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A look at the different sections of the Memoria menu option. Leveling and Limit Breaking will require CC to do, but it doesn’t require much.

Memorias in a Nutshell

Ability and Skill Memorias

Memorias are the crystallized memories of magical girls. Each one grants special effects or abilities when equipped:

  • Blue Memorias are known as Abilities and grant passive effects
  • Pink Memorias are known as Skills. Skill Memorias tend to have stronger effects and abilities at the cost of a cooldown in between uses.

Memorias can be obtained alongside magical girls in the Limited Gacha and Rare Gacha in exchange for magia stones.

The Normal Gacha only gives strengthening gems and Memorias (not limited) in exchange for Support Points.

Extra copies of Memorias unique to a magical girl and 1 star Memorias can only be obtained through the Normal Gacha.

You can get rare 4 star Memorias in the Normal Gacha too! So make sure you use your free daily 10 pull. 

Enhance Memoria

image of a memoria being leveled up

Memoria can be leveled up by using other Memorias as material. Select the one you want, then tap on one of the pink buttons at the bottom of the next screen. Choose the Memorias you want to use up, then confirm.

Try to use ten memorias at a time for the chance at Perfect leveling and gaining extra XP.


sample memoria

A simple gallery of all of your Memorias. Choose one to see its effects, stats, and lore. The small padlock symbol can be tapped to lock your Memoria. This will prevent you from accidentally selling or losing it.

You can view the information of a Memoria at anytime by long-pressing on a thumbnail from any of the Memoria menus.

Ascend Memoria

Similar to leveling up, you can increase the abilities of a Memoria card by using identical Memorias as material.

ascending a memoria

Select a Memoria and tap on one of the pink buttons. Choose the identical copies and confirm. This will increase the maximum level, level them up, and increase its stats. Once you’ve limit broken your Memoria completely with 4 identical copies, the Memoria’s effects will increase. In the case of Skill Memoria, the cooldown rate will also decrease.

Memoria Sets

different memoria sets

You can prebuild sets of Memoria to make it easier when setting up a character for combat. Tap the pink button then choose the Memorias. Confirm and it will save your selection. The name can be edited at any time and up to 20 sets can be saved.

This is great for Memoria combinations you use frequently across different teams.

Sell Them

Too many Memorias and not enough room? Desperate for CC? You can sell your Memorias here. Choose as many as you want then press the pink confirm button at the bottom right corner. Rarer Memorias fetch more CC.

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