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Hello again!

Oh, fortune hasn’t favored you in Mirrors matches, and you want me to explain how to build a more effective team in detail?

Keep working your poor Coordinator like this, and you’ll wear her out entirely…

But I suppose I did promise to explain these things to you before.

Thus, the Coordinator will try her best to explain!

One important thing to note before we start, which is relevant to all later sections of this guide, is that what matters most in Mirrors is speed.

The faster you end a fight, the more bonus points you get.

In addition to this, you get bonus points for up to the first 3 Connects you manage to pull of in a fight.

Now that those basic bonus rules are out of the way, let’s get to the guide itself.

Element Types

First off, the importance of Element types in Mirrors, and how the fact that you might not always adjust your team for each match might affect your fights.
As you have likely noticed by now, Aqua, Forest, and Flame element girls each are both strong against a certain one of the three, and weak to another.
Thus, using any of these three element types in your team can mean you either have a huge advantage on an opponent, or a huge weakness towards them.
Many players will work with this by including girls from element types than compliment each other, and seeing a team that is fully one of these three element types is rare for that very reason.
Such a team would, after all, almost certainly win if their opponent is mostly only the element type they have an advantage against, and almost certainly lose against one that has only the element type strong against your team.
However, the other two types that from their own separate duo have none of this weakness. Instead, they are both simply strong against each other.
Thus, when using a team mostly comprised of Light, or mostly comprised of Dark girls, all you need to do is prioritise any girls of the opposite element type on the opponent team, and you’ll be fine!
And if faced with a team entirely composed of the opposite element type, since you attack first, all you need to do is take them out before they take you out!
And, compared to the triangle, using either of them means you never deal resisted damage against any opponent, merely neutral at worst!
Thus, compared to a team with Flame, Forest, or Aqua magical girls, a team comprised of Light or Dark element characters might almost never need to change their line-up for different opponents, or have any real reason to do so!
Oh? You’re worried about that strange Void-looking symbol in the same chart of element types? Ah, don’t worry about that! It’s nothing, I’m sure. Just a graphical error or in-joke, or something like that...

Memoria Slots, Memoria, and AI Targeting Behavior

Of course, having the right element type won’t mean much if they don’t have many slots unlocked!
These will vastly increase not only your stats, but also your options in battle, especially after a few turns when the lowest CD Skill Memorias become available.
Thus, it is often wiser to pay more attention to the amount of slots you have unlocked on your girls, at least as long as they are at the maximum level you can get them to and awakened to their fullest potential, as these slots and the stats from Memoria can easily mean the difference between victory and defeat.
And there is also one more thing these Memoria can affect greatly.
That is, who the AI that controls your opponent’s team will choose to attack.

This AI prioritizes whoever it will deal the most damage to, in almost every case. Rare exceptions include when the opponent sees that it can take out one of your megucas easily, even with neutral or resisted damage.

How the AI chooses the most damage is both through type advantage, if available, and lowest Defense. This last part is important, as it is greatly affected by memoria, specifically by the passive stat Skill Memoria generally have on them.

Thus, you can control who your opponent will attack first by looking at who on your team has low Defense, or who your opponent has type advantage against to see who on their team is likely to attack who on your team first and foremost.
Do be aware, however, that the opponent AI does not take into account Counters, Evades, Misses, or damage resist. It only looks at type advantages and Defense.
Thus, the opponent may often make decisions that seem bad for it, if one of these effects affects the battle.
Another type of effect that can control who your opponent attacks is Taunt and Guard effects, from either Memoria, Connects or Magia, though only the first two will usually come up in Mirrors matches.

Currently, there is no way to start out with one of these effects, but eventually, there may be, so these are currently an option, or a threat, only a few turns into a battle.

Disc Types in Team Composition

So, next, I suppose there is Disc types, and how those affect how any given team works…
Firstly, it is important to note that if you do not yet have a large variety of girls with certain Disc types, or you feel they are not yet strong enough for Mirrors, it is fine to build a more mixed Disc team with your strongest girls as well.
Such a team often relies even more heavily than any other type of team on getting the right RNG for your available Discs to be able to do what you want, but it can still work, especially if you pick your opponents well.
If using a mixed team, it can be better to look for good Connects that work well with the other characters in your team and complement their strengths, rather than worrying about Disc type as much.
However, it is still a good idea to pick ones whose Discs are similar as much as possible, to make Blast or Accele combos more likely.

Next there would be the teams more focused on certain Disc types...but since I’m getting tired, I’ll have some other people explain them to you instead, and take a break myself!

Oh, and here comes the first one, right on time!

Blast Team

Oi, Coordinator, stop this violence against food right now!
...Wait...I don’t smell anything burning or weird?
What’s going on? I thought you called me over because you were “cooking something up?” or something like that, and wanted help?
Yes, yes I am! ...A guide that is!
And I was hoping you would help me with a small part of it...
Eh...why would I need to do anything that bothersome…
If I don’t need to save any food ingredients from you, I’m going home…
Wait! ...If you don’t help me with this, I have a feeling I might need to cook something, to make me feel better…
Seriously...what a pain…
Fine, let’s just get it over with. Promise me you won’t try cooking anything on your own today, at least?
Yes! I promise!
*sigh* ...So my part is about explaining how Blast teams work, huh…
Well, at least this’ll be quick to explain.
In short, Blast is best.
Blast discs get increased damage in Mirrors matches, have high burst damage to begin with, most especially notable on multiple opponents at once, and thus work the best with the general Mirrors goal of ending matches fast, especially in Ranked where points gained from speeding through matter more.
Generally you will always aim for Puella Blast combos with this type of team, using Connects if and when you have them available. Thus, picking girls with 3 Blast discs is preferred, especially those with damage-focused Connects.
Girls with 2 Blast discs can also fit in provided they have a great Connect that works well with the rest of the team, and have high Attack.
Larger teams will often simply have Blast combos available without them being from the same girl, and thus less Connects, while smaller teams can more easily chain Connects into the Blast combo.
There will be detailed explanations of how team sizes affect team composition later on, stay tuned for those!
Essentially, a Blast team simply tries to crush the opponent before they crush you, to just be as fast as possible and get home in time for dinner!

Simple and to the point, just the way I like it.

Well, I guess that’s my part done now, and it looks like the next person has arrived, anyways. Just make sure to keep your promise, alright? ‘Coz I’ll come hunt you down in the name of all edible food everywhere if you don’t…

Thank you, Sakura-san, and goodbye!

And indeed, here come the next ones, right on time! Come right on in!

Accele Teams

Hi Mitama, we’re here! You needed us for something?

Yeah, explain, and make it snappy, we have a cake shop to get to! This is just a detour for us! Hmph!
You don’t have to be so rude towards her, Rena…
Welcome, you three! Indeed, I had something small to ask of you!
Well, out with it then, we haven’t got all day!
I’m doing a small guide to help everyone fighting in the Mirror Witches’ Mansion, and I wanted you to help with a segment or two! First, Rena and Kaede, you’re up!
Huh? Why would I do something like that? Let’s just go to the cake shop already, there’s no need to help with something like this…
Rena! It’ll only take a bit, I’m sure! ...I’ll buy you an extra slice of cake later, okay?
...Really? Promise?
In short, an Accele team is the 3rd most common type of team to see in Mirrors after mixed teams and Blast teams (which isn’t saying much, considering how few team types there are).
It is also a more difficult type of team to pull off, requiring a lot more RNG for everything to go well than a Blast team(as you need certain Disc types to pull of most of your damage.)
Provided you have high Attack, they are also less threatening to fight since they are slower with their damage.Additionally, you can focus your attacks on anyone on the opposing team getting close to Magia.
This type of team generally requires you to have 3 girls in your team, or at most 4. A team of 5 is possible, but relies *very* heavily on RNG to succeed, and will be slower.
A team of 2 is not recommended, as you will have fairly low health, and an Accele team is not as fast as Blast.
All girls on your team should have 3 Accele Discs, or at the very least 2 for this to work properly. Otherwise, Accele combos will become much harder to get, and those are the only combos this type of team gives a damn about.
However, when choosing people to add to your team, you want to keep their Magia in mind first and foremost.
Magia that target the entire enemy team are generally more useful, as getting a single one of them off will likely mean victory, or wipe out the opposing team on it’s own.
Single target Magia can still be useful for taking out a single high defense and health target instantly, but not much beyond that.
It is also important to think of how easily a girl with a good Magia can get it out, however. The faster, the better, as you do not have many turns to charge one up. If a Magia isn’t used by turn 3 or 4, this team has already failed its main objective.
The main way this kind of team plays is through charging up Magia as fast as possible, surviving to use it, and then wiping out the opponent team with said Magia, after all.
Of course, Accele Discs themselves also deal hefty damage themselves, especially with Connects, so often the opponents will be taken out before you get to use Magia even with an Accele team!
I think that was it...are we free to go now?

Charge Team

Just one more bit...Momoko, Charge teams please!
*Sigh* ...Sure.

The main point to remember about Charge-focused Mirrors teams’s better to use other types of teams. Charge stacks are less effective in Mirrors to begin with, and you’ll likely be just as slow or slower than an Accel team to boot, so there is no real merit to using a Charge-focused team.

Of course, you still can, but I would not recommend it, especially for getting Mirrors ranking higher. The playstyle at least is fairly simple: Use Charge discs to get charges, and then unleash them on a poor fool to burst them down
When choosing girls for this kind of team, unlike the other two focused types of team, you do not want only girls with 3 Charge discs in your team. You also want girls with 2 Charge discs, as otherwise, getting a card in your hand to use Charge stacks on will be less likely.
I think that’s all one would need to know to build one if they wanted is that all you needed, Mitama?
Yes, thank you ever so much! Come by for a complimentary adjusting if you like at some point as a reward!
Alright then, we’re off! Later!
You weren’t just kidding about that extra slice of cake earlier, were you? I’m holding you to that promise, you know!
I wasn’t kidding! I’ll do it, okay?!
Alright, time for one last section to this guide!

Team Size and How It Determines What You Do

Now that I’ve had my break, I suppose next is explaining how team size affects your playstyle...and I suppose I could explain this part for you…
...But no! I think I’ll take a nap instead!
I’ve been working hard lately, after all, and I need my beauty sleep, or my precious youth will be absolutely ruined, you see!
Oh, don’t worry about the explanations, I’ve got it covered!
Take it from me, Kamihama Team Leaders, and good night!

Five Girl Team

Coordinator, I’m here! You needed something from me?

...She’s napping…
Oh, there’s a note…
“Please explain how each team of various sizes works! Yachiyo, I’ve given you the 5-girl team. Somehow, I just feel like you’re the type that’ll end up in charge of one that size soon!”
...Can’t be helped, I guess. I'm here already...
Well then, since I’m apparently in charge of five girl teams, let me begin.
First, the good points of a five girl team.
Since you have 5 magical girls in your team, your total health pool is large, especially if everyone in your team is awakened properly and has multiple slots. This means that it will take longer for the opponent to take out all your girls using single-target attacks.
Having 5 girls means you can also mix your element types well, and have all of them covered to some extent, thus making you less weak to a certain element, and able to counter all of them, if needing to rely on RNG to get the discs to do so.
A five girl team is rarely all of a single element type, especially of non-Light/Dark types, precisely for this reason.
A five girl team also has an easier time having one girl to be full tank, thus focusing on keeping the rest of your team safe while everyone else takes out your opponents, as you will still have many attackers.
One of the crucial tank memoria, which gives passive Taunt on a chance, isn’t available on NA yet however, so specializing someone to be full tank is difficult to do at the moment!
Now, onto the negative sides.
As the team has 5 girls, you rely entirely on RNG to give you any Puella, Blast, Accele (or Charge) combos, making it entirely possible to not get any at all for several turns straight, even as your opponents with smaller teams get them every turn.
This makes your team much slower and more cumbersome than smaller ones.
In addition, this type of team is very weak to opponent Blast combos, even if using Brave Echelon, the formation with the most protection from them. If the opponent attacks any other girl than the one you have in the middle slot in this formation, they will still hit at least 2 girls with a Blast attack.
In addition to clear negatives and positives, a five girl team generally always specializes in Blast combos, as a 5-girl Accele team will be far too slow to work effectively in Mirrors.
In short, while a five girl team has the most effective health of team sizes, and the most memoria slots, they are also cumbersome, slow, and RNG-heavy.
And I think that’s about all I need to explain…
Oh, seems like the second person to explain is here. I guess that’s my cue to leave. See you around, Coordinator…

Four Girl Team

That was Yachiyo Nanami at the door...I wonder if she was called here too like I was…
Oh, there’s the letter she mentioned…
It seems the Coordinator wants me to teach you about the benefits of four girl teams, like the one I lead...I see…
Well, if it’s about something like teaching a bit of combat tactics, I’ll be happy to oblige.
With a four girl team, much like a five girl team, it is possible to have counters to many different element types.
However, just like with a five girl team, you rely on getting the right Dics at the right time, though you will get them more often, due to having 5 less Discs available to get at any given time.
As a difference to a larger team, it is more possible to build an Accele team with 4 girls, though it is less effective than with 3 girls. A Blast-focused team is still more common, and more efficient, at this size however.
Compared to smaller teams, you still retain a fairly decent amount of overall health, and due to having many potential available Memoria slots, can easily specialize one girl to be tank if you so wish.
Compared to a five girl team, you are very slightly less weak to Blast combos, as if using Brave Echelon, they can only hit one area to hit two girls at the same time.
If using Attribute Delta or other formations, they will still be able to target two different spots to hit 2 girls at the same time.
With a team this size, Connects become much more likely to get, and thus burst damage capability increases as compared to a larger team.
And I think that is the extent of what I shall teach you today.
I hope you have learned enough for us to investigate the Mirror Witch’s mansion slightly further today.

And it seems I should be off...a troublesome person looks to be next.

Three Girl Team or The Trio

Ah, hello, Coordinator? Here I am, as asked...Hazuki suggested for me to be more open to giving aid to others outside of our group as well, so if you needed my aid for something…
She’s sleeping?!
Oh, but there’s a note, which seems to have explanations for me as well…
Ah, explaining how a team the size of our trio works, is it?
Well, as long as it’s not something specific, I suppose it does us no harm…
A three girl team is rather resistant to Blast attacks, for one. Using Brave Echelon, you can limit Blast attacks to only hitting one girl on your team, making this a very safe choice.

And even using Attribute Delta if you have multiple girls of the same element to benefit from the boost, you can limit Blast attacks to only hitting two girls, and even then only if they are vertical Blast attacks.

As you have less Memoria slots to work with, your flexibility in what you can choose is more limited, and thus, you often cannot fit a Skill Memoria with an effect that you do not know you will need to use.
With a trio of girls, it is much easier to get Connects, and thus you can rely on them to be easily available more often. However, they are still not guaranteed.
With a trio, it far more of an equal ground on whether you use a Blast team or Accele team.
Thanks to a smaller number of girls, Accele combos are far more likely with a 3 girl team, and thus this is the best team size to build one with.
However, the same can be said for Blast teams, and thus they work well with this team size as before. Particularly with the increased amount of connects you can reliably pull off with said Blast combos.
If building an Accele team, it can be very worthwhile to have one of your characters specialize in being full tank, to better allow the other two to get their Magia off safely.
Meanwhile, a Blast team of this size may want to simply have all 3 girls as attackers, and overwhelm the opponent with damage early on.
Well, I suppose that’s about my part in this done…
I should hurry home, or the other two might get worried about me…I wonder if Hazuki did the grocery shopping already…

Duo Team

Hey, Coordinator, we’re here! This better not be one of those requests to go do something where you never take part yourself!

That was not something one should do if they want their reputation to stay intact, indeed…

What, she’s sleeping?!

She asks us to come over and help, and then we find her asleep?

How on earth does she expect us to help with anything like this…

There’s a paper here on the table that seems to have some kind of instructions…

Oh? Let me see.


So she wants us to showcase how a duo team works for those who want to use one in Mirrors matches?

Well, it seems simple enough, right, Masara?


And the Coordinator doesn’t seem like she would be good at explaining how to fight in the first place, having no real first-hand experience herself…

Then I guess we can take care of it! You’re okay with that, right?


Well then, let’s get started!

A duo team is the fastest and least complicated team type you can make with any two Attack-oriented characters in Mirrors!

Wait...doesn’t this seem a bit different from how we fight? I wonder why she asked the two of us to talk about this kind of team...lack of other available duos, maybe?

Anyway...this team size has guaranteed access to a Connect from turn 2 onwards, thus providing them with a lot of power, and very reliably!

Puella combos are also nearly guaranteed alongside those Connects, so they carry a lot of power!

In return for these nearly guaranteed effects however, this team has a fairly low amount of health, and if one of your girls get taken out of the fight before you’ve used any Connects, you’ve likely lost the match.

Thus, this team requires more unlocked Memoria slots, and thus defense and health gained from them, to survive long enough to take out the opposing team. It is possible with fewer Memoria slots to pull it off, but you may need to select your target opponents very carefully in that case.

Generally powerful Connects are more important for this team than Disc types. Particularly strong ones are what lead this kind of team to victory!

Oh, there seems to be a comment here from Mitama as well…

“Apparently it seems Oriko saw a great threat to herself, and many others in the future, in the form of some French maiden and a Goddess teaming up”?

Apparently Oriko is someone who can see something about the future then? I see…

Well, that seems like something we need to watch out for too...sounds like powerful opponents, with how she says it…

Well, I guess that’s all she asked us to talk about, so I guess we’ll be off.

Oh, what’s this written in the corner of the front? “A free tuning session for anyone who helped make this guide!"

...Well, I sure hope everyone else who helped here noticed this. It’s not every day she gives out something nice for so little help…

Well, she’s not awake yet, so I guess that’ll have to wait till another time anyway. Later, Coordinator!

Solo Mirrors

A moment later...
Yui Tsuruno, the Strongest, is here! What did you need my help for, Coordinator!


Oh...she’s asleep in the other room …I suppose that means I need to be quieter than that…

Wait...if she’s asleep, then what exactly did she want from me?
A paper with the words “Read Me” written on the front in big letters? Hmm…
...She wants me to explain the way only the Strongest magical girl can fight in Mirrors?
Sure thing!
Oh, right, quieter voice.
Well, to put it simply, all I have to do in Mirrors is survive a first turn while building up Magia, unleash fire on my opponents, and dodge and weave past all their attacks after that!
How can I say it so certainly, one might ask? Well, I’m there alone, of course!
Thus, I can guarantee getting the right Discs every time!
Oh, right, gotta be a bit more quiet.
As much as it sounds like it might require Evade memoria to work, that is the opposite of what you should be doing!
Instead, you want to equip two MP gain boosting passive Ability Memoria, to give you as much Magia gauge from an Accele - Charge - Accele Disc use in the first turn.
And then as much Defense and Health from Active memoria as you can get. Only the stats matter, as you the actual effects of their use will either never be seen in a battle, or they will be irrelevant by the time you get them off CD.

I am also one of the few ones who can still get use out of the Brave Echelon formation, due to the increase to both Atk and more importantly Def for a Flame girl, to better survive that first crucial turn.

Once you survive that first turn, and have your Magia ready, you only need to unleash it, hitting the entire opponent team for high damage, and gain the Evade from it.
Then you add two Accele Discs after it, and you’re ready to use Magia again the following turn!
Oh, I didn’t mention? You need my 5* uncap for this strategy, as that adds an Evade effect to my Magia! The Strongest must be at her strongest!
This also includes, of course, having multiple Memoria slots, as otherwise you will not have the slots for all the effects and stats you need.
This is a high risk cheese strategy, however, as even if you’re the Strongest, you still need to survive that first Opponent turn with nothing but stats.
Thus, you need to select opponent teams that are not entirely composed of Aqua megucas, or even the strongest won’t make it under concentrated fire!
Of course, you can still choose opponents who have an Aqua girl in their team, and simply hope they do not get a Puella chain with said girl, or it might be over before it begins!
However, one of the biggest selling points I can give for Solo Mirrors is that it requires you to only bring one girl to her fullest potential to accomplish, as opposed to needing to strengthen multiple ones!
And I, the Strongest, am readily available to be brought to my full potential fairly quickly, through Magia Chips and event Destiny Bottles if need be!
Unfortunately, however, this Mirrors team will almost never win on Defense unless an unleveled team targets you, so you will not get Mirrors coins that way.
On the other hand, you can help other teams get their daily coins easily in normal Mirrors using this team, and Defense Mirrors Coins gain are small to begin with, so why help out others while you’re at it?
So, use the Strongest for your Mirrors needs, as I’m all you really need! Yup, yup!
All this talk about Mirrors is getting me fired I guess I’m off to train, since I’ve explained my part! Later, Coordinator!
Meanwhile, elsewhere…

What was that terrible dream just now about me being involved in this Solo Mirrors nonsense as well eventually? ...I have a bad feeling about this...this is going to be painful, isn’t it...

Wait, who is hurting you?! I’ll take care of them if you need me to! Just say the word… this case, I feel it’s probably nothing you can help with...yet...I am sorry…


Oh, that was a nice nap…I suppose I was right to only ask her to come right near the end, or I might’ve woken up too soon…
Well, this about wraps it up!
I hope this guide was helpful in building your own Mirrors team to be the way you like it!
And I wish you all the luck in our first Ranking Event! Bring me lots of victorious coins by following this guide, alright?
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