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Chapter Two of Singularity consists of 18 total chapters, split across four ‘routes’ and one secret chapter, unlocked by killing Gager twice, then killing Agent, a condition that should be fulfilled over the course of normal play. It has been confirmed that EN will not have the Backtracking feature previously present, and now removed, on foreign servers. This allows for clearing this Chapter in any order Commanders choose, including partially clearing a route and moving onto another should the current path prove too difficult.  

Team Requirements

The majority of this chapter can be cleared using 4x Linked Echelons, although by the end, 5x Linked Dolls will be needed. All maps in Chapter 2 are Night Battles, so PEQs are required and armored enemies feature on many, making RF/HG, or high Damage AR/SMG compositions ideal. SG/MG teams can be used, but are not required, and often are not recommended due to these being Night battles.

A sample AR/SMG Team: 

Once again, teams capable of defeating Red Goliaths can save time, but this is not required, nor typically recommended. In general, Fairies are not needed for this chapter, but individual maps may have notes on their usage.


Chapter 2 features two Bosses. A combination of Gager and Intruder, and Agent. 

Gager and Intruder are unchanged from previous solo encounters. Gager performs a single Special attack, charging a straight line which is relatively simple to avoid. Intruder performs the same attacks as her Chapter 4 appearance. They appear on stages 2-10 Casting IV and 2-13 Promotion IV. They also appear on several maps with a trio of Red Goliaths and are not defeatable in these appearances. 

Agent appears only once, at the end of Route D, and will be discussed in depth at that time.