Chisato Shion's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

Hurry and tell me already.
I was just thinking.
You're worried about something, aren't you?
Worried? What are you talking about?
Chisato, when you're worried about something, it's not exactly hard to tell, you know.
What do you mean it's not hard to tell?
Is it like a teenager thing?
Is what's on your mind like a teenager problem?
What does that even mean? A teenager problem.
You wanna talk to someone about it.
Am I right?
You can see that on my face too?
Nah, I was just trying to trick it outta ya.
Stop! Would you leave me alone?
Come ooon! Gimme the details!
There's nothing to tell!
Don't hold back on me!
Ten minutes of back and forth later...
I gave in and told Arisa the story.
It was about an excessive favor I was recently asked to do.

Part 2

I was recently asked to do a rather excessive favor.
And I told Arisa about it...
You're reading a picture book to kids?
There's a children's club I used to be part of ages ago.
A children's club?
That's where kids meet things or whatever, right?
That's right. They do things.
And one of those 'things' is reading picture books aloud.
Sometimes they have a former member from the group come and take part.
And so they asked you to help out?
That doesn't sound so bad.
I mean, it's just reading a picture book, right?
Just walk over, read a little, and you're done!
What's so excessive about it?
That's not it!
It isn't?
The reading part isn't the problem.
Then what is?
Like I mentioned, I used to be part of this group.
They remembered my father was a picture book author.
So ya mean...
They're asking you to read one of your dad's books?
That'd be a pain for me too.
No, they asked me to do something even more unreasonable!
More of a pain than that?
They asked me... make the picture book that I'll be reading!

Part 3

Chisato, we have a favor to ask of you!
You want me to read a picture book?
That's right!
The event's in two weeks on that Sunday. Is your schedule open?
Yes. I guess so...
That's great!
And...I have just one more favor.
What is it?
Can you draw the picture book you'll be reading yourself?
Excuse me?!
Can you?!
We want to do a new and exciting piece once in a while, you know?
Your father was a picture book author, right? Though I heard that he quit.
You're his daughter, so I'm sure you can make a great story too!
Just because I'm his daughter doesn't mean―
Oh please, Chisato! Won't you give it a try?
Wait, no, I―
Wait, so...
You gave in?!
I couldn't take the pressure.
So, what? Are you actually gonna make it?
What else am I supposed to do? I already accepted.
Do you have any ideas for the story?
No, huh.
My mind's completely blank on what I should write!
I see.
What should I do?
All right!
I'll help ya out!
You will? You?!
What? Don't you trust me?
No, it's not that.
Then let's ask Haruka and Matsuri for help too!
Between the four of us, we should be able to come up with something!
Uh, all right.
Thank you!

Part 4

After school that day, Arisa called the other two over.
...So that's what's been going on.
Hmm, a picture book, you say?
That sounds fun! I'll do it!
Oh Matsuri, thank you!
Me too. If you need help, I'm here to lend a hand!
Haruka, I won't forget this!
So now that it's settled, let's start brainstorming ideas.
Hold on a moment!
We have plenty of time before the reading, right?
Oh, yes. It's on the Sunday the week after next.
Then we should take some time to work out our ideas.
How about this?
We'll all think of a base storyline individually.
Then, in three days we'll present our ideas to each other.
And from what we all have, we'll pick out the building blocks for our actual story.
Our discussions will go faster if we have a place to start from!
I'm in!
Yeah, you're right.
Okay! Then that's what we'll do!
And so, we began making our picture book!
*Sigh* I hope this ends well.
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