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Period: 2022-12-01 ~ 2022-12-11
Intelligence Cert Store Additions

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Break The Ice Rerun


Event Stage Period: December 1 - December 11

Event Description: In rerun event, players can obtain event reward by clearing event stages, complete event missions and redeem at event shop.

Unlock Condition: Clear 1-10

Event Rewards

Event Rewards

Event Missions

Event Description: In the event period, players can obtain event rewards by completing missions.

    Event Store

    Event Period: December 1 - December 15

    Event Description: In event period, players can redeem event rewards with event currency

    Rerun Description:

    • Some etched medals conditions in this event will receive some adjustment. Some players who joined the event before and satisfy the adjusted condition will obtain the corresponding etched medals immediately.
    • The etched medals in this event CANNOT be obtained in [Sidestory] or any other methods after the end of retrospection.
    • This rerun will inherit stage and first drop progress from the previous event
    • Some event rewards that can't obtain twice will be converted instead into [Intelligence Certs]. The corresponding ratio will be listed in the [Intelligence Certs Converting Rules] during the event.
    • The converted [Intelligence Certs] can be used in [Intelligence Certs Area] in Certs Shop, and more new items will be added into the shop.
    • Event Operators can gain extra trust in event stages.

    Banner Rerun

    Banner Rerun

    New Skin

    New Skin

    Event Period: December 1 - December 15

    Event description: The following skins will be available for sale for a limited time

    • Ingenious Servant - Kjera

      • 18 OP

    Furniture Theme Rerun

    Furniture Theme Rerun

    Event period: December 1 - December 15

    Obtain Method:

    • Event stage, shop, and mission rewards Furniture shop

    Total Ambience: 5000

    Cost: 1,380 Furniture Parts or 7 Originite Prime

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