Mayu Kozue's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

My name is Mayu Kozue. I'm a student at Mizuna Girls' Academy.
I like going to art and history museums.
My father used to work in art, so I became interested in art restoration.
Now I have a part time job at the Kamihama Contemporary Art Museum.
Mayu, could you fetch three cups of tea?
Of course!
What happened?!
Oh no... Did you break that cup?
Ohhh... I'm so sorry...
That's the director's favorite cup. What were you thinking?!
Hm? What's going on here?
Mayu broke the director's favorite cup!
Now, now, calm down.
Are you hurt, Mayu?
I-I'm fine.
Thank goodness.
I'll let the director know about the cup.
He's not a monster, you know. It'll be all right.
Th-thank you very much.
Well, I guess it should be fine then...
I'm so sorry, boss.
Just be more careful next time.
I will...
She was a little too harsh on you just now.
No, not at all... It was my fault.
But that's very kind of you.
Oh, well...
My kid broke a cup the other day too.
My wife got very angry about it, so I had to calm her down.
I'm not saying you remind me of my child.
But this made me think of that.
Oh...I see.
You really are very kind.
I think you must be a wonderful father.
O-oh, do you think so?
I'm sure your own father is much kinder than I am.
Oh, um...
He...passed away when I was still very young.
So I don't really remember what kind of person he was.
Though I do wonder from time to time if he was a kind man.
I'm certain your father was remarkably kind, Mayu.
I'd like to think he was a kind father just like you are.
Huh? That girl over there...
It's Sayuki!
Ah, Mayu!
You were at the museum!
But the Godsley sword exhibit isn't open yet...
Oh, I couldn't wait.
So I went to look at the usual. You know, the swords I always like to see.
You really like swords a lot, don't you?
I do!
It may not have any swords, but...
There's an exhibit I'd like to visit with you.
I mentioned it before, the one with the Western antiques.
Would you like to see it this weekend?
I have to work this weekend, so unfortunately I can't go with you.
Ah, I see.
That's a shame.
Sorry, Mayu.
Oh, but!
Work's supposed to slow down after the event this weekend is done.
Then I'll invite YOU out!
I'm looking forward to it!
See youuu!
Oh, Mayu?
Ah, hi, boss!
Hi there.
Was that your friend?
Yes, it was!
You seem to get along very well.
We talked about going to an exhibit together.
But she seems to be busy this weekend.
Which one were you thinking of seeing?
The one on Western antiques.
Ohhh, that one!
Maybe you'd like to go see it with me instead?
I don't have any plans this weekend.
How about it?
Really? Of course! I'd love to go!
I'm so happy we can go together.

Part 2

Wow, they're so intricate.
(The Kamihama Contemporary Art Museum doesn't hold exhibits like this very often...)
( I haven't had many chances to see antiques before.)
(I'm really happy I could come today.)
Shall we get going?
Would you like to take a little tea break?
There's a cafe I'd like to try.
Yes, please!
It's this one. looks lovely!
I wonder what I should get...
And here we are!
I had a photo shoot here before.
The most popular dessert they offer is their cake! There's only 20 slices a day!
Cool, got it. But...
Did I really need to come here with you?
Hmph! I see you're a chef with no vision!
If you eat this masterpiece of a cake...
Maybe you'll get a burst of inspiration for that new dish you've been thinking about!
Though I did also just want to come and eat the cake again...
It'd be totally embarrassing to come back alone.
Uhhh, you're thinking out loud again...
Anyway, let's go!
You seemed very entranced by the cups in that exhibit.
Yes. I was looking to see all the marks of the potters who made them.
You really pay attention to the fine details.
Oh, I wouldn't say that...
It's just, I don't usually get the chance to look at antiques, so I was curious.
You'd like to see more antiques then?
Oh, in that case, I know just the place!
Would you like me to show you where it is after we finish up here?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I have to cook dinner tonight, so I really need to get home.
Ah, okay... Another time, then.
You must be a good cook, Mayu.
Oh no, I'm certainly not!
I just started cooking to try and help my mother out.
She must be proud of you.
It's really nothing!
Though, it's really nice of you to say so.
Huh? What was that just now?
Are you all right, Mayu?
Oh, um, yes! I'm completely fine!
Mayu's very own home cooking...
I'm sure it's delicious!
Oh, you're too kind, really! I make all kinds of mistakes.
Even so, I would eat up every last bite.
That would make me very happy.
I might end up liking you.
Aren't you embarrassed, acting like this in public?
Honestly! 'Oooh, I might end up liking you.' Pah!
Now I'm really ticked off!
Only one thing can calm me now.
I'll eat every piece of cake this cafe has! All 20 slices!
They only allow one per customer.
Is that so! Then give me yours!
*Munch* *Chew* *Chew*
Since you ate my slice there's no way I can get any inspiration from it.
Now I really have no reason to be here...
You know you're going to pay the bill, right?

Part 3

*Sigh* That was so tasty!
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I really did! It's a new favorite of mine for sure.
I...would really love to try some of your cooking some time.
A-are you sure? It's really nothing special...
Yes. I'd like to try anything you make.
Okay... I'll do my best to cook something nice!
That's great! Thanks so much, Mayu!
I'm truly looking forward to it.
I-it's really nothing to be excited about.
If I slip up, promise me you'll still eat it?
I'm really glad that you invited me out today. Thank you.
It was a lot of fun!
I should be thanking you! I had a great time myself.
Well then... I'm sorry to leave you now, but I'll see you at the museum.
Yes, see you later.
(Aaah, it really was such a nice time.)
(It'd be so nice if there were more antique exhibitions.)
(Maybe, if my father were still alive...)
(He would have taken me to one, just like today.)
(He might even have enjoyed my cooking.)
Well then!
I have to cook the best dinner I can tonight!
That little goody two-shoes! Ugh, it was making me cringe just to watch her!
You're acting pretty cringeworthy yourself.
That idiot...
She's going to get herself in trouble one day!

Part 4

Time to eat!
It looks wonderful.
How is it? Does it taste good?
Yes, Mayu, it's lovely.
Your cooking is coming along in leaps and bounds!
But these boiled carrots could've been boiled a little longer.
What?! Oh no, they're undercooked?
...Hey, Mom?
Do you think, if Dad were still alive...
He'd like the food that I cook?
Of course he would.
Your father really loved you, Mayu.
He did...? *Giggle*
(Boss looked so happy when I said I'd cook something for him.)
(I guess he's kind of like a father to me then.)
If my father were still alive now...maybe it'd feel kind of like this?
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