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Obtainable as a 3

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1Welcome, welcome! Might I you offer a moment's respite with a steaming cup of afternoon tea? Oh, and please help yourself to some cakes as well.
2Now, there is a proper way to drink tea, of course, but at the end of the day, simply enjoying it is what matters most!
3Still, teatime IS about all of the senses. It helps to appreciate the sight, the aroma, the taste... Ah, and even this fine crockery I've brought out for the occasion!
4What would you like me to add to your tea? Milk? Herbs? Honey? Perhaps a little jam? Though the best condiment is a smile. Ha!
5Time flies when you're having fun! But the more you anticipate your next teatime, the more you can enjoy it. I look forward to partaking in another one with you soon—just the two of us!


Ability 1