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Special Cooldown -1 Weapons


Weapons that reduce special cooldown by one are becoming increasingly popular, and in stronger incarnations. The benefits of these weapons are straightforward, reducing the total charge time for a unit’s special by one. This comes at the cost of a typically lowered might, but some legendary weapons such as Urvan and Mystletainn have this effect with a full 16 might.


Generally speaking, these weapons are usually a part of a build that is designed to rapidly fire off specials during combat. They synergise excellently with skills such as Steady Breath and Heavy Blade. In turn, these skills naturally complement units with high attack and defense stats. But the most important decision is the choice of special to accompany the unit build. Moonbow is a common choice thanks to its low charge time, being reduced to just one. With a Quickened Pulse seal, Moonbow can be activated immediately on the start of the round. Quick Riposte is another common skill seen with these weapons, and a relevant weapon combined with Steady Breath and Quick Riposte will guarantee even Aether can be fired off in just one round of combat.


Slaying, and especially Killer weapons have lowered might to compensate for the power granted by the effects of the weapon. However, these weapons have no downsides whatsoever. There are some meagre ways to halt the effects of special charging, such as with the skill Guard. It can be very dangerous to leave these units alive after attacking them, as they will very likely have a charged special waiting for you the next turn.

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