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This list ranks the different categories of items found in event shops by how useful and worth buying they are. Items are ordered within each tier based on the priority we recommend you give to them – an item at the top of a tier is somewhat more vital than one at the bottom.

Tier 1

Items which should be considered absolutely vital before you stop playing an event, consisting of things which can ONLY be obtained in said event. Miss these, and you may lose your chance to ever obtain them.

Farming Memoria

These are the Memoria that increase the drops of event AP or event currency. Getting these Memoria and equipping them to your Magical Girls will make future farming more efficient, so naturally you should aim to buy these out before anything else. In addition, these Memoria are event-limited, and you may not get another chance to obtain them after the event ends.

If you don't intend to farm a particular event very much, it may be more efficient to only buy some of the available farming Memoria, or even to skip them completely, if you don't feel particularly completionist about them. In that case, farming Memoria can be moved significantly further down this tier list at your leisure. Do note that having a large stock of farming Memoria at hand can be helpful if the event is ever rerun, however.

Event Magical Girls and associated items

Obtaining Magical Girls is the primary goal of the game, so of course you want to obtain a limited event Magical Girl, especially if you don't need to spend any rolls to do so. It's also important to pick up any items for them that are sold alongside them, such as Destiny Gems or Awakening materials – if you do not buy these out, it will become impossible to max out these girls unless the event is rerun.

All other event-limited items

Backgrounds, special outfits, and anything else that may become unavailable after the event ends. You don't want to miss what may be your only chance to ever pick up these items!

Tier 2

Items which are a great bargain in event shops, and which will give you a major gameplay advantage if you take the time to clear them from the shop. Strongly recommended.

Fate Weave Tickets

You should always be trying to scrounge up as many free rolls from the game as possible, and event shops are no exception. Rolls given by the normal game gradually slow down as you play it, until events eventually become one of your biggest sources of new rolls. You should milk them for everything they have.

Memoria Circuits

An item that has yet to appear in NA, these are nonetheless worth keeping an eye on when they do appear. Slowly, the focus of gameplay will shift away from raising your Magical Girls as you begin to max out many of them, and will instead shift towards maxing out Memoria. Memoria Circuits are designed to speed this process up immensely, giving large chunks of EXP to Memoria when fed to them. Take advantage of them, as they can't be obtained outside of events.

Destiny Bottles

These serve the same function as Magia Chips – allowing you to buy Destiny Gems to unlock extra slots on your girls – but are many times more efficient, requiring only a handful to buy a Destiny Gem. Buying up all of an event's Destiny Bottles will allow you to unlock 1 or 2 extra slots on a girl and still have Destiny Gems left over, depending on whether you use them on a base 2- or 3-star girl. This is a tiny fraction of the time required to unlock slots by saving up Magia Chips.

Rainbow Orbs

Rainbow orbs are always at a premium, being very rare and used to Awaken every girl in the game. It's possible to farm these from labyrinths, but it's astronomically more efficient to buy them from events instead.

Tier 3

Items which are helpful to buy from event shops, and which may be quite slow to obtain outside of them. Recommended.

Drop materials you currently need

Drop materials being items used to Awaken your magical girls, besides Elemental Orbs. These items tends to be very time-consuming and unreliable to farm from normal stages, so events are the best places to get them. Naturally, you should focus first on any materials you need to complete your current upgrading goals, before any others.

Curse Chips (CC)

Like Rainbow Orbs, CC are often at a premium, being used at every stage of raising your Magical Girls. Unlike Rainbow Orbs, farming CC in normal gameplay is somewhat reliable, though it is still very slow. It's recommended to try to live off the CC available from events instead.

This tier refers to the limited CC batches in event shops, not the unlimited CC batches at the bottom of the shop. Those are inefficient and should only be used to exhaust remaining currency after the event is over.

Magia Chips

Magia Chips serve an important function, in allowing you to unlock slots for common Magical Girls without rolling hundreds of times. Outside of events, you can only obtain them from a limited number of story quests, and then only 2 chips per day after those are exhausted.

You have to save up many chips to use them for anything, and it can be difficult to see their effects in the short-term, but in the long-term, it's important to obtain as many as you can get your hands on.

Tier 4

Items which are helpful and good to buy from event shops if possible, but which may not be worth the time investment to all players.

Other drop materials

Again, enemy drop materials are very annoying to farm in normal quests. Even after you gather all of the materials you need to complete your current goals, it's still a good idea to build up a stockpile from events for future use.

We have divided the individual drop materials into their own tier list, based on how difficult they are to acquire normally and how frequently they are required. All of them are efficient to farm from events, but some are more worth your time than others.

A Tier

These materials are difficult to get from normal stages and frequently used.

B Tier

These items are difficult to get from normal stages, but rarely used.

C Tier

These items are relatively easy to obtain from normal stages, but frequently used.

D Tier

These items are relatively easy to obtain in normal stages and rarely used.

AP Potions

AP Potions – both 50 and full recovery potions – are offered for prices lower than the required AP to earn the currency to buy them, allowing you to get a net positive AP from them. However, it's worth noting that you are rarely limited by AP after the early stages of the game, and many longtime players have stocks of potions they may never burn through. While buying potions is efficient, you should ask whether that efficiency is worth the real time you spend farming for them.

Tier 5

Items which may or may not be helpful to buy from event shops.

EXP Gems

EXP Gems are farmable in the labyrinths at a reasonable efficiency, and so are not vital to farm during events at all. Events are typically much more efficient for obtaining these, though, so it's worth aiming for them if you need the EXP.

BP Potions

Mirrors is an active, time-consuming activity, and few players have the patience to even farm beyond the bare minimum. You would need god-like patience to get the full use out of a batch of BP potions. You could potentially save them up until Tsuruno or Oriko get uncapped, and then spend them while doing the Magia Cheese strategy on autopilot (while allowing something else to hold most of your attention) to net a decent pile of Mirrors Coins. This would still require a lot of time and patience, but it's not completely unreasonable.

Elemental Orbs

Elemental Orbs are easily farmed from labyrinths, and are limited to being used by a single element, so they are hardly at a premium. Buying them from events is still more efficient than farming them normally, but is rarely necessary. Buy them if you need them.

Elemental Books

Like Elemental Orbs, but in even lower demand. Unless you've completely run out of other ways to raise your girls, you should only be leveling the Magia on your top girls (or on Doppel Challenge girls), as it rarely makes a significant difference in battle.

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