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Max CP15002
A reckless backstreet brawler
A fighter known among the criminal underground as the Aakhen Outlaw, Ains has committed a lot of crimes with his simple and bravado-driven personality. He once had a strong reputation for taking care of the people around him, but after escaping prison he became incredibly selfish.

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Hero Stats

Hero CP: 15002
HP 5517
ATK 951
SPD 104
DEF 583
Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit DMG Dual Atk Chance
15.00% 150.00% 5.00%
Effectiveness Effect Resist
0.00% 0.00%
Imprint Release

SSS : +96 SS : +84 S : +72 A : +60 B : +48 C : +36 D : +24
*Red tiles mark the effective area of a Devotion Skill.


I Am a MAN!

Because Ains' Stun is the most important part of his kit, this is the area to focus his gear on. Build him heavy on Spd and Effectiveness so he can move as soon as possible and has the best possible chance to land his Stun. His gear sets should focus on this role as well, with a Speed primary set and a Hit secondary set.

From there, most of Ains' damage will come from counterattacking and hopefully rolling his auto-crit on his S1 multiple times. To support this, he needs some extra HP% for survivability and some damage stats. Atk% is more reliable, since it increases his damage even when he doesn't crit, but Crit Damage will have a bigger impact when it triggers. Build whichever you prefer.

Cursed Compass is the simplest Artifact for Ains, as it maximizes his chance of applying his Stun on the first turn. However, because Ains is a counterattack machine, there are a couple other interesting choices you could consider:

  • Prophetic Candlestick helps cooldown his S3 faster, giving him a chance of pulling off two S3 Stuns in one battle.
  • Alsacian Spear gives Ains a little extra utility, allowing his many counterattacks to CR-debuff his targets.
  • Several 5-star Warrior Artifacts can be good on Ains, especially the crit-focused ones like Draco Plate or Uberius's Tooth.


Atk %
CritD %
Eff %
Eff %
Atk %
CritD %
HP %


Upgrade Priority

Early Mid Late
+2 +2 +5
+2 +5 +5
+4 +4 +4



This is an extremely bare-bones team for Arena Offense, comprised entirely of 3★ heroes. Judith is a very fast CR buffer who can help propel Ains to the front of the turn order, allowing him to get in his Stun when it matters most. Helga brings an AOE Atk buff for the team and can also apply Defense Break, both of which help Lena to cleave the enemy team with her S3. (Helga also has a Speed Devotion Aura, subtly speeding up both Judith and Ains, who both appreciate the help.)

If you have better CR-pushers than Judith, better buff/ debuff support than Helga, or better cleave than Lena, feel free to upgrade from this formation as appropriate. The important thing is helping Ains get off that 2-turn Stun right at the start of the fight so it can do the most good.

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He's a goofy dunce in the story, he's a pushover as a boss, he's a 2-turn Stunner in Arena: it's Ains, the criminal disaster-mind of Perland! Between his tanky stats, guaranteed critical hits, innate counterattack chance, and a potent 2-turn-long Stun, Ains is a fairly decent budget bruiser hero to round out an Arena team for a new player. It's hard to keep him relevant later in the game, as the random nature of his critical hits makes him hard to build efficiently and his 2-turn Stun can be replaced by Dark-element hero Wanda. However, with the many powerful Ice units flooding Arena Defense teams, Ains can give new players a leg up on the opposition with a minimum of investment.


2-Turn Stun

Being able to Stun an enemy and stop them from acting on their next turn is powerful enough. Slamming them with a Stun that disables TWO of their turns with just one activation is even better. Other than Wanda, Ains is the only hero with a Stun that lasts for 2 turns, making him a perfect choice for disabling enemy targets like Angelica, Luna, or Seaside Bellona.

Natural Crit and Counter Without Gear

Ains' S1 has a flat 50% chance to be an automatic critical hit, regardless of how much crit chance Ains has. His S2 passive, meanwhile, gives him a 40-50% chance to counterattack when attacked (depending on Skill Enhancement). Both are powerful and useful stats to have, and Ains gets them for free without needing to hunt for them on gear.

Good Element for Role

Ains is built to be a PvP unit who Stuns the most dangerous opponent at the start of a match, then racks up DPS over time with his attacks and counterattacks. At this point in the Epic Seven meta, the most dangerous opponent on the enemy side is usually going be either Ice-element, Light-element, or Dark-element. Being Earth-element gives Ains an advantage against Ice and leaves him neutral to Light and Dark, which is helpful for landing his Stun and increasing his damage.


Limited Use Outside of Stun

Ains' Stun can be rendered useless by a host of factors. It can be blocked by Immunity or Effect Resistance, cleansed by any Soul Weaver with Wondrous Potion Vial, or even just miss on its own. Without his Stun, there is very little Ains can do that another hero couldn't be doing better than Ains.


Because the entire point of a Stun is denying enemy turns, a hero who is relying on Stunning wants to move first so they can Stun before their target gets a turn. Ains is way too slow to be acting first reliably without a lot of help from his team. In particular, his comparable rival, Wanda (the other hero with a 2-turn Stun), is noticeably faster than Ains.

Difficult to Gear Lategame

Bizarrely, Ains actually becomes more difficult to build lategame. Because he has a flat 50% chance to turn his S1 into an automatic crit, building him with 100% Crit Chance on his gear means those substats will be wasted half the time. However, building him with less than 100% Crit Chance means he won't always crit (on the times he uses his normal S1 instead of his critical-hit S1). So then:

  • Do you build Crit Chance on him, even knowing it will either be wasted or unreliable?
  • Do you build Crit Damage on him, even knowing he won't crit 100% of the time unless you waste some of his substats?
  • Do you build Atk%, even though the damage ratio on his S1 is very low and doesn't scale well with Atk?

There is no satisfying way to build Ains efficiently, and that becomes a real problem endgame where every substat and stat point matters.

Table of Contents


+1 Souls
Punches the enemy, with a 50% chance to use Satisfying Strike instead of Gazelle Punch.

Satisfying Strike: Attacks the enemy. A successful attack always results in a critical hit.

Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Skill 2: Gash
When attacked, has a 40% chance to counterattack.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Skill 3: Ram
4 Turns
+2 Souls
Punches the enemy, with a 85% chance to stun for 1 turn.

Punches the enemy, with a 85% chance to stun for 2 turns.

Soul Burn Effect
-10 Souls

Increases damage dealt.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers


Attack +3% Attack +20 / Health +60
Health +3% Attack +20 / Health +60
Defense +6% Attack +30 / Health +80
Attack +6% Attack +30 / Health +80
Health +6% Attack +30 / Health +80
Punches the enemy, with a 85% chance to stun for 1 turn.
Ability Upgrade
Punches the enemy, with a 85% chance to stun for 2 turns.
Stat Increase
Attack +20 / Health +60

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