more aggressive offensive pushes.

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