New Binding Blade Heroes Larum, Perceval, Echidna, and Igrene Arrive November 18th

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New Heroes are arriving!

The latest new character trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes has dropped! Watch it here or check it out through the in-game announcements.

The banner is named “Guardians of Peace”, and features new heroes from the world of Elibe! Larum, Perceval, Echidna, Igrene, and Chad will appear on the banner, while Brunnya will be obtainable from an upcoming Tempest Trials+ event.

Larum, Sprightly Dancer

As a colorless dagger infantry, Larum slots into a wide field of units. However her ability to Dance automatically gives her an important niche over most others. She debuts with a new weapon, the Dragonslasher, which can be inherited to other dagger users, and Spd/Res Gap 3, a new addition to the Gap skill family.

Dragonslasher is an interesting weapon, which is both effective against dragons and nullifies skills such as Vantage and Desperation which affect turn order. Without a personal weapon, Larum’s usefulness will come down entirely to her stats.

Perceval, Knightly Ideal

The latest lance cavalier to join the game, Perceval wields a personal weapon, the Prized Lance. It accelerates his Special attacks and grants a substantial stat boost provided the enemy begins combat on full HP. He has a great base kit, and comes with multiple self-buffing skills.

It’s hard to say how he will stack up compared to recently released units like Sirius, but Perceval will likely be a more defensive cavalier, based on the skills in his base kit. Lance Cavaliers can find it difficult to shine because of their skill restrictions, but Perceval’s many stat boosting skills should make him decent for new players.

Echidna, Unyielding Idealist

With no personal weapon to speak of and decidedly average skills in her base kit, Echidna is looking very much like this banner’s future demotion. As an infantry axe, she joins a long list of competition, many with their own personal weapons and skills. Echidna will need to rely on her high base stats to remain a valuable unit.

Igrene, Nabata Protector

Igrene is an infantry archer, but more notable she is the first red archer to be released into Fire Emblem Heroes. Her personal weapon is powerful and gives her a huge advantage in combat, provided she is faster than her opponent. She also debuts Life and Death 4, a new skill which is a direct upgrade from Life and Death 3.

Her base kit is noteworthy, as it’s designed to make her a monster when attacking. Special Spiral will reload her Blazing Wind and with Guardian’s Bow, will allow it to charge every time she initiates combat. She also comes with the coveted Pulse Smoke skill, which is heavily desired for Aether Raids, as it can be used to defuse units with instant-charge Specials.

Igrene seems destined to be a powerful unit, but her skill fodder makes her worth summoning for alone. Her stats aren’t revealed, but with her unique niche as a red archer and Guardian’s Bow she is sure to make a splash.

Chad, Lycian Wildcat

Chad is this banner’s pre-demote, meaning he will be summonable as a 3* and 4* immediately. He is a colorless infantry dagger, and was shown using a Rogue Dagger in the reveal trailer. However, nothing else is known about him.

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