Monthly Roadmap: November 2022

New Major Story Event

As expected, Poincaré Recurrence arrives on November 1st and will last till November 28th

We'll upload the guides are they're done. For more details, check our PR main hub.

As for the T-Dolls announced, check our Should You Farm guide for tips on farming them and whether they're worth it

New Mod batch *4

xm3 mod

The silhouette on the Roadmap belongs to XM3 mod.

As expected, this batch includes: MG4 Mod, XM3 Mod, RMB-93 Mod and Makarov Mod. Surprisingly a batch where none of the mods are bad.

For more details on how their mods work and whether they're worth it, check their respective pages.

For a quick overview, check out Mod Priority page, courtesy of our one and only Reddie

Ringleader rerun

This month we're getting Architect rerun. A Ringleader that can also act as an HOC, Architect is worth pulling for, though she's not as great as Alchemist

Monthly SPEQ

p90 speq

Don't be fooled by the announcement image, MICA just copypasted the text from 64 Shiki SPEQ's.

P90 SPEQ grants +3 Mobility, +20 Evasion and +10 Accuracy, and grants her additional holograms after her skill activates

Commander Skin

While this might be something that the majority of Commnaders pay no mind, MICA will release a new batch of skins for the Commnader chibi following their arrival on foreign servers.

Below is the preview from KR server

T-Doll Gacha Banner

At long last, Gundam batch is finally here, with the poster girl being Type 88. Type 88 fans sure have it rough, getting this batch briefly after Space Gacha happened

White Comet Bearing Your Wishes



Midnight Evangelion



Crimson Meteor



Blue Dragon Stands Above Sector 09



Desert Dragon and Poem



Blue Sky Garuda



Tinfoil Hat Section

more ranking reruns this year so we can get months/ranking down to rankings/month? no
MOD BATCHES F***G WHEN?! only with major events from this point onwards or something
how anniv svarog banner work?! 6 bosses, random which one, blah blah
ak47 speq is SUPER IMPORTANT OK!!!!??? and AW+ still needs to be reworked, eta never
Mecha blah blah blah?! blah, this year, apparently
LIMITED DOLLS WHEN?! with events, as always (by dartboard and ignoring old ones and having p22 covering 50% of the surface area)
PR THIS YEAR?!?!?! 95% or something, Mica can't numbers, login events don't matter clearly
3.0 progress? behind schedule or something
100% CJ standalone client?! no.

Thanks Zessy

As our awaugery dinergate summarized, most questions this time were downright useless. We had CT, Isomer, SC, PL, DR and MS, and people will ask if the announced mod batch would arrive with the Major Event?

The only interesting bit, in my opinion, is that CT+ is likely to be the next ranking rerun (which also means Singu+ wasn't just pure luck that we had it). I can understand AW+ needing rework, but DD+ too? That's pretty worrisome.

Also I'd like to point that PM-06 was never farmable, so hooray, she's finally farmable for those who missed her Point Event

Also, for some unknown reason, MICA thought it'd be reasonable to mention Commander skins in this Roadmap. I'm sure some might pay attention to that, but it's hardly worth mentioning as one of the main highlights of this month.

Even more when you consider they did a Roadmap not highlighting a client update.

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