Fate Weave Gacha Guide

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Fate Weave is where you go to spend your hard earned magia stones and support points. The different rarity stars for magical girls and Memoria determine the rates at which they drop, so your results are entirely up to luck and chance. You can view the drop rates for any girl or Memoria for a banner by tapping the button on the bottom left.


 There are three different kinds of Fate weaves:

  • Support Point Fate Weave

  • Premium Fate Weave

  • Event Fate Weave

Support Point Fate Weave

Here you can obtain new Memoria and level up gems for your magical girls. This shop accepts Support Points as payment and is the only Fate Weave where 1★ and copies of personal Memorias can be obtained.  You are allowed a free ten draw of the Support Point Fate Weave daily.

Premium / Event Fate Weave

It costs 25 magia stones per draw for the Premium and Event Fate Weaves.  The Premium Fate Weave features every unlimited Magical girl and Memoria in the game, whereas the event Fate Weave features Memorias and magical girls that may only be obtained for a specific period.

For the Premium and Event Fate Weaves, there is a pity system installed. If you manage to pull 99 times at the Fate Weave without obtaining a 4 star girl, your 100th pull is guaranteed to be a 4★ girl. If at any time you receive a 4★ girl during your pulling of the Fate Weave, the pity counter will reset.

This doesn't mean that the 4★ girl you get on your 100th pull will necessarily be the girl of the focused banner.  If it's a focused banner, the chances of it being that particular girl are 60% on the guaranteed 100th pull.

The pity system for an Event Fate Weave doesn't carry over between events, so if you fail to pull the desired 4★ girl before the banner is gone, then you're out of luck. The Premium Fate Weave and its counter, however, are permanent so any pulls you invest into this banner will always be there.

Fate Weave Images

The images that fly past the screen when you initiate a pull on the Fate Weave are not entirely random. They offer a hint as to what you may receive.

Scene 1
flower scene

If the flower is glowing blue, then at least one 3★ or better Memoria is guaranteed.

Scene 2

The element shown means you will receive at least one magical girl of that element. The little kyubey is neutral and doesn't relate to anything. 

Scene 3

This image denotes nothing in particular.


At least one 3★ girl is guaranteed.


Congrats! At least one 4★ girl is guaranteed.

The element from scene two doesn't always correspond to scene 3. If you get a fire element image in scene 2 and the group image in scene 3, that doesn't necessarily mean your 4★ girl is going to be fire type.

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