A Perfect Faerie Tale

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Table of Contents

Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"Today I am the perfect vampire...and I am sure your blood will be most delicious." "I am going to EAT YOU! Rawr!" "Boy, you two are really getting into character here."
2"We're perfectly matching for Halloween! Now let us get ourselves some sweets... Our first victim will be that little craven!" "You seem kind of antsy, Cat." "Maybe she wants to show off her costume."
3"Happy Halloween, craven! With darkness, so does a gorgeous vampire approach! Now which do you prefer—treat or trick?" "MAKE WITH THE TREATS, BUDDY!" "Um...rawr?"
4"Sure, I could go for some nougat right... Hey, wait. Did YOU say trick or treat?" "Looks like it's OUR turn to get trick-or-treated, Catherine."
5"I did not bring any treats to give; I was only thinking about GETTING them!" "So are we tricked now, Cat?" "Absolutely not! I'm going to make a treat, so everyone just hold on a moment."


Ability 1