Chapter 11-1: Torrent Breaker

Article by Soulmuse Marie
S-Rank Clear Guide for Chapter 11-1 of the Girls' Frontline Story, "Torrent Breaker".
Table of Contents

Possible Drops:


 Mission and Clear Conditions:

 Mission: Hold Supply Line for 2 Turns

S-Rank: Hold Supply Line for 2 Turns within 5 Turns

Thank you to @Owls#1086 for help with Clear Condition Translations

Clear Guide:

 Team Recommendations: 

  •  4 Combat Squads level 90 5x Linked
    • 2 Echelons should be capable of killing Doppelsolders without the assistance of HOC.
    • RF/HG can be used to easily take out the armored Doppels, but a very high damage AR/SMG formation can also work. The Strelet formations will do a lot of damage to HGs, although a Taunt fairy can mitigate this problem. 
    • Fewer Combat Echelons can be used for clears utilizing Friend Echelons 
  • 1 Dummy Echelon

 Clear Steps

Yes, unfortunately those Echelons requirements are serious. Chapter 11 turns up the heat in terms of required Combat Echelons, and the difficulty of the enemies, throwing Doppelsoldners onto the field from the very beginning, with Uhlans joining the fray as actually fightable enemies later on. 

Chapter 11 also turns up the map gimmicks and puzzles to 11. As you can see, the center of the map is populated by 180k deathstack Uhlans, backed up by Doppelsoldners, and Rodels, making the center near the Supply Point impassable.

Do not try and fight this. You will lose. 

Instead, you need to step on the various Radar nodes scattered beneath the Artillery batteries at the compass points of the map to remove or convert these enemies. Fortunately, this doesn’t involve fighting anything nearly as terrifying, although you will need to battle some Doppels, and move with haste, as the S-Rank Requirements are demanding. 

Turn 1


The Deployment positions of your Echelons should be considered carefully at the start of the map. The Eastern and South-Eastern Echelons will both need to engage a Doppelsolder. The western two Echelons should be able to avoid fighting a Doppel, so can be weaker if need be.


Move the Echelon on the Command Post down-right, and deploy a Dummy behind them. Swap your Positions so the Combat Echelon remains on the Command Post. 


Send the upper-right Echelon down three nodes to step on the Radar Node. 


The bottom-right Echelon should move left three nodes, likewise stepping on the Radar Node. End your Turn.

Turn 2


Move your Dummy Echelon up one node. 


The right Combat Echelon is off on a Marathon run. They will need to move up three nodes, killing the Doppel on the way. Move left one node, killing the Rodel, before journeying down two, and finally left two more nodes, to end the turn next to the Dummy. 

Make sure the lower Combat Echelon is prepared for a battle with a Doppel on the enemy phase. Activate any Fairies you need at this time.

Turn 3


Send the lower left Echelon up four nodes, and then right to end their turn on the Supply Point. 


Move the Combat Echelon down one node, to complete the Supply Line.

End your Turn twice to S-Rank the Map.

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