Shattered Connexion E5-6: Farewell Tallinn I-1

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Destroy All Gustav Segments

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 3 Combat Echelons
    • 1 Night AR/SMG
    • 1 Anti Armor
      • Duties can be filled by Gustav Killer
    • 1 Gustav Killer
  • 1-2 Dummies
    • Varies on if a dedicated Anti-Armor team or the Gustav team is used

Clear Steps

This time our objective is straight forwards. Destroy the Gustavs. However, to do that, we will either need to engage in battle while being fired upon by them or move some enemies about to free up the path. There is a small chance that one enemy will not want to fight, and you will need to either sit for many many turns until they do, or you will need to engage them while being shelled. As long as your Echelon has high enough initial DPS the fight isn't to bad, but if you don't make the DPS cut, the damage is significant. 

The rest of the map is a fairly simple night battle, outside of the enemy difficulty. The Gustav battle blurb is repeated below for your convenience as well. These are the same three fights as 5-3 so bring the same preps and you'll be just fine. 

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the Command Post. Move up one node, and Deploy a second Combat Team (Either Gutsav team or an Armor team), on the Command Post. 


Move the upper Combat Echelon up one more node to engage the enemy, then end your turn. 

Turn 2


Move the Echelon on the Command Post up one node, then deploy a Dummy Echelon on the Command Post. Repair and resupply the AR team if needed, then swap the team that can fight the Cerynitis onto the Command Post. Hopefully, they will walk into you this turn. There is a chance they do not, however. 


Now rearmed, move the AR Echelon down one node, and then down-right one node. 

Turn 3


Move the Combat Echelon on the Command Post to the left one node. Deploy either the Gustav team or a second Dummy Echelon at this time, and swap so that the Gustav team is on the Command Post. End your turn at this time. 

Turn 4


Move the AR/SMG team to the left two nodes. They may need to do more movement but we are going to stop here for a moment to check. 

Depending on enemy movements there may be an enemy either up from this position, or to the left. Unfortunately, this is entirely random, but it is important that, if any enemy is up or to the left, you move there, eliminate them, and then move back to this position. There is a chance of an enemy being below the current position, and if there is another enemy able to attack, they will attack first, preventing the one below you from engaging, which also prevents a Hydra from moving out of the way, and leaving the path to the Gustavs clear.

If the aforementioned nodes are clear, end your turn. 

Turn 5


Position the Gustav team on the Command Post. Then will move down two nodes, to the left one node, and then down three nodes to engage the train itself. These are the same battles are 5-3.

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