Specialty Change: Commander Lorina

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Lorina is a 3★ Dark-element hero with the zodiac sign Leo, whose primary role is being a Warrior. By completing her Specialty Change quest chain, she is able to transform into Commander Lorina.

After Specialty Change
  • High single-target DPS

  • Reliable hero for early-, mid-, and late-game

  • High Morale hero for Raids/ Labyrinth

Hero Skillset
Icon Skill Name Skill Effect
Sharp Blow Knocks the enemy into the air with a spear, increasing caster's Combat Readiness by 20%.
Spiritual Armament Increases Attack 10% each time the caster attacks an enemy. Effect can only stack up to 5 times.
Resolve Jumps into the air and strikes down at the enemy, dealing damage proportional to the amount of the enemy's lost Health.


  • Complete 50 Urgent Missions

  • Gift 6 Sharp Spearhead Catalysts

  • Eliminate 10,000 monsters in Adventure

  • Trial Battle

This is is the only Specialty Change quest you can’t really force your way to complete. It is recommended that you complete other Specialty Changes while this is active (as you can have up to two Specialty Change quests running at once). Urgent Missions spawn randomly, and the huge number of enemy kills needed can be farmed literally anywhere. If you're doing other tasks at the same time, it makes these two conditions easier to meet.

When it comes to the 6 Sharp Spearheads, you can create them in the Alchemist's Steeple in the Sanctuary (requires at least 0-3-0 Breath of Orbis investment). Otherwise, you can farm them from Ritania (Chapter 1 of Adventure mode) or Cidonia (Chapter 2). The best places to farm Sharp Spearheads are:

  • Ritania: Zone 4-2 (Solayu Forest), Stage 4-9 (Imagination's Shade)
  • Cidonia: Zone 3 (Mining City Aakhen), Stage 3-8 (Aakhen Forge)

In both cases, Sharp Spearheads are not only dropped by enemies in the named stages, but they are also for sale in the regional AP Exchanges.

GamePress Recommendations
Advice on Trial Battle

Lorina's Trial Battle is her big moment to shine: Lorina solo against a giant Lord's Wyvern and its attendant Light and Dark Crystals.

The way this battle works is that the Crystals do nothing, but will assist Lorina when they die. The Light Crystal gives Lorina a 5-turn Atk and Def buff, and the Dark Crystal will heal her to full. Both Crystals die in one hit from Lorina's S1, so you can trigger them at any time. The trick is triggering them at the right time.

  1. Start the encounter by S1-ing the Light Crystal for its buff.
  2. Proceed to attack the Wyvern. Use S3 whenever it is ready and otherwise use S1.
  3. Your buffs should expire one turn before the Wyvern uses its special move. Attack; you should have just enough Health to survive.
  4. S1 the Dark Crystal to return to full health.
  5. Go back to attacking the Wyvern with S3s and S1s until it falls.

Congratulations! Lorina can now Specialty Change into Commander Lorina!

Commander Lorina
Icon Skill Name Skill Effect
Spiral Breakthrough Pierces the enemy with a spear, decreasing Combat Readiness by 15%. Damage dealt increases proportional to the amount of the enemy's lost Health.
Overall Change

Commander Lorina is a hyper-carry unit. Her Specialty Change only gives her one thing, and that is "way too much damage." You should never be lacking in damage output if you fully invest in Commander Lorina.

Skill Enhancement

Specialty Changed heroes can become even stronger through their Skill Tree. Commander Lorina has 10 skills in her Skill Tree, and each can be enhanced up to 3 times. The Rune Enhancement cost for these improvements can be found at our main Specialty Change page.

Rune Names Effect 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Unity Rune Increase Dual Attack chance 0.5% 0.5% 1% 2%
Guard Rune Spiritual Armament (S2) increases Defense 0.2% 0.3% 0.5% 1%
Hail Rune Increase Critical Damage 0.5% 0.5% 1% 2%
Courage Rune Increase Attack 0.5% 0.5% 1% 2%
Hardship Rune Spiral Breakthrough (S3) decreases Combat Readiness by an additional x% 1% 1.5% 2.5% 5%
Thorn Rune Spiral Breakthrough (S3) has a chance of resetting its cooldown if it lands a killing blow 5% 5% 10% 20%
Glory Rune Increase the Combat Readiness reduction of Spiral Breakthrough (S3) 3% 5% 7% 15%
Speed Rune Sharp Blow (S1) increases Combat Readiness 1% 1.5% 2.5% 5%
Sun Rune Sharp Blow (S1) increases damage dealt 0.5% 0.5% 1% 2%
Obscurity Rune Sharp Blow (S1) has a chance of gaining additional 20% Combat Readiness 3% 5% 7% 15%
Enhancement Conclusion

- Dual Attack chance increases by 2%

- Critical Damage increases by 2%

- Attack increases by 2%

- Sharp Blow (S1) gains +2% damage dealt, increases Commander Lorina's Combat Readiness by 5%, and has a 15% chance to give Commander Lorina 20% Combat Readiness

- Spiritual Armament (S2) increases Defense by 1% as well as Attack

- Spiral Breakthrough (S3) decreases an additional 25% Combat Readiness and has a 20% chance of resetting its cooldown when dealing a killing blow

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