Should You Summon: Dragonyule Defenders Three: Poems for Thee

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Should You Summon: Dragonyule Defenders 2

*aggressive snapping*

These opinions from Gamepress are ours you see
Don't mistake them for Nintendo's or a fairy's so wee
We don't work for Cygames you probably can tell
But we do like their games; we wish them well

Everyone in the Halidom liked Dragonyule a Lot
But mean old Volk, who lived down in Agito, did not

Volk hated Dragonyule! The whole silly season!
Don't ask me why, no one quite knows the reason.

It could be perhaps, that his fur was too itchy
Perhaps taking his loot made him kinda...twitchy

But the most likely of reasons to me it seems
Was that he hated all those silly bad memes

And so old Volk sat there, he plotted, he planned
He would find a way to get Dragonyule canned

For those whose spirts are more like the Grinch

And when you read rhymes you suddenly flinch

This link will lead you to a SYS of the traditional kind

It's OK if you like that way better, we don't mind

But for those who think that rhyming is fun

Just keep on reading, we're not nearly done!

Think my rhyming is bad? Just you wait, it gets worse! I've got couplets planned that will make you all curse.

But just as Volk sprang into motion
What was that sound, someone made a commotion!
With the sound of a bell Saint Cleo appeared
Her spiral has come, and evil is feared

"You can't stop me," Volk said with a bark

"I'm Wind, and your water its true

I'll snap you in half just like a shark

And make you this holiday rue."

Cleo just smiled and shook her head once

"It's not element that picks who wins in a fight

It's what's inside them that counts, you dunce 

So I'm here to save us all this Dragonyule night

But though Cleo's spirit swelled with Dragonyule cheer

Her Spiral was lame, and wasn't enough

Her stocking was empty of wyrmite this year

Cleo alone couldn't banish Volk in a puff

So if a Dragonyule miracle you want to see

it's not Cleo you want, trust me. 

The verdict is sadly no

Cleo isn't the real hero

Volk pushed poor Cleo aside
But don't just yet run and hide
There's more heroes here
It's Malora next, but don't leer

Malora came next with her axe now in hand.

"You've been bad Volk, I heard it throughout the land."

That old werewolf laughed, and bared his yellow teeth.

"Bad I may be, but put that axe in its sheeth."

"You're no match for me silly girl, get out of my way!

You didn't even get a Spiral, you're old news today."

Malora puffed out her chest and gave that wolf a grin.

"I've got something else to pull out a win!" 

"I've got fanboys galore, they love my new look!

They don't want my axe, it's their heart that I took."

Volk reeled back, and looked again at the Saints.

"They're waifus! They're beyond all restraints!" 

And he was right, my verdict is this:

Malora's power is a swing and a miss

If you summon for her, don't do it for power

Do it because she's your girl of the hour.

"Oh ho!" said a new voice, rumbling with mirth.
"Waifu's are one thing, but there's another of worth."

Xander appeared, with a bright shinning grin.
"Husbandos are what will pull out a win."

"I'm a husbando too, you annoying old fool!" Volk cried,

But if he is right, it's from the furries he should hide. 

"It's cute that you think that," Xander said.

"But you're far to scruffy, and I've heard you shed."

Volk's eyes flashed, and he spoke with a growl

"Perhaps I do, but I know what makes you howl."

"Cygames forgot you! There's no spiral for this king."

Xander reeled back for Volk's words really did sting. 

"I don't need a spiral! I'm perfact as is!" Xander sniffed. 

But actually Xander's efforts typically have whiffed. 

He was never that good, people used Lily instead

But all that candy has probably gone to Xander's head

Don't summon for him, he's not the one that you want

There's another husbando this year for you to flaunt

Just then a sleigh appeared in a spray of snow
And from within came a deep "Ho ho ho!"
Xainfried had arrived dressed in Dragonyule garb
He took up his wand and prepared to unleash his barb

"A reindeer? That's what you think will stop me?
You've got to be kidding, wolves eat deer you see."

"I'm more than deer, despite my two horns

To bring presents and joy is what I have sworn."

Xainfriend said, "My spiral has come, it's finally here!

Your doom is at hand Volk, so quiver with fear!"

Volk rolled his eyes and hit poor Xaindeer square in the nose.

"You've thought you got a spiral, but what you got was a hose."

"Has your DPS changed? I can't hardly tell. 

Your numbers are weak, you really do smell."

Before that naughty old Volk could Xaindeer smite.

Two dragons popped out of the sleigh and set him alight.

You've probably heard wet dog smells, it is true.

But burned wolf is an odor that will make you spew.

But pulling for Xaindeer is something that most will in fact

Tell you to pass on, for in power his spiral does sadly lack.

That's the end of our tale, or at least nearly so

But Nefaria is here to help your stash to grow

And what was Neferia doing while the others fought Volk?

She was back in the Halidom, giving gifts to the folk.

To Neferia was given a new mana spiral

And Nadine was helping her bestie go viral

While Neferia took stockings and placed trinkets inside

Her gal pal was taking pics to celebrate Yuletide

"With these pictures you'll be the pick of the season!

You'l look good in them Nef, to say no is treason!"

"I do sort of think, I should be stopping Volk from being a hassle."

Nefaria said as she looked out a window to the south of the castle.

"Don't worry about it! That wolf is old news. 

Now take a look at these pictures I have to peruse."

But while Nef looked her heart started to sink

For she knew in her heart her spiral did stink

Actually none of the heroes we've had in this tale

Have spirals that would make your wyrmite wail. 

Cygames seems to be taking this Dragonyule off

Which means at this banner you should probably scoff. 

"But what of the dragons?" You probably say. Well don't worry about that, for they are on the way.

These two dragon lasses are the same from last year
But with power creep now, they should probably fear
That they are out moded by three sizes today
For Big Chungus is the one you would probably pay
To play with your Adventurers when you beat up some quests
Poor Dragons, they have no spirals with which they progresseds

Final Verdict

The rates, oh the rates!


These rates are the same

Expect 4%, and not one bit more

Which is really a shame

It's limited so that's what's in store


So Malora and Cleo share a 1% split

So if you pull on this banner

You don't know which you'll hit

Their rates share the same manner


Then there's all the Four Star

Xander, Neferia, Xainfried, oh my!

Their 1.75% is rather on par

If you want them give this a try


The dragons again 1.6% they share

But since they're both a different kind

It's best that the buyer beware

You can get either, keep that in mind

Final Verdict: Not this Season


This Dragonyule banner I have to say

Was one I greeted with a sign of dismay

Those spirals I hoped to see something new

Instead I will just stay inside and stew


Where's the punch? The pow? The Pizzazz! 

These Adventures got an upgrade they say

But to say it is good I'd think you a spaz

None of them are ones I'd take into the fray


So save up that wyrmite, there's more to come

New Years shall be here with spirals before long

And for that your wyrmite may need quite a sum

Those who say to save for that day are not wrong


But what about Volk I can hear you all ask

Don't worry, he's been taken to task

He promises that next year it's rupees hell bring

I hope he's not long, he'll be back in the spring.

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