05/29/2019 Patch Notes

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Specialty Change: Angelic Montmorancy

Just a week after her announcement, Specialty Change Montmorancy is here. This budget option gives Angelica a run for her money, with the much-awaited combination of heal, cleanse, and debuff immunity, to boot. With improvements to her bulk, CR gain, and consistency, Montmorancy should find a place on many teams in the near future.

Chapter 2 Teaser

The Mister Navi (미스터내비) developer YouTube channel uploaded a teaser for Chapter 2 of the Epic Seven storyline. Full details will be revealed on June 9th at the Epic Seven Festa, which takes place at the Samsung-dong Coex Covention & Exhibition Center in Seoul. 

Aramintha Rate Up

Aramintha is this week’s featured banner. As usual, keep in mind that no amount of pulls will guarantee you a unit on a normal banner. That being said, if you’re looking for a strong Fire mage with a lot of utility, look no further!

Beginner Quests

In addition to the early game Aither buffs above, Smilegate has added some additional quests for beginners to make the game more accessible. These will cough up a nice chunk of gold and some nice charms, so don’t skip them. For all you vets out there, these are basically free rewards, so go nuts!

Addition of Europe Server

In addition to the Korean, Asian and Global servers, there will now be a European server for Epic Seven! Spanish, French, German, and Portugese will also be supported in-game. 

Note that language settings are independent of server location, so feel free to go crazy with that. Also, the reset time for Europe will be 3:00 UTC, far ahead of 10:00 for Global and 18:00 for Korea and Asia. 

Storage feature and Bug Fixes

Lastly, Smilegate has added a QoL feature - there is now a storage space where excess heroes will go during pulls. Players will no longer struggle with messages about full inventories when ~~rage~~pulling for new units. Furthermore, there have been some small bugfixes, including a change to the current Challenge event with Silk (she will no longer proc Automatic Fire without any buffs, making it slightly easier).

Free Equip Event

Until June 2nd, enjoy cost-free equipping and unequipping! 


That’s all the important stuff for this week’s patch notes! Feel free to leave us some feedback if you think we’ve left out anything important, and we’ll see you at next week’s patch notes!

Full developer patch notes can be viewed on the official Smilegate site. 

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