MagiReco Glossary

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1*, 2*, 3*, 4*, 5*

The rarity of a magical girl or Memoria. The highest rarity that can be pulled from a gacha is 4*, but some characters can be upgraded to 5*. See our List of Magical Girls for more info.

1s, 2s, 3s, 4s

The number of Memoria slots available to a magical girl. See our Magical Girl Strengthening Guide for more info.  




Short for Aniplex of America, the publisher of the English version of Magia Record.

Attack (Type)

Type given to magical girls who excels at dealing damage. These girls usually have high Attack stats, and offensive Magias. List of Attack Girls

Attack (Stat)

Stat given on every magical girl, indicating how much damage they can deal.  


Balanced (Type)

Type given to magical girls who have a balanced stat pool. While their stats may lean towards either offensive or defensive, these girls have a more rounded stat distribution than their dedicated counterparts. List of Balanced Girls

Bind Code

See: Transfer ID.


Curse Chips (CC)

Currency used to upgrade magical girls and Memoria. Earned through missions, login bonuses, and selling Memoria.


Defense (Type)

Type given to magical girls who excels at survival. These girls usually have high Defense and/or HP stats, and defensive Magias. List of Defense Girls

Destiny Gem

Currency used to unlock Memoria slots on a magical girl. Can be obtained by pulling more than one of a magical girl. See our Strengthening Guide for more info.


A player who has spent a considerable, but not excessive, amount of money on the game.


An embodiment of a magical girl’s witch form that can be used as a special move in battle. See Doppel for more info.


A team composition that utilizes Madoka Kaname and a helper Madoka Kaname, notably strong for PvE content.



An attribute given to each magical girl. Each element has a strength and weakness against another element, with Void being an exception. See our Element Guide for more info.



Short for f4samurai, the developer of Magia Record.


Gacha Rate

The percent chance that a player will pull a certain character or Memoria. Higher rarities have a smaller rate.


A magical girl with three of the same type of Disc.


Heal (Type)

Type given to magical girls who primarily heal themselves and their teammates, and tend to have balanced stats. List of Heal Girls


Limit Break

A method of increasing Memoria’s abilities, making them stronger. See our Limit Breaking Guide for more info.

Limited Gacha

A limited-time gacha that has at least one character who is only available in that specific gacha. Once a Limited Gacha is over, that character can not be obtained until the gacha comes back, which is not a guarantee.



Nickname for Ultimate Madoka

Magia (Type)

Type given to magical girls who excel at gaining MP and usually have strong Magia attacks. These girls’ stats are usually offensive focused. List of Magia Girls

Magia Chips

Currency used to buy items in the Magia Chip Shop. Can be obtained from missions, quests, login bonuses, and purchased with Mirrors Coins.

Magia Stones

Magia Record's premium currency, used to pull on the Rare and Limited gachas, and buy items in the Magia Stone Shop. Can be earned through missions, login bonuses, or purchased with actual money.


Short for “Magia Report,” a webcomic that details the Magia Record characters in funny situations. Read Season 1 and Season 2.


Nickname for Madoka Kaname


Short for Magical Girl


Items obtained through gachas that can be equipped to magical girls, giving them special abilities or skills. See our Memoria Guide for more info.


Magia Record's PvP mode, The Endless Mirrors.

Mirrors Coins

Currency used to buy items in the Mirrors Shop. Can be earned by playing in Mirrors.


Objectives you can complete in order to obtain various rewards. Some can be completed once, while others refresh periodically. See our Daily Mission Guide for more info.


Short for Max Limit Break, referring to Memorias that have been limit broken with four copies. See our Limit Breaking Guide for more info.


Short for "Mobile Game," usually referring to mobile gacha games in particular.


Nickname for Homura Akemi (Glasses)


Normal Gacha

A permanent gacha that contains all unlimited Memorias. To pull, you must use Support Points



Gacha mechanic that guarantees a 4* girl on the 100th pull of a single banner.


Short for Player vs. Environment, usually refers to non-Mirrors quests and missions (Main Story, Magical Girl Story, etc.)


Short for Player vs. Player, usually refers to Mirrors



The battles in Magia Record, which give out rewards for first time completion.


Rare Gacha

A permanent gacha that contains all unlimited magical girls and Memorias. To pull, you must use Magia Stones.


A method of starting the game over to roll the first gacha in order to obtain a desired character. See our Rerolling Guide for more info.



Summoning a 4* magical girl that is not rate-up on gachas where rate-up applies.


Stands for "Specially Super Rare." Refers to natural 4* magical girls.

Support (Team)

A character taken from another player to join your team on a quest. See our Friendship Guide for more info

Support (Type)

Type given to magical girls who primarily help one or more girls on your team in some way. These girls’ stats are usually defensive focused. See our List of Support Girls

Support Points

Currency used to pull on the Normal Gacha, and buy items in the Support Shop. Can be earned through missions, login bonuses, using a Support Player during a battle, or having your character be used by another player as a Support.


Team Comp

Short for Team Composition, refers to how units and Memoria within a team work with each other, their intended goal, or how well they synergize.

Transfer ID

An alphanumeric ID that allows players to transfer their MagiReco account into another device.


Nickname for Rumor Tsuruno


A category given to magical girls in order to quickly identify what purpose that girl serves. These types include Attack, Defense, Balanced, Heal, Support, Magia, and Ultimate.


Ultimate (Type)

Unique type given to Ultimate Madoka.


A magical girl or Memoria that is always available to receive in a gacha.



A player who has spent a significant or excessive amount of money on a game.