Summer 2018 - Tier List Change Log

Summer 2018 - Tier List Change Log

Tier List Change Log for July 23, 2018

Date of discussion: July 17, 2018

With the release of the Summer 2018 event, a total of eight Servants join the roster! Their initial tier placements are detailed below.

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5* Servants

Placed into Tier 2: Summer Altria directly competes with Orion for the single target Arts damage dealer niche. While Orion’s damage per Noble Phantasm is higher and her defensive debuffs are more reliable, Summer Altria’s NP refund prowess is on another level. In a dedicated Arts team, Summer Altria will most likely be able to spam her Noble Phantasm much more frequently, and provides a plethora of strong supportive effects in her skill set. As such she is placed in two tiers above Orion.

Placed into Tier 3: Tamamo no Mae’s niche as a Male Killer is quite relevant thanks to the abundance of male Archers in the game. Her generation stats are also quite similar to Okita Souji, allowing her to have no trouble being self-sufficient. While her skill set possesses phenomenal effects, their demerits can make them troublesome to utilize. Thus, she could not make it to Tier 2, but more than enough to be in Tier 3.

4* Servants

Placed into Tier 3: Scathach fulfills a currently much needed niche - AoE Assassin, especially thanks to her high NP level from being a welfare Servant. This is one of the main reasons for her Tier 3 placements. However, with a lack of clear focus in her skill set, Summer Scathach is not the ideal farming Servant everyone is looking for, particularly her reliance on starting NP charge Craft Essences or teammates who can provide NP charge. Nonetheless, the Queen of Shadow is still a fantastic addition to many Masters’ rosters, especially ones that are still chilling in Assassin Hell with Phantom of the Opera. As such, she earns a well-deserved Tier 3 placement.

Placed into Tier 3: The Summer version of the Pirate Duo is largely similar to their default Rider version in terms of gimmicks, but with some much needed improvements over her Rider version. The inclusion of Guts in their skillset is very much needed to make their low HP game plan more reliable, but is still risky nonetheless. Their Buster Noble Phantasm and capacity to serve as a Critical Damage Dealer further improve their relevance, and even without taking into account their gimmick they are a solid standalone Buster Archer. Thus, they are deservedly placed into Tier 3.

Placed into Tier 2: Kiyohime is a good 4 star Lancer with a great offensive presence, a decent NP, and good Critical Star generation thanks to her high hit counts. As far as single target damage Lancers go, Kiyohime sits at an above average rating thanks to her fantastic raw damage, in exchange for her poor survivability. Her skill set is also fairly mixed, with some of her debuffs being situational and her steroids being fairly average but lasting for 3 turns. She is henceforth put into Tier 2, a tier below the best 4 stars Lancer in the game at the moment.

Placed into Tier 3: A very effective NP spammer thanks to the high hit counts of her Noble Phantasm and two of her skills being able to assist her with generating NP. This make Mordred a good farmer for dailies as well as for challenges that favor AoE Servants. However, Mordred’s damage is not particularly high. This is due to both a lack of an NP interlude and a lack of a more powerful steroid. She is also quite dependent on being in an Arts team to reach her highest potential, and lacks versatility when put into other teams. As a result, Summer Mordred could not differentiate herself enough to land on Tier 2.

Placed into Tier 4: Summer Marie is very similar to her Rider version but with a slightly more supportive skill set and just as lackluster offensive capacity. She also competes in the heavily crowded archetype of AoE Casters and does not distinguish herself enough to warrant a higher rating.

Placed into Tier 2: Thanks to her Ruler class and heavy Buster deck, Saint Martha can deal a decent amount of damage while being fairly tanky compared to other damage dealers. Her third skill grants her a lot of effective damage against a wide array of enemies and thus keeps her relevant despite a lack of solid steroids.

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