New Heroes Coming October 21st!

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New Heroes are on the way!

The latest new character trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes has dropped! Watch it here or check it out through the in-game announcements.

Zofia’s Call features five Halloween-themed heroes: Forsyth, Python, Silque, Catria, and Valbar, who debuts as a 3-4 star hero. Conrad will also be available through an upcoming Grand Hero Battle event, beginning October 23rd.

Forsyth, Loyal Lieutenant

Forsyth is an armored lance user, who comes ready to roll with his own personal weapon and a great set of skills. Sol Lance allows him to restore health whenever he strikes an opponent, allowing Forsyth to stay topped up without the need for a healing Special or staff ally. He also introduces Joint Hone Def, a buffing skill that raises his (and adjacent allies’) Defense by 5 when starting his turn next to a friendly unit.

His base skills (Bonfire, Def/Res Bond, Bold Fighter and Joint Hone Def) emphasise on a slow, tanky playstyle: It’s most likely Forsyth will have low Speed, but high Attack, Defense, and Resistance. With speedy blue armors like Winter Robin and Legendary Tiki who can abuse Special Fighter, it might be tough for Forsyth to compete at the highest levels.

Python, Apathetic Archer

Python isn’t the first green archer cavalier to exist, and isn’t even the first to use the Short Bow! It’s difficult to speculate on Python’s stats, and his base skills seem to clearly mark him as this banner’s future demoted unit.

However, he is the first ever summonable unit to have B Tomebreaker, a skill previously only available on the Grand Hero Battle reward Robin(F). While it’s difficult to say for certain without seeing his stats, at this stage Python seems to be just average, nothing more.

Silque, Adherent of Mila

Silque is the latest staff infantry to be added, and comes with a new (inheritable) weapon, Melancholy+. It’s identical to the Witchy Wand, effectively making that weapon much easier to obtain. She comes with Dazzling Staff, allowing her to be used right out of the gate as a support healer.

Silque introduces Staff Exp. which boosts the experience earned by staff-wielding allies. Unfortunately, staff infantry tend to be outclassed by staff cavaliers and staff fliers, who boast superior movement options. She’s not likely to make much of a splash in the game, although her stats could be a pleasant surprise.

Catria, Mild Middle Sister

Catria’s second alt is a version of herself from Shadows of Valentia, and is a sword flier. Her personal weapon boosts her damage the higher her Attack is compared to her opponent’s Defense. This means it scales in a similar way to Glimmer, being more effective the more damage is already being done.

She introduces Atk/Spd Bond 4, which grants Attack/Speed +7 and neutralizes that unit’s penalties to Attack and Speed. It ties Atk/Spd Push 4 for the biggest possible boost to Attack and Speed granted in the A slot. Spd Tactic and Harsh Command+ are both rare skills, the latter only being obtainable on one unit previously (a seasonal unit, at that).

Catria‘s personal weapon and skills suggest she’ll have exceptional Attack and Speed, but it remains to be seen how she’ll compete with top sword fliers such as Elincia.

Valbar, Open and Honest

Like Bantu before him, Valbar will debut in the 3-4 star hero pool! He is a lance armor shown using two skills: Brave Lance and Vengeance, which one can safely assume he naturally learns. Little else is known about Valbar at this point.

Conrad: Masked Knight

Confirmed as the next Grand Hero Battle through the ingame announcements, Conrad will be obtainable on October 23rd. He can be seen as a lance cavalier during the trailer, but nothing else is known about him at this stage.

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