Monthly Roadmap: September 2022 (Singularity+ Ranking)

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So, MICA really delivered our Ranking Rerun! Let's hope they'll keep making the reruns.

Moverover, with T8 this month we'll be up to date with CN. One wonders what they'll bring to us now that they can't shove new Theaters every 3 months.

Hornet's Nest+

Hornet's Nest+ is the Rerun of Singularity's Ranking. Being a Night Ranking, it also means that AS VAL, who previously had a low Priority on Mod Guide, gets bumped up as she has an excellent performance in Night Rankings.

We've yet to have confirmation on how the Scoring will work (traditionally, Ranking Reruns in CN used to follow the Score System of the last available Ranking), which would mean that the Ranking Fairy and SPEQ of Singularity would be acquirable through farming points.

MICA confirmed that Theater 8 will arrive first and, assuming they won't run together, this means that Singu+ will arrive on the 26th, with a 2 weeks duration

Also no AW+ Ranking this year, most likely

We'll update the Roadmap when new information on Singu+ is released.


Hornet's Nest arrive on September 27th, and fortunately for us, brought MS' Cumulative Scoring system! That means acquiring the Ranking Fairy and Ranking SPEQ can be done through farming points (check video linked below!

For those who wish to have in-depth information on strategies, feel free to check Varz' and Assassin Eclipse's notes for Singu+:

Ringleader Rerun

This month we'll have Intruder Rerun. For more details on her, check out her page, as well as her analysis

New Gacha Banner

With Space Gacha being released on August 30th, it technically belongs to August Content (remember when MICA did the same with Black Nyto?). 

On Q&A MICA stated that this month's Gacha Banner will be a new Gacha Banner (most likely being one that will also be released soon in CN). For the older folks, it seems it'll be just like Medieval 2 Gacha Banner release.

We'll update the Roadmap with new information and teasers as they're released on CN and EN Twitters.


The mysterious Gacha Banner has been revealved: a Sports themed Gacha

The T-Dolls in it are:

  • CAWS: table tennis player
  • C14: tennis player
  • SAF: cyclist
  • Nova: cheerleader
  • PA-15: Artistic gymnastics
  • SR-2: baseball player

Back to School Login Event

Per usual, MICA is doing a Login Event that'll reward a Login SPEQ. This time it's Ak 5's SPEQ, which grants her a 60% chance to bypass Armor if her Damage stat is higher than the enemy's Armor stat.

No, she still is subpar against Armored units. If needing to fight Armored units, bring units that can equip SNIP or AP/SLAP rounds.

Theater 8


Theater is back, bringing pack PP-93 HOC as its rewards, and with it many questions

  • Will EM-2 and Ribey be replaced now that we have the original advantage T-Dolls?
  • CN saw use of FP enemies in Theater, but we just got MS. Will the waves be adapted like they were in T7 (where there were MS enemies)?

Those questions were not answered on Q&A, so we'll have to wait for Theater's release. 

Q&A stated Theater is coming first. Assuming Theater and Singu+ won't run together, we can expect a September 6th release.

For more information on Theater, check out our pages, as well as our guides on PP-93 and HOCs

Login SPEQ

inori speq


Yes Adam, Inori SPEQ

This month we're getting M82A1's SPEQ as the Login SPEQ. It's essentially a VFL with a Damage buff of 10 and a buff to her skill.

The buff to her skill being that she can crit when shooting her Special Bullets against non-elite enemies.

While this sounds great, she sadly is still no match for Grape. She's just... less bad as a bamboo.

Tinfoil Hat Section

Now, our Q&A rundown from awaugery dinergate:

Singu+ 2 weeks
Detective banner never
Theater before Singu
PR still technically possible this year, and Mica pretends to know how far progress is
General rateup when? Yes, together with free Coalition banners (so October then? thanks Mica)
What is 'new gacha' next month? Entirely new
3.0 on en? 2022 Q4

So, Q&A this time was sorta 50/50: gave us some insights, but also left us with many questions (will AW+ ever see the light of the day? How did MICA manage to lose everyone that coded AW+??)

For some reason, MICA seems to hate Detective Gacha (why release a new CN banner with EN when you could just release Detective Gacha? It's Racing all over again)

We are also getting a General Rate-up in October, along with SF Gacha freebies (since EN Anniversary is in October now)

Apparently 3.0 (we'll release an article detailing the changes on CN soon:tm:) has a Q4 ETA. Let's wait and see if that'll be true (at least the performance improvements seem to have turned out true)

PR maybe, probably, who knows, pray for your God, in this year.

Twitter Q&A was useless as usual, with the only thing noteworthy is also being a "big chances of PR (next Story Event) this year"

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