Should You Summon? Ravi & Sigurd Scythe

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Today we’re covering Ravi, available for a single week as part of a non-limited banner. There is Sigurd featured artifact on this banner.

The normal banner mechanics apply:

  • No other 5★ Heroes can be pulled on his banner

  • There IS a rate-up Artifact on this banner - Sigurd Scythe

  • 121 pulls guarantees you a Ravi, regardless of the rates

  • Your actual chance to pull her before you reach the pity summon timer of 121 pulls is ABOUT 61.9% (this is no guarantee, just the odds of getting there in 120 summons or fewer)

  • There is no guarantee on the accompanying artifact

That being said, let’s examine the pros and cons in this scenario.

Pros & Cons

PROS (reasons to pull):

  1. Ravi is a one-girl army, with life steal on S1 and a very strong conditional AoE skill, with defensive stats to boot

  2. Soulburned S1 is a very good nuke skill

  3. She can greatly assist the team with her AoE stun and 100% CR Knockback on stun

  4. Easy starter hero; Ravi does not require much starting gear for PvE purposes and runs well with just about any gear and stats

  5. Doesn't need much EFF% in PvE, allowing focus on other stats

However, there are also cons to pulling.

CONS (reasons NOT to pull):

  1. Self-heal and tanking is based on the damage dealt by S1. Many debuffs can cripple her damage output and therefore her heal.

  2. Very high gear requirements for PvP, as bruiser builds are difficult and stat-heavy

  3. Very low base attack - she is heavily reliant on her passive ramp-up

  4. Stun is a CC that most PvE bosses are immune to. This means that she does not provide any utility in boss fights

Additional Considerations

In addition, there are the following things to consider at this specific time -

  • A new Ice hero has been teased, and we are still expecting a Diene re-run

  • The PvP meta is still Ice heavy, so as an attacker, Ravi is good Ice bait

  • There are similar heroes, such as Ken, SC Chaos Inquisitor, and even Ras (with his S2's soul burn) who can fill the role of 'hard to kill fire DPS'.

  • This banner comes with Sigurd Scythe, which is one of her best PvE artifact options in the early game, and is still effective later based on gear setups

Hero Comparison!

Ravi vs. budget Ravi, the common 3★ Azalea! (me!)

Here are some of the pros & cons when comparing Ravi to this common 3★.

Comparison Time!


  • Her S1 has a self-heal based on her max HP, and her base stats already leaned toward health rather than attack, allowing an easier approach to gearing

  • Provides great utility via her team-wide speed debuff, and her single-target taunt and unhealable, which can additionally be soul burned to IGNORE RESIST

  • Able to draw aggro by force using taunt.

  • Very easy to skill up due to not costing any molagora

Still, she's a budget pick, and here's why - 


  • Azalea still needs to build EFF% as her S3 does not have an unresistable Soul Burn option

  • In most PvP cases, a speed debuff is not as good as a stun with 100% CR knockback

  • Azalea has lower defense and health, making her significantly less beefy

  • Azalea cannot grab both proper damage and tanking as a bruiser, due to her low stats. Ravi, meanwhile, can do serious damage through the damage boost from her passive.

  • Azalea has to use S1 to ensure her survival at clutch moments, whereas Ravi can easily use S3 since stun is the best damage preventer (next to death, of course)

This is mostly a very rough and loose comparison, but you can see how it's important to distinguish heroes from one another so that they don't become mere up/downgrades.



Ravi was once OP, and is now just a regular bruiser.

Should you pull an outdated Hero? Probably not.

Should you pull for Sigurd Scythe? Again, probably not.

While Ravi is one of the best and easiest heroes to invest in early game, this can lead to regrets as you build a fleshed-out roster. She is NOT unusable - Ravi is usable even at end game. However, your team will need more thought put into it, and her self-sufficiency ultimately hurts her as a whole - you've got your party, and then you've got Ravi doing her own thing. Doing it well, but still, just doing her own thing.

And that's all for today! If you have any questions or comments, please leave us some feedback! We love to hear from you.

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