New World Escort

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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"Ho there, my lady! Please wait for me! You cannot wander out on your lonesome!" "I am no one's lady, Orion. I am Odetta, and I'm going to search for a new world."
2"A new world? What sort of place is that?" "I seek it precisely because I don't know. If you'd like, you're welcome to join me." "I would be honored to serve as your escor... Hey, wait! Don't leave without me!"
3"Well, this has been quite the hike so far. Er, but where exactly ARE we?" "Who knows? But the sunset is beautiful— and beyond that may lie another world." "Do you think so? Let me take a lo... Oh!"
4"What is it, Orion?" "I have found a new world, my la—Odetta!" "Where?! Tell me at once!" "But of course. Pray lend me your ear..."
5"It is YOU, of course! Ah, how wonderful that I was able to serve as your escort!" "You are a curious man indeed, Orion. Still, I suppose that is a new world in its own way, so thank you for showing me."


Ability 1