Learning with Mitama: Mitama's Shopping Guide

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🎵 Hello, and welcome to my shop! 🎵

Oh, you don’t remember who I am exactly?

I’m hurt…

🎵 Well then, a short introduction! 🎵

🎵 I am Mitama Yakumo, Kamihama’s famous Coordinator, and Shopkeep! 🎵

If it’s your first time here, I suppose a brief tour is in order!

And even if it isn’t, I’m sure you’ll forget anyway, and need a reminder later.

Just as a warning before we start, but I refresh my stock at the beginning of every month! So be sure to buy what you need before I replace them with new ones!

Magic Stone Shop

Magia Stone Shop Interface

First off, we have the Magia Stone shop!

“Every month, I’ll have a deal for a pack of 10 gacha tickets and some AP and BP items for 200 Magia Stones, and a deal for 1 gacha ticket and an AP and BP item for 20 Magia Stones! That’s a 20% discount off each compared to regular prices!

Quite the steal, if I do say so myself!

In addition, I have a deal for 5 of each AP and BP restoring item for 25 Magia Stones, and one for A single AP and BP item for 5 Magia Stones!

Make sure not to miss these deals, or they’ll disappear at the end of the month!

Mirror Coin Shop

Mirror Coin Shop Interface

In this shop, you may spend the coins you’ve worked hard to earn in Mirror matches! Here, I offer CC, Magia Chips, Gacha tickets, and various materials including rare Rainbow Orbs, and occasionally even rarer deals, like exclusive Memorias or other goods!

Buying out everything in this shop each month is probably not going to happen unless you’re one of those super competitive people who spend far too much time fighting in Mirror Matches, so be sure to prioritize what you need the most!

Support Point Shop

Support Point Shop Interface

This shop is for spending all those Support points you’ve gained through interacting with other players, using their supports in quests, and them using yours! Friendship is a wonderful thing, is it not!

CC, AP & BP restoring items, and various types of Exp gems are available here for those willing to use their friend’s support as cold hard cash!

Using your Support Points in the Normal Gacha rather than here is generally a better use for them, however, unless you need something specific...other than the CC, her shop prices are fairly expensive in this part…

Hey! No hurting my business!

Not that I’m not also in charge of the Gacha…

But it’s not nice to spread around rumors like that!

Magia Chip Shop

Magia Chip Shop

Finally, out of the shops I regularly keep open and can have ready right away, we have the Magia Chip shop!

A place where you can use the Magia Chips you get from quests and missions to buy Destiny Gems for any 2 or 3 star Magical Girls!

Unfortunately, getting Gems for most 4 star Magical Girls is too expensive for me to offer them here…

However, I have a special promotion for the Gems of a certain 4 star magical girl which I can offer right away! They cost a fair bit more than the more common ones, but I swear this is the lowest I can go for them!

Work hard and collect those Chips, and her Gems shall be yours!

Special Shops

In addition to the more permanent shops, I will also open up Shops for any stock I get from strange Events happening in Kamihama, so keep a lookout for them!

It’s quite likely I’ll be able to get plenty of unique and otherwise useful items at these times, so slay those event baddies and bring any drops you get from them to the Shop to trade for goods!

It is also possible I may open additional permanent shops in the future, if business thrives enough for me to do so!

🎵 So keep supporting this poor Coordinator, won’t you? 🎵

Now, I wonder who I should swindle into helping me with food today…

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