Arknights: Should You Pull? Cremation Last Wish: W

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Cremation Last Wish: W

Featured Operators:

Rarity Operator
6★ Rate Up W - AoE Sniper
Weedy - Pusher Specialist
5★ Rate Up Elysium - Utility Vanguard
  • 6★ Rate-Ups have a 70% chance of appearing when pulling a 6★
  • 5★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 5★
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Should You Pull?

Yes, but make SURE you know what you’re pulling.

  • W is the second limited Operator in Arknights, and while she is very good, she is not essential.
  • Weedy is a ridiculously strong Push Specialist with very high damage potential. She is by far the least niche of the Push Specialists, and you can pull off crazy tricks with her that you can’t do with FEater or Shaw.
  • Elysium is the second Utility Vanguard released (the first being Myrtle). Utility Vanguards are the best DP generators in Arknights, and all Doctors should have at least one.

You should not pull on this banner just because W is limited. Be aware of what these Operators do and whether you really want them before you make your final decision. That being said, this is an excellent banner with three very strong Operators on it, and it’s well worth pulling on!

Quick Overview

AoE Sniper

+ First 6* AoE Sniper; highest stats in the archetype

+ Increases damage taken by Stunned units who are within her (huge) attack range

+ Her Skills deal large physical damage and Stun targets

+ Her Skills apply their Stun before dealing damage, so they get the bonus from her Talent

= E1 Talent gives her Physical/ Arts Dodge and reduced aggro; this is great for keeping her alive, but the reduced aggro means you can’t always use her Dodge to tank ranged attacks

- As a limited unit, increasing her Potential can be difficult and/or expensive

- High DP cost and slow ASPD, as is typical for AoE Snipers

Push Specialist

+ Excellent Push Specialist with a lot more potential than existing Push Specialists

+ Can push from two locations by deploying her Water Cannon

+ S1 Stuns targets who get Pushed

+ S2 is a permanent buff that allows her to push multiple targets from a distance

+ S3 does true damage based on how far enemies move; with the proper setup (lots of space, Water Cannon next to Weedy, Angelina S3 active) the amount of true damage dealt is brain-melting

- Still loses some viability when there are no holes or hazards on the map, despite her DPS

- S3 is very finicky about positioning: she needs space to deploy her Water Cannon next to her and long straightaways to Push enemies away for maximum damage

- The Water Cannon is not permanent; it disappears after a short time and must be redeployed, creating downtime and costing DP

Utility Vanguard

+ Generates even more DP than Myrtle (!)

+ Talent buffs ASPD of all Sniper Operators and reduces their DP cost as long as Elysium is deployed

+ S2 is an excellent counter to Stealthed enemies and also inflicts movement speed and DEF debuffs on several targets within range (while still generating DP!)

= Doesn’t Block while Skills are active

= S2 still generates DP, but less than S1; if you want him to counter Stealthed units, you have to give up some DP gain

- Stops attacking while Skills are active

- Low stats make him ill-suited for actual combat


W E2

W might be one of the most anticipated Operators in Arknights—after all, everybody loves a good villain! Sardonic and stylish, W brings her full suite of sneaky subterfuge to the battlefield with AoE grenades, Stunning landmines, and a Talent that increases the damage dealt to Stunned enemies within her range. If you’re expecting this double agent to fight fair, you’ll be sorely disappointed. And also probably on fire.


Weedy E2

Weedy is permanently worried about getting dirty on the battlefield. That explains why she built a Water Cannon, though not why she decided to make it shoot a pressurized stream of liquid nitrogen at her opponents. Once Weedy unleashes her LN2 Cannon, enemies only have two choices: fall into a pit and die, or get their faces melted off by true damage and die. 


Elysium E2

Elysium has a pretty high opinion of himself, but he’s not wrong to be proud of his skills. He’s an excellent navigator, a reliable communications manager, and a potent Utility Vanguard who can generate oodles of DP to mobilize his allies into combat. He’s also one of the few Operators who can cancel Stealth on enemy units, and his Talent allows him to communicate a host of useful buffs to allied Snipers.

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