Corvus Rebalance

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Corvus Balance Update

Poor old Corvus was the target of some rather painful changes.

But don’t relegate him to that walker just yet!

SG is trying very hard to not destroy him completely (kudos to SG for doing this.)

Of course, they don't like the fact that his healing/turn cycling can feel downright oppressive, so they're hurting his reliability a bit.

That being said, let’s walk you through his changes:


  • Halved the value of his personal DEF buff (60% -> 30%)
  • S3 costs 100 FS to activate (up from 50)


  • Gained 30% EFFR on S3
  • Gained 50 starting FS
  • S2 generates 20 more FS (10 -> 30)

His special DEF buff on Awakening (S3) was nerfed from 60% to 30%. That value was instead turned into a somewhat awkward 30% Effect Resistance and given a new name, “Rage” (which is probably what some Corvus users are feeling right now). It can’t be removed, though this is just a visual update (it was never vulnerable to dispel).

Decreasing his DEF doesn’t just hurt Corvus’ durability; it also reduces his scaling, especially in his Awakened mode.

His S1 has 1.2x DEF scaling, so reducing his DEF bonus from 60% to 30% is rather painful.

You MUST use Macerate (S2) to generate 30 FS, or you likely won’t reach a second Awakening.

Prior to this, Corvus’ rotation might have looked like this:

  • S1 (10 FS), get hit 3-4x (40-50 FS) - AWAKEN - S1 (10 FS), S1 (20 FS), get hit 2-3x (50 FS) AWAKEN

Now it’s much slower and partially gated by his S2 cooldown.

While you can reach the first one easily, the second/successive ones are harder to attain.

  • Start (50 FS) - S2 (80 FS), get hit 2x (100 FS) - AWAKEN - S1 (10 FS), S1 (20 FS), S1 (30 FS), S2 (60 FS)

... and then more turns/getting hit before reaching the next AWAKEN

What did this all mean? 

Upcoming Hero Buffs

Kise, Tenebria, Dominiel, Rin, Specimen Sez, Assassin Cidd, Champion Zerato, Mirsa, Arowell, Elson


Corvus’ highs are still near the same as before when Awakened, but he takes longer to ramp back up after the initial S3 (an extra 2 turns on average). He is shoehorned into using his somewhat mediocre S2 to generate Fighting Spirit, and his average damage is also reduced due to lower overall DEF scaling.

He’ll have trouble getting it up in long fights. It sucks to be old. (#`ε´)

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