Shield Pulse 3


If unit's Special triggers based on a foe's attack, Special cooldown count -2 at start of turn 1. Unit takes 5 less damage when Special triggers.

Inheritable Restrictions?

Melee, Infantry, and Armored Only

  • Melee, Infantry, and Armored Only

Unlocks at 5 ★

Skillsets that use skill

The Feet-ure Presentation! (Distant Counter Dragon)

Shield Pulse


This skill has two separate effects, making it potentially difficult to understand based on the in-game description. Both effects require the unit to possess a skill which triggers from a foe’s attack. Skills such as Aegis and Pavise fall into this category. Firstly, the unit’s special cooldown is reduced by two at the start of the match. Secondly, whenever the special triggers, damage from the hit is reduced by five. These effects combine to greatly boost a unit’s defensive ability at the start of a round.


Shield Pulse is the kind of skill that commands a build be mostly constructed around the skill. First and foremost, it requires the use of a special which activates on an opponent’s attack. The major choice to be made here is whether you want to reduce the damage of a ranged or melee attack. Aegis and Pavise are recommended over Escutcheon and Sacred Cowl, due to their larger damage reduction. With a Killer or Slaying weapon or a Quickened Pulse seal, it is possible to have the special ready to go from turn one. Aegis is recommended, as Shield Pulse builds often focus on luring a troublesome foe into range of your team, surviving their attack, and either retaliating with Distant Counter or an ally capable of high damage. For added effect, equip a Threaten skill in Slot C to give your team an easier time when handling them. If Distant Counter is unavailable, Close Defense or Distant Defense can also be run to further reduce damage.


As mentioned earlier, running Shield Pulse is a rather large commitment, as it greatly limits your choice of special, and requires other skills (such as Distant Counter) to be effective. Aegis and Pavise are not typical skill choices either, as hard-hitting specials such as Bonfire and defense cutters such as Moonbow are generally more effective, and do not require a specific build. Often the user of the skill will not have enough damage to finish off their opponent, needing an ally to assist them. Finally, a well-balanced team with an appropriately assigned Fortify skill has little need for the skill.