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Prize Summon Showcase: Features Regina

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Welcome to another edition of Should You Summon, a secondary opinion piece to assist you with your decision to summon for the latest characters or not. A prize summon showcase has once again appeared following the recent gala banner of the month and brings along only one new adventurer to the table. Of course, if said adventurer turns out to be good, there will be plenty of reasons to still pick them up if you so decide to.

For those new or returning players wondering what these types of showcases are about, these banners present an additional prize on top of each adventurer or dragon you summon. The prize you receive is split up into different tiers, with the more valuable items being rarer to receive, such as sunlight stones. If you wish for more information about the full prize list, you can click on the appearance rates button on the summoning screen to find out what items are on offer and what their chances are of receiving it. However, you should always treat these items as the icing on top of what you receive, and they should never be treated as the sole reason to spend your summoning currency.

Commander of Five Winga

The commander of the apostles of the Illian Church of Grams, Regina, enters the game as the fifth adventurer to have a covenant ability, and the fourth to be a 5-star water blade user. Just looking at the permanent roster alone, Regina will probably be a welcome sight to many who have only had Valerio as the only summonable option for this weapon-element type. Even outside of just permanent units though, it took until Gala Mascula back at the end of May this year for blade users to finally have a respectable option to use in water endgame content. Hopefully then, Regina can bring the goods to provide a competitor to Gala Mascula.

Adventurer Overview

Looking at Regina’s adventurer kit, her skill and abilities can be split into two deparments: one regarding afflictions, and another regarding her sigil mechanic. For her affliction specific, Regina comes with the passive ability Afflicted Punisher, which increases her damage to enemies inflicted with any affliction by 25% at base. However, if the enemy has two or more afflictions applied to them, this punisher’s effect will be increased by 5%, up to a maximum of 15% when the enemy is afflicted with 4 types of afflictions. To enable the additional boons of this passive, Regina has a unique second skills, Imperial Castling. At an SP cost of 5280, this skill will deal 7 hits of 300% damage to surrounding enemies, inflict frostbite for 21 seconds, and then inflict two of the following randomly:

  • Stormlash, Flashburn, Shadowblight or Scorchrend for 21 seconds.
  • Poison for 15 seconds.
  • Burn for 12 seconds.
  • Paralysis for 13 seconds.

All afflictions have a base chance of 110% to be applied to enemies hit by the attack.

The second part of her kit is directly tied to her other passive ability, Sandalphon’s Covenant. This passive inflicts the ‘Locked Sigil’ debuff on the user for 300 seconds, like other Apostle characters, but grants Regina the ‘Preservation Protocol effect. By continuously holding her force strike, this effect will change every 1.5 seconds, cycling between ‘Preservation Protocol’, ‘Restoration Protocol’, and ‘Purification Protocol’. The boons that these effect grant to Regina is utilised whenever she uses her first skill, Tactical Skewer. At an SP cost of 2650, it deals a respectable single hit 2400% to surrounding enemies, and activates additional effects based on which type of Protocol buff she currently has. These effects are as follows:

  • Preservation Protocol: Grants the user a defence amp (maximum team amp level of 1)
  • Restoration Protocol: Restores the user’s HP with 50% recovery potency.
  • Purification Protocol: Removes all afflictions from the user.

These effects tie into the second part of Sandalphon’s Covenant passive ability, in which Regina can reduce the remaining time of the Locked Sigil debuff through the following methods:

  • Reduce the timer by 9 seconds each time Regina utilises the Tactical Skewer skill.
  • Reduce the timer by 30 seconds each time Regina removes an affliction on herself

When Locked Sigil’s timer wears off, Regina will receive the ‘Sigil Released’ effect instead, which grants her the effects of Preservation Protocol, Restoration Protocol and Purification Protocol at the same time. It is also important to note that the ‘Sigil Released’ effect will also automatically unlock for adventurers if they are the second element team for a Master Rise of the Sinister Dominion fight.

Performance Summary

Overall, Regina is respectable when it comes to damage, even with her relatively simple adventurer kit. While her ability to apply multiple afflictions on an enemy seems niche at first, considering that most endgame enemies have 100% affliction to those that on-element cannot use without a skill share, it surprisingly is a bit more viable in the water element. In the Ayaha and Otoho Agito fight, you can inflict them with burn, paralysis, or poison to remove the Tosenbo special effect, which accounts for 3 of 7 additional afflictions that her second skill Imperial Castling can do. The Legend version of this fight also has the burn affliction for the enemy set to 0, so you also have a great chance of applying it throughout the fight. In Master version of the Rise of the Sinister Dominion fight, the enemies will always be weak to affliction that each element required of the fight can apply. For example, in the Master Lilith fight, you can apply the frostbite affliction while using Light-attuned adventurers for the first phase of the fight, and subsequently flashburn and paralysis for the second phase when Water-attuned adventurer are on the field.

Of course, due to the random nature of the afflictions chosen when Imperial Castling is used, your uptime on these will not be great without the addition of skill share options. However, when it does work it is a nice bonus for Regina to further boost her damage. Her ability to apply multiple afflictions may have further ramifications when the next Rise of the Sinister Dominion fight, Surtr’s Devouring Flame, is released later this month, which will require Water-attuned adventurers. This fight could also determine how useful her ability to cleanse afflictions are, as current water endgame fights do not force them onto adventurers unless they take an attack. However, if it is like the Legend Ciella fight, in which her arena wide unavoidable attacks can inflict either freeze or bog onto the user, it may prove to be quite useful.

Looking at specific though for current water endgame fights, Regina doesn’t provide essential utility options that would make her a must pick over unit such as Gala Mascula for the Legend Ayaha and Otoha fight. Even if her damage is comparable, she lacks useful dispel utility and high hit counts that need to be available to deal with the mechanics that the fight presents. In the Master Lilith fight though, if your allies can cover dispel utility, Regina will be a solid fit as a damage option for water teams. Just be careful whenever using her skills, as they do have slightly long animations, which can put you into tricky situations where you need to quickly adjust your position to avoid incoming attacks. Hence, at this time of writing, I would only recommend summoning for Regina if you need more solid damage options for your water-element team.

Recommended Co-Abilities

As Regina’s adventurer kit is fairly simple when it comes to damage output, a backline of skill damage, critical rate and skill haste found on blade, wand and bow adventurers respectively will do you well in further strengthening her damage. In content without the Curse of Nihility debuff, you could consider swapping the skill haste option for a dragon claws chain co-ability found preferrable on adventurers Eugene or Summer Celliera, who also provide the dragon haste co-ability, or non-preferably Xainfried. The adventuer Tiki for content with the Curse of Nihility debuff is not bad a substitute either, as she provides the dragon-haste chain co-ability, allowing adventurers to shapeshift into their preferred dragon form faster. For critical rate and skill damage, I would recommend selecting Dragonyule Cleo and Yurius as the preferred options. Dragonyule Cleo provides the combo time chain co-ability, giving you more of a window to continue attack combos before it drops in between hits, while Yurius provides the dragon haste chain co-ability, which as mentioned before grants more dragon gauge during a fight.

Recommended Wyrmprints

As the water-element currently only has 5 wyrmprint slot weapons, you do not need to worry about figuring out which 6th and 7th slot exclusive wyrmprints need to be chosen for now. As such, I’ll recommend the following build assuming you’ve got a source of frostbite on your team, which let’s be real, is plentiful within the water element, and all bosses have been weak to:

  • One-Winged Journey (+40% Skill Damage (Blade))
  • Emissaries of the Heavens (+20% Flurry Strength)
  • The Prince of Dragonyule (+12% Flurry Devastation (Water))
  • His Clever Brother (+20% Frostbite Punisher)
  • Chariot Drift (+15% Critical Damage)

If you missed out on the One-Winged Journey print during the Invasion event at the end of August, you could run a +30% skill damage wyrmprint instead, such as Valiant Crown. If you are having troubles finding The Prince of Dragonyule wyrmprint, you will need to download The Miracle of Dragonyule facility event in the Event Compendium. You can then find it featured in the wyrmprint shop.

Recommended Dragon

For dragons, Gala Reborn Poseidon continues to be the premier choice for water-attunded adventurers focusing on damage output due to his base 70% strength passive and 30% damage modifier increase applied to damage against flame-attuned enemies. The recent fifth unbinds do dragon High Mercury and Poseidon are fine alternatives though if you currently do not possess this gala dragon, as they provide a base 40% HP and strength passive increase, and a 40% on field strength buff for the first 180 seconds of the fight, which is immune to the Curse of Nihility debuff. Particularly High Mercury, whose essences are available by completing the High Dragon Trials endgame content.


On Summoning Rates and Wyrmsigils

  • A Prize Summon Showcase has a typical 5-star summoning rate of 4%.
  • Regina has the typical adventurer focus summoning rate of 0.5%.
  • Besides Regina, the adventurer Faeblessed Tobias, as well as the dragons Gabriel and Gaibhne & Creidhne can also be sparked for with wyrmsigils.
  • Note: A daily free tenfold event is ongoing during this summon banner. As such, you will get 10 days of tenfold summons, so it would be wise to hold off on spending on any currency, if you do wish to summon, until close to the end of the tenfold.

Final Verdict: Skip unless you need more damage options for the water element.

As of now, Regina’s solid damage but lack of useful utility in the current water endgame environment makes it difficult to recommend her over saving for gala reruns or future adventurer releases. While she may prove useful later in the month with the Surtr’s Devouring Flame fight, you will most likely have other solid options to use instead. At the very least, you will receive 10 days of opportunity to summon her for free, so you have a respectable chance of picking her up and being prepared if that scenario happens.

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