Should You Summon: November 2021 Gala Remix Ft. Humanoid Jupiter, Uriel and Gala Prince

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Disclaimer: The opinions below are written by GamePress and do not actually reflect Nintendo or Cygames.... maybe. If they somehow do, it's merely coincidental!

Welcome to another edition of Should You Summon, a secondary opinion piece to help you decide whether to summon for the latest characters or not. The middle of the month signifies the arrival of a new Gala Remix banner, in which new adventurers and dragons relating to the current onslaught event are introduced alongside a returning Gala unit on rate up. This time, a Humanoid version of Jupiter is on offer from the A Dazzling Defence onslaught event, and joining him is Uriel, one of the two remaining Archangel dragons yet to be summonable in the game. Gala Prince meanwhile returns on focus rate as the Gala unit of the banner.

Capricious Luminary

The fourth Greatwyrm to receive a humanoid adventurer variant, the Lightwyrm Jupiter equips a blade to judge his enemies might with his thunderous powers. Like all the previous humanoid variants of the Greatwyrms, there is a good chance that Jupiter will have the capabilities of attaining his dragon form in a relatively short timeframe, allowing for a heavy reliance of his damage occurring while shapeshifted. However, one of the greatest challenges he faces when entering this meta is from Gala Luca, whose personal damage capabilities easily eclipses the rest of the light element. As such, he’ll need to carve his own niche out to give him any chance of being a solid light blade adventurer pick.

Adventurer Overview

To start off with this analysis, Humanoid Jupiter comes with two passive abilities that make the bread and butter of his kit. His first passive ability, Lightwyrm’s Nature, will provide him with 100% resistance to the paralysis affliction. It will also make it so that, no matter which dragon he has equipped, he’ll shapeshift into the dragon Jupiter the first time, and the dragon High Jupiter the second time onwards. Both of his shapeshift forms have a similar standard attack pattern but deal a higher amount of damage per standard attack to the base in-game versions. No matter which variant of Jupiter he has shapeshifted into, he’ll come equipped with the skill Lightning Rod, which will deal 1 hit of 1700% damage while in base Jupiter form, or 1 hit of 1870% damage while in High Jupiter form. The High Jupiter version of this skill will also inflict paralysis on the enemy as well.

Furthermore, the Lightwyrm’s Nature passive ability will apply a stack of ‘Overcharged’ to the attacking enemy whenever he dodges an enemy’s attack and grant themselves a strength amp (maximum team amp level of 1, 10 second cooldown). The ‘Overcharged’ effect has four levels and deals damage to the affected target and nearby enemies when the effect is lost as follows:

  • Level 1: Deals 1 hit of 800% damage when lost, lasts 60 seconds.
  • Level 2: Deals 1 hit of 1,000% damage when lost, lasts 45 seconds.
  • Level 3: Deals 1 hit of 1,200% damage when lost, lasts 30 seconds.
  • Level 4: Deals 1 hit of 1,500% damage, inflicts paralysis and stun when lost, lasts 15 seconds.

The range of these attacks when ‘Overcharged’ is lost will also depend on the level of the buff. At the lowest level, the lost of the ‘Overcharged’ buff will have a relatively small area of effect, but at level 4 it will cover the full area of the battlefield. The area of this damage is important as it relates to his second passive ability Arc Absorption, in which Humanoid Jupiter’s dragon gauge will be filled by 20%, and his HP restored with 80% recovery potency if he is in range of the attack dealt by the ‘Overcharged’ effect when lost. This ability is his main source of generating his dragon gauge for shapeshifting into his unique dragon form, and the rate in which it can be activated can be helped by his second skill Spark Ignition. At a high SP cost of 10,560, this skill will apply one stack of the ‘Overcharged’ effect to the enemy. However, if Humanoid Jupiter uses this skill to avoid an attack with the damage immunity provided by it before it applies the ‘Overcharged’ effect, it will instead apply four levels of Overcharged to the target and nearby enemies immediately.

To help him reduce the time he needs to wait for the ‘Overcharged’ level 4 effect to be lost, his first skill Thunder Strike can remove it at only this maximum level. This skill, at an SP cost of 2,640, will deal 1 hit of 1,200% damage to enemies directly ahead, inflict flashburn, grant the user a strength amp (maximum team strength amp level of 1), and deal an additional hit of 300% damage for every level of Overcharged the enemy has, maxing out at 4 additional hits of 300% damage at level 4. To round out his adventurer kit, he comes with the unique chain co-ability Team Strength Amp = Curse Res, in which the user is granted 100% resistance to the Curse affliction if they currently have a team strength amp.

Performance Summary

Overall, Humanoid Jupiter presents an interesting hybrid damage and support setup thanks to his respectable amp output, and damage capabilities whilst in dragon form. Ultimately though, his ability to do both well will come down to whether the enemy grants him the opportunity to dodge avoidable attacks or not. In both the Lilith’s Encroaching Shadow and Tartarus’s Wrath endgame fights, the two bosses are more interested in attack adventurers with attacks that cannot be dodged with the immunity frames of a skill or dodge roll, and only provide limited windows of opportunity for Humanoid Jupiter to activate these unique abilities. As such, if he is unable to apply stacks of Overcharge in a timely manner, or activate his abilities to grant himself amps, there is very little reason to use him over other pure damage or support options. At they very least though, his ability to get his dragon form as soon as possible is helped by the fact that one of the weapon abilities of the light Agito weapons will grant the user dragon gauge when they connect an attacking skill to the enemy. This, in combination with a skill share which provides dragon gauge on connection, should allow Humanoid Jupiter to circumvent some of the disadvantages of trying to activate his Arc Absorption ability.

The beauty of the Overcharged buff though is that, with multiple other Humanoid Jupiter adventurers on the field, you would be able to build up levels of it in a quicker timeframe, leading to greater shapeshift capabilities during a fight. However, you would only have access to a team strength amp level 1 capability without another unit who has a maximum team strength amp level that is higher than Humanoid Jupiter, so doing so may not always be optimal. Either way, the amount of effort you must put into Humanoid Jupiter to get him to work well over other damage options in the game just seems to simply not be worthwhile, especially when having no access to the shapeshift form of Gala Chronos Nyx is such a huge deficit now. As such, there are only a few scenarios in which Humanoid Jupiter could provide an edge over his competition.

Summoning Recommendations

The first is his ability to apply the flashburn affliction in a relatively timely fashion thanks to the low SP cost of his first skill, so I could recommend summoning him if you need this type of capability within the Master Iblis Rise of the Sinister Dominion fight to meet his mechanics. If you also don’t have a great strength amp unit within the light element, I could also recommend summoning him if you prefer an amp unit with good damage capabilities if you are in possession of an adventurer with a team strength amp level 3. The final reason as to why you may want to summon for Humanoid Jupiter is the potential of him being excellent in the Legend Lilith’s Encroaching Shadow fight. As we have seen in the Master version of this fight, Gala Chronos Nyx does not play as prevalent as a role there as many players prefer to save the limited dragon gauge, they receive for the second half of the fight. Being able to shapeshift into dragons such as Gala Reborn Poseidon or Summer Marishiten to deal damage quickly, as well as generate team strength amps in the latter’s case, can prove beneficial to reducing the clear time for the water side to defeat her. In this scenario, if Humanoid Jupiter is granted the ability to attain dragon quicker, he may present an advantage of being able to shapeshift during the light side of the fight, while still having some dragon gauge leftover for the beginning of the water side. This could potentially make him one of the better units for the fight in his hybrid damage and support niche.

However, while I do say this, Legend Lilith isn’t available at the time of this writing, so its hard to tell if the developers have designed Humanoid Jupiter in a way to take advantage of the mechanics presented in this fight. The only available information that his kit could provide is that the fight may have a significant damage check, in which case his amping capabilities will be greatly appreciated in the light element. As such, my best recommendation would be to wait for the consensus of meta units of the Legend Lilith fight before making any informative decision as to whether you should summon him on the final day of the banner.

Recommended Co-abilities

For co-abilities, his best setup, considering on-element restrictions, would be a combination of a standard wand adventurer equipped with the 15% skill damage co-ability, the adventurer Peony, who boosts the light damage modifier by 20%, and the adventurer Halloween Laxi, who provides a 1% critical rate passive buff per 10-hit combo, up to a maximum of 20%. In fights where you may not be able to preserve Halloween Laxi’s critical rate passive, it may be better to instead go with a 10% critical rate boost found on dagger adventurers. Adventurers with the combo time chain co-ability, such as Mitsuhide or Fritz, are preferred as the dagger unit of choice, as they will increase the timeframe that a combo can be left before resetting, allowing you to maintain flurry effect more easily. Unfortunately, the light element does not have great dragon haste co-ability or chain co-ability options at the time of writing, or a dragon claws chain co-ability for battles without the Curse of Nihility debuff. As such, Humanoid Jupiter’s ability to shapeshift and the bonuses he receives by doing so will most likely increase in the future if the light element received a Yurius or Summer Prince equivalent unit. These two adventurers both provide the dragon-haste chain co-ability on top of the standard skill damage and critical rate co-abilities respectively.

Recommended Wyrmprints

As Humanoid Jupiter’s damage mostly comes from his dragon form, the following setup will try to make the most out of the damage he dishes out whilst shapeshifted, while ensuring he receives punisher effects from typical light afflictions, such as paralysis and flashburn:

  • Emissaries of the Heavens (+20% Flurry Strength)
  • Extreme Teamwork (+25% Flashburn Punisher)
  • Spirit of the Season (+20% Paralysis Punisher)
  • Dueling Dancers (+10% Flurry Devastation)
  • Entwined Flames (+14% Dragon Damage)
  • Your choice of two +20% Skill Damage Dominion wyrmprints
Recommended Dragon

For dragon, as Humanoid Jupiter does not benefit from the strength of a shapeshift form, the best dragon for him will be the one that grants the great damage passive ability. As such, for most content where buffs that increase strength are in abundance, Gala Reborn Jeanne provides a slight passive ability advantage to Gala Chronos Nyx. However, in content with few buffs which provide a strength bonus, and fights which last no longer than 3 minutes, the best dragon may be the recently fifth unbounded Cupid. This dragon provides a base 65% strength passive ability, and a further 35% on-field strength buff (immune to Curse of Nihility) for the first 3 minutes of a fight. Players without these dragons can farm for the solid free to play option High Jupiter from his associated High Dragon Trial fight.

Angel of Judgement

The first permanent flame dragon addition to be release in the game since Horus back in the middle of September 2020, Uriel enters the game as quite possibly one of the better permanent options available to use. While new permanent dragons will never get to the heights that Galas and, in some respects, the recent fifth unbinds have been providing to adventurers, Uriel does provide some noteworthy benefits that shouldn’t be ignored.

To start with, Uriel has one of the stronger dragon forms in the game, boasting impressive standard attack modifiers and his dragon skill Angelic Blaze, which will deal 5 hits of 450% flame damage to the target and nearby enemies, as well as inflicting scorchrend. When it comes to his passive abilities, he provides a base 60% strength increase to flame-attuned adventurers. His second passive ability Uriel’s Favor meanwhile will grant the adventurer a stack or ‘Uriel’s Zeal’ whenever they dodge an attack. This ability has three progressively powerful levels as follows:

  • Level 1: For 60 seconds, increases the user’s strength by 10% and the chances of inflicting scorchrend by 20%
  • Level 2: For 40 seconds, increases the user’s strength by 20% and the chances of inflicting scorchrend by 40%
  • Level 3: For 20 seconds, increases the user’s strength by 30% and the chances of inflicting scorchrend by 80%.

This allows Uriel to grant adventurers respectable benefits to their damage output and utility wise if they inflict scorchrend. While I do not recommend summoning for him due to Galas dominating the dragon department, you shouldn’t be too upset if you ever do receive one in the future.

The Prince's Return

Gala Prince continues to be one of the premier light damage options when it comes to dealing with shadow-attuned endgame bosses. His respectable support options combined with his excellent damage capabilities make him one of the ultimate hybrids in Dragalia Lost.

His first skill Rising Circlet will deal a hit of 1,700% damage to surrounding enemies, and create a buff zone for 10 seconds, granting adventurers a strength increases of 20%. His second skill Exalted Glory, whose skill gauge automatically fills over time, will deal 3 hits of 134% damage and 10 hits of 400% damage, inflicting paralysis, providing a 15% strength buff and 20% defence buff for 15 seconds, a one-use shield that nullifies damage less than 30% of the user’s current HP, and grants the user a strength amp (maximum team strength amp level of 3). Where most of his damage comes from is whilst he is shapeshifted, as his co-ability Shapeshifting Boost provides a 10% damage boost whilst shapeshifted and extends the shapeshift time by 20%. Furthermore, his Dragonlight’s Resolve passible ability will increase the attack rate of his dragon form by 10% and reduce the dragon gauge depletion over time by 40%. To help him get access to his shapeshift form sooner, his second passive ability Draconic Charge will fill 50% of the user’s dragon gauge whenever their HP drops to 40% (once per quest). And to help him recover from this incoming damage, his chain co-ability Shapeshift = HP Regen will heal the user for 7% of their maximum HP every 3.9 seconds while shapeshifted, up to 20 seconds. Combining all of this together, I would highly recommend summoning for Gala Prince if you currently do not possess an excellent damage pick in the light element.


On Summoning Rates and Wyrmsigils

  • Gala banners feature a boosted 6% rate to summon any 5-star adventurer or dragon available in this banner’s pool.
  • Both Humanoid Jupiter and Uriel will be added to the permanent summoning pool after this banner, while Gala Prince will continue to be a limited offering on banners.
  • Both Humanoid Jupiter and Gala Prince have a 0.5% summoning rate respectively, while Uriel has a 0.8% summoning rate to attain.
  • Besides the three focus units, the dragon Raphael is the only other sparkable unit on the banner.

Final Verdict: Skip unless you need Gala Prince

While Humanoid Jupiter is a solid hybrid damage and support unit, the amount of effort you need to reap his playstyles reward can be more simply attained by other units who are more damage or support oriented. Uriel, while being a respectable permanent dragon choice, does not compete with the capabilities that Gala dragons have been able to provide for the game. The only outstanding option is Gala Prince, who continues to be a solid staple in light endgame content if you are entering it.

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