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Magia Record English Server Coming June 25, 2019
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Magical Girl Stories

Ria Ami's Story: Episode 1
Madoka Kaname's Story: Episode 1
Madoka Kaname's Story: Episode 2
Madoka Kaname's Story: Episode 3
Homura Akemi's (Glasses) Story: Episode 1
Homura Akemi's (Glasses) Story: Episode 2
Homura Akemi's (Glasses) Story: Episode 3
Sayaka Miki's Story: Episode 1
Sayaka Miki's Story: Episode 2
Sayaka Miki's Story: Episode 3
Mami Tomoe's Story: Episode 1
Mami Tomoe's Story: Episode 2
Mami Tomoe's Story: Episode 3
Kyoko Sakura's Story: Episode 1
Kyoko Sakura's Story: Episode 2
Kyoko Sakura's Story: Episode 3
Magical Girl Stories Archive
Iroha Tamaki's Story: Episode 1
Iroha Tamaki's Story: Episode 2
Iroha Tamaki's Story: Episode 3
Yachiyo Nanami's Story: Episode 1
Yachiyo Nanami's Story: Episode 2
Yachiyo Nanami's Story: Episode 3
Tsuruno Yui's Story: Episode 1
Tsuruno Yui's Story: Episode 2
Tsuruno Yui's Story: Episode 3
Sana Futaba's Story: Episode 1
Sana Futaba's Story: Episode 2
Sana Futaba's Story: Episode 3
Felicia Mitsuki's Story: Episode 1
Felicia Mitsuki's Story: Episode 2
Felicia Mitsuki's Story: Episode 3
Darc's Personal Story: Episode 1
Darc's Personal Story: Episode 2
Darc's Personal Story: Episode 3
Liz Hawkwood's Story: Episode 1
Liz Hawkwood's Story: Episode 2
Liz Hawkwood's Story: Episode 3
Melissa de Vignolles' Story: Episode 1
Melissa de Vignolles' Story: Episode 2
Melissa de Vignolles' Story: Episode 3
Suzune Amano's Story: Episode 1
Suzune Amano's Story: Episode 2
Suzune Amano's Story: Episode 3
Arisa Narumi's Story: Episode 1
Arisa Narumi's Story: Episode 2
Arisa Narumi's Story; Episode 3
Chisato Shion's Story: Episode 1
Chisato Shion's Story: Episode 2
Chisato Shion's Story: Episode 3
Nanoha Takamachi's Story: Episode 1
Nanoha Takamachi's Story: Episode 2
Nanoha Takamachi's Story: Episode 3
Fate T. Harlaown's Story: Episode 1
Fate T. Harlaown's Story: Episode 2
Fate T. Harlaown's Story: Episode 3
Hayate Yagami's Story: Episode 1
Hayate Yagami's Story: Episode 2
Hayate Yagami's Story: Episode 3
Mayu Kozue's Story: Episode 1
Mayu Kozue's Story: Episode 2
Mayu Kozue's Story: Episode 3