Hayate Yagami's Story: Episode 1

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Part 1

It's me, Reinforce Zwei!
I'm a Unison Device.
Hayate created me.
I can perform a Unison with her.
It's something that makes her magic more powerful!
I'm not sure what that means, but it sure sounds cool!
― Reinforce Zwei ― I don't want to bother Hayate while we're in this Labyrinth.
― Reinforce Zwei ― I'll be inside Schwertkreuz, napping... I mean, I'll be on stand-by!
All right!
I'd say that's for the better. Can't have anybody getting lost in here!
This Endless Mirrors place is just like a big maze...
We'd better be careful not to get lost, too!
Don't worry, we're with you.
The Standby Zone is up ahead! Let's go back and rest a little.
All right, thank you.
That would be great!
Speaking of, where's Hayate?
Wasn't she walking in front of us? Maybe she's a bit further up ahead?
We can't afford gettin' separated now. Let's quickly catch up to her!
Ack! Eeeeek?!
That was Hayate's voice!
Everyone... Let's go!
Hayate, are you okay?
Wait! Huuuuuuh?!
There are so many Hayates!
1, 2… 5 in all.
She's been copied so many times!

Part 2

Oh, I get it!
This is what Endless Mirrors is known for!
They're all copies of Hayate!
But you sure are all quiet...
The copies usually aren't all that good.
Their personalities don't match the real one at all sometimes...
All of these seem pretty reserved...
Unlike some of those copies we run into that just attack ya outta nowhere!
Maybe because the original has such a kind heart?
That could be it.
Well, the Coordinator's 'Ultimate Magical Girls Team Battle' is on break right now.
So it’s no big deal right now...
But there'll be major problems if we don't know which is real by the next fight, right?
There's still plenty of time.
We have to identify the real Hayate before then or else...
Hey, you guys are such good friends.
Can't you just talk to them and figure it out?
All right...
Sorry, Hayate. I thought I'd be able to tell right away…
Don't worry, it's all right. I'm gonna be A-ok!
Could you repeat that?
I'm gonna be A-ok!
Did I say somethin' weird?
That one's a fake!
Wh-why me?!
Yes, you sound just like her except for one thing...
Yeah, one small detail!
Hayate wouldn't say 'A-ok'!
Tsk, looks like they figured me out right off the bat!
Oh well, no point hidin' now!
Uh oh!
Time to fight, Nanoha!

Part 3

So, now there are four Hayates left...
They're all pretty darn good copies, too.
They must've had lots of time to get her mold just right...
Well, why don't we quiz them?
How did she become a Magical Girl?
Hm, would've been about a decade ago.
The Tome of the Night Sky chose me... become its mistress.
Tome of the Night Sky...
Is that the book you open when you cast your magic?
Uh huh.
It's a book filled with Ancient Belkan magic formulas.
Nanoha and I use the Midchildan system of magic.
Modern users of this magic like us are called mages...
But the Ancient Belkan magic I use is from a bygone era, long extinct from this world.
Those who use it are called Mage Knights.
We even wear knight armor.
D-did you say kn-knights?! Real knights?!
Yes...what about them?
Oh, sorry for butting in!
It's just...I became a Magical Girl because I admired a virtuous knight, you see...
So I wanted to join the conversation!
Ah, I see... So that must be why you're dressed like a knight, too.
I think you'd get along well with Signum.
Signum, our Knight of the Sword... General of the Guardians of the Night Sky.
She's a master swordswoman.
Oh... I'd love to meet her!
I'm sorry, but...
The other members of the Yagami family didn't come with me today.
I see... That's too bad.
Those Guardians of the Night Sky... Who are they?
Four guardians tasked with protecting the master of the Tome of the Night Sky.
The Guardians are very strong, and they serve me well.
Though of course I do my best to cook their meals and take care of them.
It's almost kind of my job.
Though I feel like a mistress's job should be something more than that...
That's a really Hayate way of answering.
If this one's a fake...
They must've copied all her memories and knowledge pretty perfectly.
Maybe you should try askin' somethin' else?
Sasara, why don't you give it a whirl?
Hmm, all right. What other kinds of Guardians are there?
There's Shamal, the Knight of the Lake. She's good at healing magic...
And the Knight of the Iron Hammer, Vita.
And Zafira, our familiar. He usually takes the form of a wolf.
Say that one more time?
Zafira, our familiar, usually takes the form of a wolf...
Wait a second!
Zafira wouldn't stand being called a familiar!
He prefers to be called a Guardian Beast!
Wow, these are rigorous checks...
*Giggle* Sorry, I'm only a copy! Still... Do you really think you can defeat me?

Part 4

So this means that there's only three possible Hayates left...
It feels kinda mean to have to grill them all like that...
Oh well...
Hey, maybe all of us were copies from the get-go.
Ahh, scary! Don't say that!
It's not like they're all rushin' forward to claim they're the real one.
That makes it even tougher...
I guess even Hayate's copies are calm like she is...
Though the copies'll rush to attack you once you've figured them out.
Well... They are their Witch's minions, at the end of the day.
Don't you guys have any other ideas?
Like, some special skill that only the real Hayate could pull off?
Hayate's special skill... Cooking!
Her cooking is so good it even helped me to grow this big!
This big?
So we could have them cook something, and then taste it to check?
Nooo way. This is a Witch's Labyrinth, remember?
There's no way to get ingredients, or any place to prepare food...
Oh, well actually, this morning...
I saw the Coordinator pack her bags with a lot of cookware and ingredients.
What? But why?
Today I'm going to prepare a spread of my own homemade food!
Look forward to lunchtime!
Oh my god!
We gotta stop that no matter what!
Stop...what? Stop the cooking?
If the Coordinator's plannin' on serving us her homemade food...
Someone's gonna wind up dead.
Well, she means well, but...
She doesn't have a lick of sense when it comes to cookin'. She's a complete disaster.
I... I see...
That's why we have to do everything we can to stop her!
Let's go!
I'm here, and ready to do my best!
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