Arknights: Tips and Advice to Guide New Doctors

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How To Be A Good Doctor!

The Gacha and Recruitment

  • 1. The "New Player" banner guarantees a 6★ and 5★ Operator but is limited to 21 pulls (including the tutorial pull).  With its discounted price, this banner is an easy way for new players to get Operators.

  • 2. Re-rolling is not necessary, as all of the 6★ Operators featured on the new player banner are good and stages can be cleared with low-rarity Operators and proper strategies. If you are planning on rerolling, look here for advice.

Arknights Launch Banner
The New Player banner
  • 3. Players are guaranteed to pull one 5★ or higher Operator within the first 10 pulls on any banner. If you don’t plan on spending money on the game, make sure you have at least 6000 Orundum for each new banner. 

  • 4. The Arknights gacha has a pity system that increases the chance of pulling a 6★ Operator after 50 pulls without one. It persists across banners, ensuring even the unluckiest of players can get high-rarity units. Additionally, some 5★ and 6★ Operators can be obtained through the Certificate Shop.

  • 5. It is possible to get almost any Operator from Recruitment, even the 6★ ones! By picking the correct tags and recruitment time, you’ll be able to shift the odds in your favor. See our Recruitment Guide for more details on Tag Combinations and Recruitment.
Arknights Recruitment
Operator Recruitment screen


  • 1. A good “core” team composition is 2 Vanguards, 2 Snipers, 2 Casters, 2 Medics and 1 or 2 Defenders.  Guards and Supporters are good additions for general use, while Specialists excel at specific missions.  Our Teambuilding Guide has more advice if you need it.  After gaining a bit of experience in battle, try experimenting to find what strategies suit you best!

  • Vanguard x2
  • Sniper x2
  • Caster x2
  • Medic x2
  • Defender x1-2
  • 2. In the beginning, a good team composition is more important than rarity.  It is necessary to have the proper strategic roles covered. It isn’t until higher Promotion levels that higher rarity Operators start to become significantly more effective than lower rarity ones.  Lower rarity Operators are cheaper to deploy in battle and require less materials to upgrade. Make sure you aren’t creating an unbalanced team with cripplingly high DP costs by bringing only high rarity Operators.

  • 3. Most new players will not have access to many of the high rarity Operators right from the start. You can check out our guide to the best low rarity Operators to help you build a good team early on.

Arknights Kroos
Ko Ko Da Yo!
  • 4. Leveling your whole team at the same pace will allow you to advance through the story quicker, though you may benefit by giving DPS a little extra EXP while Medics can be kept at a slightly lower level.

  • 5. Skill Levels are very important!  Don't neglect them while you're leveling your Operators!

  • 6. Level and Skill upgrade costs get extremely high as they approach the maximum Elite 2 levels.  A good place to halt development is Elite 2 level 40 with Skill Level 8, as most Operators have diminishing returns beyond this.

  • 7. Don’t be afraid to mix up your team composition to try new strategies and become familiar with new Operators.  A common mistake for new Doctors is to focus too much on one team, missing opportunities that maps present for different formations or Operators to shine.

Arknights Operators
  • 8. For enemy swarms, use Defenders to bunch them up and AoE units to destroy them.  Deploying 2 or 3 Defenders and 2 AoE Units typically works well.  Since AoE units are especially expensive, add extra Vanguards to increase your Deployment Points.

  • 9. Sometimes the best Defense is a good Offense!  If an enemy is dead, it doesn’t need to be blocked and there is no damage to heal.   If you find yourself being overwhelmed in battle, you may be focusing too much on blocking and defending.  Try swapping in some harder-hitting offensive Operators to see if taking down the enemy quicker helps.

  • 10. While you are learning, it is a good idea to have a cheap unit that can be deployed quickly if a weak enemy slips past your front line because of a misjudgment.  The unit can then be retreated after it has served its “panic button” purpose. Fast-redeploy units like Yato, Gravel, or Projekt Red work great for this.

  • 11. Get to know your surroundings and enemies. Use Map Preview to plan your strategy and check special terrain effects. Enemy Intelligence contains enemy stats and information on their special abilities, letting you plan ahead. Drill Plans can be used to practice a quest before spending Sanity on an attempt. They can saved for high Sanity-cost stages that return a low percentage on failure (i.e., Annihilation).

Arknights Map
  • 12. Enemies will target the most recently deployed Operator in their range. Keep this in mind when fighting against mages, drones and ranged Bosses.

  • 13. For most Operators, retreating refunds 50% of the Deployment Cost (the exception is Kill-DP-Recovery Vanguards, who refund 100%).  If an Operator dies, no Deployment Cost is refunded.  The first redeployment of an Operator increases Deployment Cost by 50%, and all subsequent redeployments increase cost by 100%.

  • 14. Developing at least two 3★ Operators will grant rewards from Mission Board quests.  Good 3★ Operators to consider raising are Melantha, Kroos, Midnight, and/or Ansel, but pick your favorites -- there's no "wrong" choice.

Arknights Melantha


  • 1. The Base is crucial in developing Operators and provides many resources, so don’t neglect it!  Trading Posts can earn you LMD or Orundum.  Factories provide the resources to keep Trading Posts running and are the only source of Dualchips needed to upgrade 5* and 6* Operators to Elite 2. For detailed Base Information see our RIIC Base Guide here:

  • 2. When building your base, you’ll have to decide on the number of Trading Posts, Factories and Power Plants you want.  There can be 9 in total.  Having 3 of each is the most balanced, but it will limit the production of Battle Records, so some players build 4 or even 5 Factories.  As for Power Plants, the entire Base can only be built if the player has 3.  Early on when other rooms aren’t needed, their count can be limited to 2, allowing players to generate additional LMD and Battle Records.  If you are unsure and want a recommendation, go with 2 Trading Posts, 4 Factories, and 3 Power Plants for a balance of efficiency and ease-of-use. 

Arknights Base
  • 3. In the beginning, focus on upgrading the left side first to maximize LMD and EXP production output. This will help you develop your Operators faster.

  • 4. If you aren’t sure, have your Factory produce Gold Bars over Battle Records. They can be sold for LMD, which is required for many things. LMD-farming missions are only open on specific days of the week, whereas EXP missions are always available.

  • 5. Operators lose concentration over time while working. When they become tired, their skills no longer take effect. Swap them out with fully rested Operators if you will be offline for a long time (i.e., overnight).

Arknights Control Room
Amiya chillin' in the Control Room

6. The Reception Room has some factors that affect Clue Search Speed and finding that are "hidden", as they are non-obvious and not explained in-game.  For more information see the following guide:


  • 1. There are 6 Stores in Arknights: Friend Credit Store, Furniture Store, Certificate Store (with Commendations, Distinctions, and Shop Vouchers), Outfit Store (skins), Originium (premium currency), and Pack Store.  For detailed Store information, see the Store and Currency Guide here:

  • 2. You can pick up a couple 4★ operators in the Friend Credit Store.  You get Friend Credits through using Support Units, giving and receiving Clues, and visiting your friends’ dorms during investigations.  You’ll also get Friend Credits every day based on your Dorm Atmosphere.  Friend Credits are limited at 300 and all credits over the cap are lost at the daily reset, so make sure you have less than 300 before the day ends.

Arknights Credits
Courier and Gavial in the Credit Shop
  • 3. In the Certificate Shop, you have a choice to make on how to spend your Distinctions.  They can be spent on 6★ and 5★ Operators, Headhunting Tickets, and much more.  The most common use is exchanging them for rare 6★ Operators, but if in doubt, just save them up, as they are very hard to gain after the first few weeks of playing.

  • 4. Headhunting Tickets can be purchased in the Professional Certificate shop up to 5 times each month.  Each purchase unlocks the next set, with each set being a better deal in terms of Certificate cost per ticket.  Players should only buy the tickets if they can purchase all sets in a given month, at a total cost of 258 Certificates for 38 Headhunting tickets.

Arknights Certification Shop
Shining available in the Certificate Shop
  • 5. If you do not plan on spending money, Originite Prime should be saved for acquiring skins, because your husbandos and waifus deserve cute new outfits! Most skins can only be purchased with Originite Prime, which the game does not often award free.


  • 1. Once you unlock the Supply Missions, focus on Tactical Drill for farming EXP and Cargo Escort for farming LMD to increase the levels of your Operators.  These stages increase in efficiency at higher levels, so try to beat harder stages as soon as you are able.

Arknights Farming
  • 2. Daily and Weekly missions are a great source of resources, so don’t forget about them!  You can play the free stage 1-11 to complete Mission Clear, Enemy Kills and Enemy Leader Kills without spending Sanity. 

  • 3. Be sure to complete your Annihilation Weekly Rewards.  They are the best source of Orundum outside of spending money.

  • 4. Be warned: Auto mode can fail because of RNG or increased Operator Costs.  It is a good idea to re-do stages if you've upgraded a lot of units since the last time you ran it.  (It can be fun to see how easily you can smash a stage with your newly-enhanced Operators, too!)

  • 5. Stages cannot be auto-cleared if Support Units have been used, so you can save time by clearing a stage on your own before farming it.

  • 6. Each farming node is only available on certain days of the week.  Each has its own schedule.  See our Supplies and Chips availability calendar to plan ahead for when you can farm for the materials you need!

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