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Chapter One of Singularity consists of 14 total chapters, split across three ‘routes’ and one hidden chapter, which is unlocked by killing Executioner five times in either of her appearances. MICA has confirmed that the Backtracking mechanic is gone, allowing Commanders to approach these routes in whatever order they please, or to retreat and follow a different path if the current one proves too challenging. 

The majority of this chapter can be cleared using 3x Linked Dolls, although towards the end, 4x Linked Dolls will become required. An example entry level team is provided below. For this portion of the event, Fairies are not required, but some maps may contain notes about their usage.

Sample Team:

BOSS: Executioner

Chapter 1 features Executioner as a Boss, with some major upgrades from her Chapter 2 self. Not only are her stats significantly buffed, but this time she can perform special attacks as well. Luckily this special attack can be dodged with some quick repositioning at the start of the fight. 

At certain health thresholds, Executioner will perform a shockwave attack with her sword, hitting the center row of Dolls, Positions 4, 5, and 6. After this, she will jump up, and fire a series of rockets into the back column, Positions 1, 4, and 7. This repeats at each HP threshold. 

Thanks to this predictability, you can position your Dolls at the start of the fight, and let the fight play out. Pick a Doll to retreat prior to the start of the fight if sending in a full echelon of five. Immediately retreat this Doll, and move your tanks into Positions 9 and 3, and then your DPS into Positions 8 and 2. At this point, you are free to watch and wait while Executioner dies.

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