Skill Enhancement System Improvements

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The skill enhancement system has received an overhaul! The newly implemented changes will impact how Heirs upgrade the skills of their Heroes based on whether they are in the 2-3★ category or the 4-5★ category.

Changes for 2-3★ Hero Skill Enhancements

Previously, Heirs utilized MolaGora to enhance skills for 2-3★ Heroes, but going forward they will now use Stigma instead. Please refer to the chart below for an outline of the Stigma required to fully enhance a skill versus the MolaGora investment previously required.

Hero Grade Before System Update After System Update
2 MolaGora x18 Stigma x5400
3 MolaGora x27 Stigma x8100

If an Heir has made investments into their 2-3★ Heroes (prior to October 3, 2019) they can recall that Hero and receive a full refund on their invested materials. Please refer to our “MolaGora Refund Issued” news article for detailed instructions on how to obtain the refund. Heirs will have a window from October 3, 2019 to January 2, 2020 (before maintenance begins) to complete the “Reset Skill” function upon Heroes they wish to recall.

Changes for 4-5★ Hero Skill Enhancements

Heirs will now see that MolaGora requirements to enhance skills for 4-5★ Heroes have been decreased by 18-21%. Heirs should note that the amount of MolaGora that are needed to enhance low to mid level skills has decreased dramatically. Please refer to the chart below to compare the old versus new MolaGora investment requirements to fully enhance a skill.

Hero Grade Before System Update After System Update
4 MolaGora x33 MolaGora x27
MolaGora x42 MolaGora x33

Heirs will be refunded any MolaGora, MolaGoraGo, and Gold previously spent that was above and beyond the new material requirements. Please refer to our “MolaGora Refund Issued” news article for how this refund is obtained. 

Changes to the Exchange Systems for MolaGoraGo

Heirs will receive refunds of MolaGora for MolaGoraGo spent in a ratio of 1 MolaGoraGo: 25 MolaGora due to the decrease of MolaGora investment requirements for the updated skill enhancement system. With the previous elimination of MolaGoraGora, the exchange option in the Shop allowing for MolaGora to be exchanged for MolaGoraGora will be removed from the game. Heirs will now also be able to easily exchange MolaGora and MolaGoraGo to meet their needs with the Skill Enhance screen available for selection by navigating from the Hero button in the main menu. Heirs can select the “MolaGora Exchange” button in the Skill Enhance screen to exchange MolaGoraGo for MolaGora at a ratio of 1:4. The Shop option for exchanging MolaGora for MolaGoraGo is being eliminated.

MolaGora Exchange Screen in Skill Enhance Area
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