Water Monsters Crisis - Extra Quests

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Article by NorseFTX Ceui
Water Monsters Crisis - Extra Quests
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  • Extra Quests are the method of getting additional copies of the Welfare, Taisui Xingjun!
  • These quests unlock after completing the Epilogue for the Main Quest line.
  • Instead of costing AP, these also cost additional Construction materials.
Quest Healthy Kon Laughing Kon Cheerful Kon
Extra Quest: Friends Combination Healthy Kon x300 Laughing Kon x300
Extra Quest: Succeeding the Oyabun? Laughing Kon x300 Cheerful Kon x300
Extra Quest: Fairy Tale Forest Healthy Kon x300 Cheerful Kon x300
Extra Quest: Let's Learn Cooking! Healthy Kon x200 Laughing Kon x200 Cheerful Kon x200

Extra Quests

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