Glory Day Community Event: "Pocket City Rumble"

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For folks who want something interesting to try during the "Glory Day" DJMax x GFL collab, look no further! The Pocket City Rumble community event may be exactly what you are looking for. 

Unlike speedruns hosted by Girls' Frontline Corner, this event's feature battle is not timed! Scoring is entirely dependent on the creativeness and originality of your team composition as well as your battle strategy (so long as you can still clear the fight, of course), which means there's no more dealing with device lag or an imbalance in your fairy rarity. As usual, this event simply requires killing a story boss node in one fight with no restrictions, so anyone who can clear the campaign can record their kill and get a participation entry in!

The EX map is considerably harder than the Normal map! If you cannot clear the EX Fail boss with your planned team, try the normal difficulty instead.

The full event details are included below.

Event Rules and Details

Participants should provide all the information needed in the Google form below.

Submission Form:

Some of the information submitted will be visible via the doc below.

Submissions Sheet:

Event Strategies

There's not much to say except to try your best coming up with a creative team or strategy! (If you don't have any ideas, submitting a clear with normal teams still counts as participation.)

If your video can impress the judges in any way, you're already off to a great start.

Because submissions of unique teams are first-come-first-served, you should submit ASAP! There's no downside to submitting early, as duplicate team comps are only eligible for participation prizing and cannot displace your submission. 

Sample Run

This run isn't a very creative team (and thus would not score very high), but it is an example of a valid run per the submission guidelines as it shows the initial encounter with Fail as well as the post-battle screen. 

Recommended Recording Tools


Who are the artists involved?

The mystery artist will be revealed when plans are finalized.

The raffle grand prize artist is @vathanyan.

I like their art, may I commission work from them separately?

You are free to reach out to the artists independently to request a commission. Note that Commission availability will vary based on their current backlog.

Why are submissions open for 24 hours after the DJMax event ends?

This gives a 1-day buffer time for participants to upload their videos and for YouTube to finish processing them. 

When will winners be announced?

Winners will be announced within 7 days of submission close (i.e. before 2020-06-02). 

Can I submit multiple times? 

You cannot win twice (only your highest scoring entry will count) but you can submit as many times as you want. 

Can I reset? (Savescum)

Yes, you can reset until you get a satisfactory run. Make sure your recording includes the bit with your echelon & Fail boss on the map that shows up after you load into the map but before the fight starts

Are there any T-Doll restrictions?

You may use any T-Doll you want. It is possible to score very high with commonly-accessible T-Dolls - do your best to figure out how!

Do I need to S rank for the run to be valid?

No, you only need to kill Fail for the run to be valid. You can get a B rank and it's still OK. It is however recommended that you do not allow your T-Dolls to die (i.e. have their health reach 0). 

Can I kill Fail over several fights if I'm not strong enough to take her down in one attempt?

No, you must reduce the boss's health from 100% to 0% in one go.

Is sound required in the run?

Sound is preferred but not required, since there is a sound recording problem with Android devices.

My device is not very good - will loading times count against my run?

This is not a speedrun so you can take as long as you want. Slow phones/emulators will not negatively affect your score. 

Can I use the new DJMax fairies?

Yes, all fairies (combat and strategic) are allowed.

Are keybindings allowed?

Yes, keybindings are allowed.

Will I be penalized for retreating T-Dolls during battle or allowing T-Dolls to die?

It is recommended that you do not allow your T-Dolls to die (i.e. have their health reach 0); since retreating them at low health is a standard strategy for accomplishing that, there is no penalty for retreated T-Dolls. 

Is the usage of in-game bugs allowed for this event?

Runs that violate MICA's Terms of Service (e.g. hacked/modded client) are ineligible. As long as your run is reproducible in a vanilla Girls' Frontline installation, it should qualify. 

Why are there no guaranteed participation prizes?

Since this event is not sponsored by the developers, in-game prizing is unfortunately not available. Participation (as well as retweeting the announcement) will enter you into the prize raffle, however. 

I'm not interested in a commission, can I take one of the other prizes instead?

Sure thing! Please contact Cleista#7481 on Discord with any special requests if you win a prize. 

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